Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A great Christmas

While my 3 youngest were under instructions not to buy any girl clothes, my 20 year old who is not allowed to know, bought me a nice pair of tights, and lovingly called me a girl.
We all spent the rainy day playing cards and doing a jigsaw, while I was wearing my favorite shiny leggings.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Where has my girltime gone?

Hanging up Christmas lights.
Shopping for Christmas presents.
Someone's turning 16, more shopping for presents,
hope she gets nice dresses that we can share.
Cut out rotted fence post, fit new post and reconnect fence.
Kitchen sink mixer broken, turn of water to house for 24hrs, buy new tap, connect new tap, turn water on - girls happy to be able to shower after todays heat.
Pimped my car lights.

I really need girl time.

I hope you have a great Christmas
if I don't see you again before then.
I know what I want in my stocking :)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Finally found time to get out and relax a bit

So last few weeks has been about work around the home, and now is the time my wife wants me to go Christmas shopping with her, but this morning she had no need of me for a few hours.

Saturday evening I tried a few makeup combinations with both my makeup and the daughters in an effort to find out if I could do something better, it was also nice that I got to relax with the family while wearing a new womans top and my tight shiny black womans pants.
So today, Sunday, I headed out in the same black pants but with a red lace top for an early morning (6.30am) coffee at McDonalds, used their free wifi. I then did a little drive around of Auckland and checked out the Parnell Rose Gardens before heading for another coffee at Columbus Coffee.

By 9.30am, it was getting to hot to wear a wig without an air conditioned mall to visit, so it was home time for me
On the way home, I stopped at the hardware to pick up some molded timber and paint to fix the front door of our house.

McDonalds, and wondering why I would cross dress in pants?

Back in to a nice business skirt for my second coffee and a bit of cake

Thursday, November 28, 2013

No time to be a girl

Another water pipe burst, another carpet flooded.
I'm really getting fed up of the black plastic pipes in my home, and now decided every time I open a wall or ceiling, I'm going to replace the pipes in the area.
Last few weekends have been spent removing the old carpet an prepping the den for a tri-colour concrete overlay floor. Well last Tuesday we got to re-furnish the den after 3 weeks of work.
The guys advised the layer was about 3mm thick, yet there are a few spots the size of match stick heads where the grey concrete is visible. I'm getting to like the imperfections, knowing if I had done the job, they wouldn't exist, plus I'm scared paint won't fix the spots.

Base with water barrier

Finished concrete
Another view

With the Korean home stays in the house, my dressing has been limited to just my black nightie at night and early in the morning, Gave nice neighbour a wave as she checked her mailbox yesterday morning while I was making coffee for wife and myself.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Finally a BAD experiance

Ever had one of those morning when you want to relax with a nice coffee and a new paper.
Well I had one of those planned at McDonalds, but 3 youths (16-17 year old males) thought differently, one in particular getting a bit lippy before throwing (of all things) a bank card (probably a stolen one) at me, missing but I get the point.

So I got up and had a wee chat to the young men.
1 kindly removed himself from the trouble maker, the other was keen to see what happen next.

I so wanted to play a fun game, but I knew the trouble maker would end up getting badly hurt and the police would make an issue of my little game, so I returned to my coffee and got nice praise from other patrons
The youths got bored quickly and left soon after.

Trying to relax this morning

Sunday, November 3, 2013

So lucky

OMG - I'm so lucky
Miss 15 has let me borrow her lipstick (luckily she also had my spare mascara in her bag). I would describe it as kissing hot red and had she not looked so good with it on, I would never have considered such a bold colour. I normally go with a browner red but this is a real "look at me" colour and I just love it. Nail polish also applied
Miss 14 has let me borrow her black floral crochet top, wife let me use her black dress and I've taped my chest for more shape.
So while I was keen to be more colourful today, it's black except for pouty red lips and hot finger nails.
And there was I thinking blue floral dress with pink lips - but this is way more fun.

So I've done my 7am McDonald coffee

Visited Mitre 10 hardware, discovered my cheap multi-tool blade and also the expensive blades could not handle the hardened steel nails in my carpet tacks, glad I got the cheap tool.  Sales guy couldn't help with my renovation issues so having to go to plan B or C now. Lifting up my carpet later today so we can dispose of it in next weeks inorganic collection. We hope to have the concrete floor coloured and polished before Christmas.

