Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy new year

Sitting in a B&B in Bethlehem, because all the hotels were fully booked at The Mount.

The Mount is Party Central on New Years Eve for the North Island of New Zealand.
I'm the designated driver for four 16 year old girls who will soon be drunk along with 20,000 other teenagers (our version of Spring Break in the USA).
If you have never been out for days with 4 teenage girls, DON'T!
It's not fun like hiking the Southern Alps.
It's not even painless like getting a tattoo, ear piercing or tooth pulled.
Wife and I have had a few relaxing / romantic hours, in between transporting kids and we do have a lovely bottle of Champagne for tonight (once the kids are asleep)

Oh yes, before I forget why your reading this, I did chat to our excellent host and wife at this lovely B&B called "The Mediterranean" while wearing floral jegging, a thin female t-shirt over a floral bra.
Due to possible harassment, I'm not "out" to daughters friends, only my family and you, so I had to minimise risk, but have sufficient "out" time to prevent getting depression.

As B&Bs go, it's on my favourite list, the owner - Gunter, like me, is OCD, making the accommodation spotlessly clean, the pool sparking, and breakfast excellent.
Bethlehem now has enough shops and eateries to make it a convenient location and easy access to Tauranga and The Mount.
I'm also happy sleeping under the stars or in 5 star hotels depending on the situation

HAPPY NEW YEAR, and I hope 2015 brings you the happiness you deserve.

And if your driving, just remember, my transgender blood is in the blood bank and has already helped  over 50 New Zealand's.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Summer arrived today

Nothing to exciting for you girls,
Spent yesterday at home relaxing in full girl mode, dropping off kids, grocery shopping, going insane over a Christmas jigsaw puzzle, aka a 1,000 piece "WASGIJ".
Wife thinks it is a good Christmas tradition, she knows I'm OCD at solving these things and don't sleep until it's completed, she thinks it's funny keeping me up for 22 hours. It didn't help that the only missing piece was found 30 minutes after dismantling the puzzle, under miss 15 wheelie chair.

Finally managed to get the boat in the water after a long winter under repairs. Fish were biting nicely so dinner is sorted for a few days, sunburned & sore back and arms, face redder than a beetroot (also a chance to make minor repairs to the trailer while the boat was off).

Days like this, makes Auckland the best place in the world, I'm sure you also have these days.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Out with Santa

Out in this months favorite skirt (my legs looking gorilla-ish).

Big news - New Zealand actually has a real football (soccer) team, hopefully one day it will be bigger than rugby

Yesterday Miss 16 celebrated her 17th birthday, lots of preparations
But the blow out was when I asked for a favor in return for dismantling my HiFi and reassembling for her on the patio, knowing that today I would have to reverse the process.
Absolutely she will NOT do me any favors, it appears to be her right for me & mum to do everything for her.
Mum rushed out late last night to buy her an amp & speaker system for her to connect her IPad to.

Anyway, I got to McDonalds for my regular coffee just after 8 am. With the shops