Visited New World for some groceries (lunch and dinner tonight for the starving teenages), had a wee chat and laugh with some staff there

Currently at a shopping mall relaxing with another coffee, watching all the pretty women walking around, I'm so jealous of their figure and looks.
Out of cash at the moment so think I'll head home after removing nail polish etc, got lots of daughters friends at home so got to be super clean when I get home.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday 28th October

A fortnight of hell as warm up for Halloween.
While work has been crazy, uncontrolled mayhem thanks to the skills (or lack thereof) of management, a home event nailed the family hard.
Last weekend, my wifes father died.
While I knew his time was short, her (and my kids) last memory was of a tough old man, who used to be a tough young man in his time. For me, while I never knew his younger days, we have both built our own homes and we both have the same attitude and ethics and so with his passing our week has been hellish.

This week is a long weekend, but earlier in the week one of my neighbours left. I thought, as their house was trucking past ours just shy of midnight "is my mailbox in the way?" and I had to ask myself "how the heck did they miss the lamp post" as the roof top skinnied past.

Venturing out Saturday past the previous resting place of the house with my shovel and 2 cans of beer, I happen to notice my neighbor placing stones over the clay where the house used to sit. 2 hours later I had drunk my beer and moved 3 cubic meters of stones.

Sunday - Body sore from Saturday and no rest as I helped another friend with some rust removal and panel beating so his car can pass a Warrant of Fitness, nail polish ruined by glues, resin and acid.

Looking back this week, my sleep has been intermittent and my energies low.

Monday 8.00am, finally dressed correctly and relaxing at McDonalds having a coffee. With all the friends gone back to their respective homes, I hope to remain in girl mode for a few hours more and with summer nearly here, I must thank Miss 15 for her light summery tops that I like so much.
Lots of young families turning up here now and only a matter of time before on of my girls friends turn up.
Must remember to take Miss 11 out for a soccer game.

At last, an hour to escape and relax

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Little after 7am

and I've finished my McCafe coffee, reading the new paper online, special interest America developing  an Iron Man suit composed of liquid armour, modernized exoskeleton and a few other additions. Still seams like a drone would do, but a human brain is probably better and much faster.

So now summer is around the corner, I'm down to my velvet dress, stockings and over the knee boots. Not having worn the boots for a while meant I had to re-learn how to walk as I waddled in to McDonalds.
"If a man waddles in the forest in high heel boots, does he make any sound?"
Feeling good though as my daughters have left their makeup out for me this morning, first time ever I've successfully applied eyeliner and I love the party shades of eye shadow.

Trying hard to dress like a late 40 year old, found a light green blouse at an old folks home where they place old stuff for others to take (hope it's not from deceased). It's a shocking pale green, but yet with the right skirt, it seams to work, wife and daughter agreed once I had it on, but feels like I'm off to an job interview.

This last few weeks, Miss 14 did a cat walk modeling course, I had to watch 11-18 year olds strut the cat walk, nearly fell asleep.
Wife and I drove up to Puhoi and had the most mind blowing ice cream from a cheese factory.
Insurance is looking at replacing my carpet after the water leak (the assessor loved my plumbing workmanship).
Had a little car trouble, but a minor tweak fixed it.
Re-surfaced my patio table and oiled the wood, looks like new, it was a $15 second hand filleting bench.

8.15am and changed to shiny black pants, boots and tight black top for a 9am brunch with Josie, but before then, a quick visit to Mitre 10 to find the resin that gives wooden furniture a glass like finish, glad the staff lady knew exactly what I was looking for - thinking of using some on my kitchen benches etc.

9am had brunch with Josie followed by a walk around the shops which was quite busy by 10am. We were not inspired to try anything on during this visit and by 10.30 we were walked out and ready for another coffee.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Playful or not.

Been running low on energy these last few weeks.
Partly because my diet is wrong, partly my lack of exercise and partly because my cats sleep on my legs, which keeps me awake all night.

So what's that got to do with anything -
Well actually when I'm energized, I feel young and playful and I tend to dress that way, which also upsets my teenage daughters who want to wear my playful skirts & tops, or I borrow theirs.

Having low energy these last two weeks has seen me out in clothes more fitting a late 40's lady more in to relaxing. In fact I visited Kmart this morning and tried on a lovely new skirt that was both trendy and more for the middle aged ladies and if I had the top to go with it, would have had yet another skirt in my wardrobe (pls note: my very last pair of man-jeans now has a rip where the cool winds put a rude smile on my face)

McDonalds 8.00am wake me up coffee

Super Relaxed and feeling good with
a light brunch and Josie to chat to

So now I'm thinking older, I'm thinking relaxing,
Okay, what I'm really thinking is a cruise to Waiheke Island and taking a tour of the vineyards, that would be super-fun, also thinking I must re-visit the art gallery or museum or botanic gardens soon.
I might even try to get to the "Girls Night Out" movies at my local on Wednesday the 9th to see Naomi Watts in "Diana".

For those who think it's always girl time for me, last week I took about 800Kg of vegetation to the tip and after this mornings outing I finally rebuilt the outer wall of the house and painted after the water leak incident last month where I had to remove that section of wall.
I also mowed the lawns and relocated about 400kg of top soil.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend has come and gone and

Without a purpose or project it seams rather empty.

Luckily my wife accidentally broke a desk top lamp so I spent an hour adding fibre glass reinforcing to the stem and glued all the broken pieces back on. Apart from a few hairline fractures it hard to tell it had been broken - and more importantly wife is happy to have her lamp back.

Played soccer with miss 14.
I hope she stays interested as I need the exercise.
Especially after going to an Italian restaurant with Josie and her wife yesterday.
The delicious chicken and pasta dish, followed by Sticky Date Pudding has pushed me 5kg over my desired weight (or 1kg over my recommended weight).
A girl has to watch these things, and I haven't been as high as 77kg (170lbs) for about 12 years

But when you have good company and good wine, it's definitely worth it.

Yes Josie, I did photoshop some of my wrinkles out

Miss 14 had a spray tan. Even at the risk of turning orange, she braved the tanning booth and today she braved her school mates giving her crap - and survived both. It's nice that she can chose to be who ever she wants to be without worrying what others may or may not think of her.

Actually, it was a very good weekend
But then, that's how I chose every day to be, every time I wake up.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Friday night

Feeling a bit girlish.
All my daughters were away so wife and I went to Subway. I'm unsure how, but for the first time ever I ate a foot long Sub. I don't think I'll ever do that again, thought I might need a fork hoist to leave the place.
Back home to relax with wife, wearing the following outfit (including wig, bra, makeup etc) and watching a bit of TV.

8pm and I had to pick up miss 14 from her work, I couldn't be bothered to change so hoped in to the car and picked her up.

She is a cheeky girl and greeted me with a "hello mum",
I replied "don't you mean attractive older sister?"

Since my next pickup was 9pm, I dropped miss 14 off at home and headed out to next pickup, stopping at the supermarket for some milk and McDonalds for a cup of tea as I needed to kill 30 minutes.

Relaxing on a Friday evening at McDonalds to kill 30 minutes before next pickup
Back home with wife and 2 daughters, I was still in girl mode to watch a bit of a chick flick with miss14 called "ruby" about a writer who rights up a girl who suddenly appears.
But more improtantly (for me anyway), straight after we watched AVP.

Saturday - hopefully I get to work on my friends boat, that would be nice.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Saturday night - drank to much, woke up at 3am, 4am, 5am, 6am and finally decided to actually get up at 7am. I think someone put a clock tower bell in my head.
Dressed (tight shiny black pants, C-cup, thin white top and a black cardie), and out looking for a large coffee by 7.45am.
8.15am checking out K Mart clothes, tried on a few nice tops and also checked out some cooking appliances (after a cheap pressure cooker), but nothing I wanted to swap for my hard earned cash.
9.06am (approx) went to Columbus coffee read the paper and a Womens Weekly, met Josie around 9.30 for another coffee and a bit of lemon cake.
By this time my head was more settled and I was enjoying the company in the nearly full coffee shop.  Sorry no photos this time, hopefully next weekend will be more interesting.

Monday, August 26, 2013

August rundown

Sunday 25th
Been itching to go out today, but the rain is a bit off putting.

Week before last I was on the Gold Coast helping my father after an eye operation and 2 days later moving house. We were joined by my sister who also came to help, although most of the time was spent at one of my dads local sports clubs where he danced away many evenings with his girl friend.

During the time there, I showed my sister photos of Rachel shopping etc and during the day helping clean house, I was often in tights (leggings) and a cotton LDB or red singlet dress that just covered my behind. I bought quite a few clothes for my daughters and a new pair of tight black pants while there.

As usual, when I visit Australia, a water pipe at home must burst and flood my sub-terrainian lounge, and this trip was no exception.
Four days later I returned home to find the pipe had been patched by a friend and the carpet still under water. So Sunday the 18th I spent the day replacing the whole section of water pipe, pumping out the lounge and ripping up the carpets to take outside to dry.
Anybody knowing New Zealand, would know that it rains daily from July 1 until mid December, in fact to such extent that a few leaves in my gutter last night brought rain in to my kitchen - again.

Anyway, in my preparation of going out this morning I, for the first time ever, managed to get fake eye lashes on properly.
With the rain and a few kids to organize, I took them off again and decided to go shopping with my wife, including buying some leaf guard for the gutter - yes it was still raining when I was on the roof fitting it, and - more importantly, my black eyeliner and mascara is still in place 12 hours after putting it on.

Monday 26
Finally made it out to see the movie "Now You See Me" which was very enjoyable. I also like the fact women my age were seated next to me. I won't mention how much I liked her dress, stockings and boots. The other wore jeans and boots and black top, I smiled politely at her in the ladies as we were washing our hands, and the 3rd all I remember is she had a skirt

My new high waisted shiny black pants, my sister thinks of them as Olivia Newton John Grease pants

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Wishing for a free ride

Probably not the best photo of me, as I'm running low on iron and vitimin B (alternatively I could blame the kids for have loud movies on at 3am). It's actually been a week of sleepy days even after a good sleep.
Anyway, I managed a few hours to escape man-land, meet up with Josie for a quick drink and a stroll around the mall when I came across Noel Leeming electrical store, who print a free photo of you posing with a trike.
Being slightly extrovert (in heels and shiny leggings), I took up the offer and here is the shops sales assistant photo.

If only I was allowed out on the freeway :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Second outing in 3 days

Okay, so it's $8 movie night, and "the heat"staring Sandra Bullock is on. Nice action chic flick at a price that meets my budget.
The glass of wine was a bit more expensive, but sitting with a few young blond girls and a group of women my age, I felt quite at home.
Apologies for the quality of the photo, I think the staff member wanted to get the ceiling more than me in the photo

Sunday, July 21, 2013

What a week

Starts as any other week, Monday morning off to work, Monday evening help Miss 14 deliver papers, get home to find a black & white rabbit getting cosy with my cats.
Rabbits - umm friendly, likes Miss 14 cuddling it, likes living at my house, hanging with my cats.
Dog barrier now being used to cover the holes in the fence means dog now sleeps on my bed when the cats have finished sleeping on me (around 2am).
Wednesday wife decides to re-orange the furniture, wants the TV mounted on a yet to be painted feature wall. Wednesday evening was taken up with removing a section of dry wall, installing power & aerial cable up the wall. Thursday evening was replacing the dry wall, plastering. Friday was under sealing and all Saturday was painting and mounting the TV, and patting the Rabbit.

Finally Sunday and a couple of hours to spare (before helping re-orange more furniture and washing the cars).
Coffee at Columbus Coffee shop with Josie, not the normal place to find my boss, but luckily I had already finished my breakfast and coffee so I ghosted out before he decided to check out the 2 attractive girls two tables to his right and we decided it would be more relaxing at the Botanic Gardens.

Special thanks to Miss 15 for loaning me her new skirt for the morning (okay she borrowed my black skirt last night).

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Brunch - ReLoaded

Sitting at home with family, relaxing in my black cotton tights, floral bra and purple top with 3/4 sleeves.

I've just spend 3 hours removing a 5 foot section of wall, running a co-axial cable and mains up inside the wall for a wall mounted TV. The reason being is that yesterday, wife and daughter got a selection of test pots of paint and started painting to convert it in to a feature wall which they now plan to paint in the next 5 days. Luckily I had a spare bit of dry wall in the garage and just finished plastering it. If miss 15 had her way, it would have been painted before the plaster was dry or sanded back.

I woke at 5.45am this morning and couldn't even blame the cats for walking all over me during the night like they usually do, but I felt like I hadn't slept for weeks. Laying beside my wife for another hour but still not sleeping, I decided to go out for coffee.
Getting to the bathroom for a shave, putting on my foundation, mascara, eye shadow and lip stick, only just making out my face as the bags under my eyes opened them for me, feeling like age is an ocean liner on my face.
Dressed in tight white top, black jeans and heels I made my way to McDonalds for a 7am coffee, within minutes of sipping the hot drink my body responded, the bags under my eyes lifted and I was ready to run a marathon - had it not been for my tight clothes and high heels. With the coffee down and newspaper read, re-energized I sprang into the local hardware, purchased 2 new oven light bulbs, and before I knew it, I had changed in to a lovely black pencil skirt and sitting with my favorite girl having brunch.

It's amazing how a good coffee and brunch with good company can make such a difference.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Turbulent night

Just before midnight, teen daughters boyfriend turned up.
My reaction just controlled as I escorted him out saying visiting hours are the same as daylight hours.
Slept badly and was awake at 5am, tried really hard to cuddle my wife and fall asleep but my mind was not having it, so at 7am I decided to go out to relax with a bit of me time.
Since I was in an uncaring mood I dressed in an equally uncaring manor and went to McDonalds for a coffee and a read of the news paper.

Did I mention I love corsets?

Love my corset, just wish I had boobs

Feeling a bit better after an hour relaxing and a good coffee, I decided to check out the showers on display at Mitre 10 (as I will soon need to replace my shower and the floor under it) and get some design ideas. Just before 9am I got the mall and checked out what was new in the girls clothing shops for the next hour. At home, I new my houselot would be waking up and I headed back to get my chores done and an outing with my wife on this lovely sunny (but cool) winter day.

Wife bought me some new heels last week, but after a couple of hours, my toes had had enough.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Homestay limiting my dressup time

Got another home stay, not sure of the exact arrangements but believe it's for about a month, then they will review if she stays in the country or not for another month, and so on.

Yesterday, Miss 10 broke her arm (again - she keeps forgetting to bounce when she hits the ground) so today we have so far been to school for her school photos, doctors to re-check the cast, pizza hut for pizza and eventually back home. She is a bit like me and has a high pain tolerance, while her birth mum treats her like a baby

Anyway back home and at last I see it as an opportunity, so I get dressed, black PVC skirt ( photo in last entrry of blog ) and a tight purple top, Miss 10 comes in and helps me with eyeshadow, mascara, foundation etc, then does her own with some assistance from me.

Fully dressed now and cleaning house -ie putting dishes away and a laundry load in the wash, sorting out washed clothes etc.
Miss 15 boyfriend arrives, chill'n and hops on her IPad waiting for school to end.
He is very nice, they make a good team both looking after each other and he has made a nice addition to the family. Thanks to modern birth control techniques I don't need to worry about any more additions. While I consider him a bit girlie, I'm the one currently fully dressed in girl mode.

Expecting the home stay home soon, so sadly it's time to change back to boy mode.
Love you

Monday, June 3, 2013

OK, I know it's been a while, but apart from dressing up between 4.30 and 6 pm while cooking for the family, emptying dish washer, reloading dishwasher, maybe doing a load of clothes washing and all those other manly things.
I've spent the last few weekends fixing the wife's car, finally finished my electronic gizmo and encapsulated it for marine environment and I'm half way through a massive gardening project for my oldest daughter (who moved in to a rental with lawns thigh high and weeds throughout the flower garden).

At last, this very day, managed a bit of girl time with favorite girlfriend - nothing beats relaxing with a bit of girlie chat and gossip, a lovely brunch (grilled banana, bacon, pancakes covered in maple syrup) and good coffee. I also got out to wear my new and now favorite skirt, it's so great to feel rubbing on my skin.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


I knew winter was apon us, when the nights get so cold, you want to stay in bed cuddled in to the wife all day long.
Today however I still had to be away at 8am to take one of the girls to school.
By 9.30 I was changed in to black cami top and felt leggings expecting a normal cool day and hitting the shops checking out clothes, even went so far as to a plastics factory to try and buy a 3mm sheet from their scrap bin for a project.
By 11am they day was so hot, I was melting, or rather my foundation was sweating off, so I decided on the coolest dress I have and to refresh myself (tea & scone) at the Auckland Botanic Gardens. While its been about 10 days since I last shaved my legs, and the hairs have gone past the stubble stage, I'm not actually expecting anyone to get close enough to notice, besides, I make my own rules.

I think it must have been grandma & grandpa day at the gardens, and had I walking footwear, I might have gone for a stomp around as well.

Later, I visited a library to upload some photos to crossdressers.com. Had a brief chat to a couple of teen girls who were sitting across from me, in such a short dress I had to clamp my legs shut tight otherwise my undies would have be on display.
One of the girls were planning a scheme where she could possibly get more money off the government for being a lazy little Sh.t.
Me, I'm preying they tell her to get lost.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday 12th May

Weekend started with a cold bug so it's a weekend to relax, wash a car or 2, fly my RC helicopter high into a tree.

Sunday however, is Shopping Day. so it's a coffee and cake at Sylvia Park Shopping Centre, then meandering around the shops with Josie.
I wasn't really out to do much, but in 1 shop I found a lovely pair of shorts and skate skirt of a PVC nature. I was way out into the pink girl mode and did an excited twirl in the changing area. The look on Josie's face and the smile on the sales assistant face, indicated the skirt twirled a bit higher that I expected.

Sunday night, sitting at home with a box of tissues watching TV, wishing my cold would go away and regretting not taking any photos of my outing.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Shortest Skirt Compertition

I'm unsure how this happened, but somehow our emails got confused and somewhere during the last 2 weeks, "shortest skirt" was mentioned. I didn't really thing much more about it, and this morning I left home with my new shiny tight jeans after a pre-dawn trip to the doctors with Miss 15.
I did my normal McDonald coffee and a walk around K-Mart clothing shop at 8am and also a 9am shop at my local hardware shop (bought new jigsaw blades). At this stage I was in my purple top and new shiny jeans, but just before I made it to our brunch location I decided to change to show of my shaved legs and recalled the shortest skirt email comment.

Josie & I decided on a draw, since my skirt was shorter, but her legs were longer, actually I don't think either of us cared, we were just having to much fun chatting. I must say a big thanks to Josie as she bought me brunch as a belated birthday present.

Earlier in the week, I went to see Iron Man 3, and while the cinema was well occupied, not including the girls in jeans, I was the only one cross dressed. I don't know about the others, but I enjoyed the outing. Apologies for the camera photo, it focused on the background when the timer started and I would have smiled had I not been pre-occupied with the trouble the camera was giving me.

I love these shiny jeans

Cinema foyer

Ladies rest room, and in focus (nearly)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Assumed Sanity

In this life, I find I can do most things (except play guitar or any other musical instrument), so as I sit here at McDonalds at 7.30am with lots of customers, working on a Picaxe micro controller design for a boat, having read the daily paper including the business section and travel, a thought crossed my mind.

Why am I wearing this?

I suppose a teal corset (with my flat chest) and a shiny pvc looking tight mini skirt is not something most sane people would wear, but as I watch my locals, and understand the manager is the son of one of my friends, I realise I wear this out fit because I want to.
I know that having my bicepts and shoulders bare violates all the crossdressing rules, but at the end of the day, my manly body is quite good and efficient and I'm not ashamed of it so what the hell.

Found myself thinking of my wife, still in bed and now I'm missing her, time to go home :)


What a good decision to go home, it's school holidays and Miss 14 and wife were looking at a boring day.
I had one of the best ever daughter / dads day, and the wife played the photographer

Lets just say, we did some serious arse kicking.
I reckon we're the best duo on the fields.
Paintball rocks

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Today we recognise the contribution to our lives, made by our war vets and fallen solders including our brothers in Australia. While it was based on the first world war, we now appreciate all those that have fought in any conflict to create the freedom we now enjoy.

Today, I had planned with a Southern girl, to meet up and take her for coffee. 2 days ago she started to get concerned out going out and yesterday cancelled her outing.
For me, it means I can have an hour to myself and then get back to my daughter who slept over last night as she flies to Christchurch Friday morning with her mum for the rest of the school holidays.
When I get home (and she eventually wakes up) I'll probably take her to the field and let her fly my RC helicopter

OK, so my hour of girl time starts with a coffee from McDonalds, taking a few photos of me in one of my daughters XS purple tops and big boobs, skinny jeans and wonderlust perfume.
I think a lot of the dawn parade participants have turned up here, lots of children (1 girl told me I had lovely hair), a mum with a smaller bum than me - ha ha, OK so there are about 10 more mums and a quite a few dads with larger bums, but I still like mine the best.

Soon, hopefully, I'll get to the hardware shop as I need some butane and aluminium welding rods to repair my patio furniture. I would also like to get some 5 mm glass for another project on my friends boat but that will mean some more specialised tools, so I'll probably have to go with a clear plastic :(

Wife's birthday tomorrow, I should check to see if the weather is good for snorkeling or white water rafting as a present.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

To many days in man-land

OK the fishing was fun, working on the boat, even more fun, but to go so many days without an outing is really not acceptable!!!
Last Thursday, I got home and was a bit short tempered with Miss 15, nothing bad, she just picked up on my frustrations. She asked what was wrong, I replied nothing except I need to go out for some girl time. I got changed, picked up a phone I bought online, and visited my local and busy McDonalds at 6pm. Had a wonderful burger called "The Texas Burger" as they are trying to promote burgers with American themes. I spent an hour there trying to figure out my new Android phone.
BTW it's a great phone at about 30% of the price of most named brands of phone.
I then visited K-Mart and tried on a few outfits.
It was a quick outing, but eased my frustrations.

OMG, went out Monday night (8th April)......
This was purely as I had an opportunity and wife kindly even offered to pay for my dinner at "The Coffee Club".

I went out with Josie (pictured on the right).
She was dressed so..... deliciously.
As for me, well lets just say it was getting dark, and I was in a hurry to dressed and put makeup on.
After an hour and a half, a nice meal, good chat and a glass of wine, it became time to get back to our other interesting and cool lives.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Interesting weekend

Woke up early and excited for a fishing trip on my friends boat after I helped fix his fish finder and toilet. Wives attended and it was a fun days outing.

OK, so our wives did most of the catching and catering

The day was perfect and the company was great.
On the way home, we were discussing the engine noise, the owner mentioned how the belt was a bit slappy at low speed but ran smoother at high speed, and sure enough it did, and within a second or 2 the alternator light came on.
We didn't really need to worry about power as diesel engines don't need power to run. About 2 minutes later, a great fog of smoke bellowed from the engine.
Grabbing a load of life jackets and fire extinguisher and ensuring the women were at a safe distance it was time to find out the source of the smoke. The owner slowly opened up the engine cowling with me at the ready with the extinguisher, only to be welcomed with a cabin fill of smoke so thick I could barely see the far side of the engine and expecting the inrush of Oxygen to cause more problems we waited.
and waited
and waited.
With the smoke clearing, we discovered the alternator belt also powered the water pump.

30 minutes later, having replaced the belt, watching as replaced water ran freely out a frost plug at the top of one of the cylinders, we decided it was fishing time again..

Rangitoto Island to our WEST

2 hours later of fairly good fishing, we realised that the Coast Guard while good with GPS locations (had our IPhone been enabled properly) were not that hot with the old fashioned triangulation or have any understanding of what NORTH was as opposed to SOUTH, luckily our high power lamp assisted them locating us.
Wife photo of Coast Guard boat

Anyway on to Sunday -  Brunch and shopping day with my girlfriend, and a new dress for me. It's nice to be out with someone who can take photos for my blog. By 10.30am, Sylvia Park shops were getting a bit full, but it was a very enjoyable 2 hours.

I can still feel the rocking of the boat from Saturdays outing and my hands are painfully sore from fishing and bringing up the anchor each time.

I hope you have a great week

Loves & kisses from

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Normal outing day

Of course it starts with coffee,
but this time I mix it up with a date scone. The chef also added a hint of orange rind along with the normal cinnamon
- That's my idea of living radically.

During my hour at Columbus Coffee, reading the paper and The Womans Weekly mag, about 30 people came in for brunch, including 3 families with young kids (8-13 year old).

I should really thank Miss 15 for the use of her velvet tights, and my wife for her pink top (that I bought specially for her)

After weeks / months of sunshine and not a drop of water, today weather is a steady soaking which is doing the garden lots of good, but limiting my outings to indoor pursuits. I was tempted to go to the cinema at Newmarket but parking fees would probably cost more than the movie. I phoned my wife and she requested some groceries, so I stopped at Meadowlands shopping centre for her, and ingredients for some home made pizza. This is one shopping centre, that if 2 people visited at any one time, shop owners would get overly excited.
At Countdown grocery shop, the woman at the checkout ahead of me had a lovely leopard print bra under her thin white blouse, I might have been staring by the way she smiled at me.

So now I'm back home, having made my wife pizza and a cup of tea while she studies her University course and hopefully does her assignment. I'm glad she is not put off her work by my cute velvety bum or large breasts.

4.05pm and just having a nap, when wife woke me in a panic to get out - we were having a wee earthquake. By the time I got up, the earth had settled down. I decided to remove my makeup and boobs and put on a normal boys t-shirt, soon after my oldest daughter (who doesn't know about my hobby) came home for dinner, and also a female friend of my wifes.
Daughter commented on my tights - probably expecting wife to be upset, but she didn't react,and I even let wifes friend feel how smooth they were while my tights were the topic of conversation.

I also had to pick up one daughter & her BF, go to shops with them, pick up another daughter from church, all while in these tights and grey t-shirt.
I love these tights

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Having a blond day

OK, so my lovely wife says "blond makes you look like a transvestite"
Some things I can accept, I mean really what is a technical term for a male body to be dressed as a female. Actually due to our multi-cultural society we have many names depending on ethnic back ground, and I can't spell any of them.

I would like to point out, after going to McDonalds for coffee in a corset and my posing at a park and shopping at Mitre 10 hardware store, I did replace the blond wig with the brown for my brunch with my favorite girl who is also the only other girl I know who has the balls to go out in public - ummm something doesn't sound right but you know what I mean :)

McDonalds for coffee & read of the paper

Posing in the park in Surpe dress

While at Mitre 10, I asked the SA for some shade cloth, she proceeded to the far end of the garden section, while I, in my blue dress and very limited striding capabilities, had to nearly do a funny little trot to keep up. Actually she got to about 15 meters in front of me before she stopped at the appropriate area

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bigger is better

While I a big proponent of larger than life, I thought, well what is larger than life.

After much thought, I popped down to my local star dome, getting there with 10 minutes spare to put on my makeup before the evening show. So sitting in my car, 5 minutes is just enough time to slap on foundation, lipstick, mascara, bugger, nearly forgot the wig, Ok wig's on kind of straightish. Being dusk did not really help with the low light to do makeup with.

5 minutes down and I do a quick run across the car park, buy my entry ticket, get the girl to snap of 2 quick photos for my blog, quick to the ladies and double check the look but no time for alterations and in to the Planetarium for the show.
Man - my boobs were heaving with the effort, next time I'll have to get there early.

Planetarium, good show of the night sky, big suns and bigger galaxies, alas, not larger than life this time. 45 minutes later and we were given a run down on Exoplanets, a 10 minute Q & A session and then a play on their telescopes.

An interesting outing in which the girls probably out numbered the boys, seemed that way when I had to que in the ladies toilets.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Drought is over

Well not actually as the ground is so dry, my house has bent, the doors don't shut but at least the windows are working better.
What I actually mean is that my car has been returned after Miss 18 used it for several week and that I can get out again.
So I'm typing again at Mcdonalds (7.30am) in my camisole top and tight jeans having just finished my coffee. I've taken a few photos to show you, just hope I get a photo without the 2 children who are running around the shop.

I'm also trying to figure out what to do for the next few hours and where I can wear my new red dress and take photos for you.

Earlier this week - Wednesday, I left one of my construction sites and passed a shopping centre, thought I would check out any new fashion - ended up trying on the red dress and buying it. I'm afraid it didn't match my old steel toe capped boots that well, my greying hair or my stubbly chin, so for this outing I decided to try make the dress look rock - hope it works.

Ok, and this is just a crazy secret between the two of us, shhh (I bought - shock horror - a blond wig) Ok don't tell anyone.
I think it make me look crazy, that would be why everyone behind me were looking at me or do you think they just liked the dress? I'm so confused. What do you reckon?

Friday, February 15, 2013

slow week

2 things I'm mot happy about,
1)  We have homestays for a few weeks - no dressing up at home,
2)  My eldest daughter has borrowed my car for the last 2 weeks and still has it, meaning I can't go out.

I did manage, in my busy day to pass Supre (girls clothes shop) where they were having a 30% discount sale. I bought the dress I was after at Christmas time and tried on several other dresses and tight black PVC  trousers. The shop assistant was very nice and we had a good chat.
The down side was, I had just come from a construction site, wearing t-shirt, work trousers and steel toe-capped boots and sprouting 5 day old whiskers.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Starting to get bored

I suppose even regular girls get bored.
I seem to have done the shopping, visited the Sky Tower, Museum, Art Gallery etc.

I also had to pick up a bunk bed my wife purchased on Trademe, so this morning I quickly threw on some under ware, tights, daughter t-shirt, foundation then off for a quick coffee.

One of the drawback of such casualness, is that several staff members at Mitre 10 hardware - I needed some new electrical wall sockets and cable, and some car "stop break squeak" - which I can not find - as the shims squeal when breaking, any advice most welcome.
Sorry, I've digressed, anyway a couple of staff members used that good old New Zealand / Australian manly greeting "how's it going mate". I smiled and replied in the most girlie voice I could muster.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Half day outing

First stop this morning was Greenlane McDonalds for coffee, it's quite a bit busier than the other two I like to visit. While there, apart from about 6 staff and 25 customers, I really felt like I needed a bigger audience

By 9am, after reading the national news paper, I used the ladies room at McDoanlds, then decided to visit the Winter Gardens at Auckland Museum. I was at first deeply concerned about the lack of people there to show off my outfit to, when 3 tour buses turned up. It felt good being around a group.
After a lot of self portrait photos, it was time to move on to see more people. I was feeling very good about my outfit, the big boobs and smooth crotch line, so I paid a visit to the Art Gallery.

OK, some art is just down right FUN, and a big thanks to the staff for taking the following photo for me. While the bare topped painting in the background was nice, I really wanted to play with the fibreglass figure in the sexy shiny leotard.

Time for a cup of tea. The hot red headed girl kept checking me out and I enjoyed checking her out

While I had fun, the heat of the day meant I needed a change of clothing, which was fortunate as some areas tightly packed were starting to go a bit numb. By now there should be more people at the Museum, so time to check it out.

NZ photo display at the Museum

Columbus Coffee for a coffee. Finding a table was difficult as a large cruise liner in port had dropped off a tour group at the Museum, many having brunch. I chatted to an attractive mum, with her 2 year old and also her mum who were locals having an early (11am) lunch

Next to Maori war canoe

Volcano simulation area

Pre European Maori food store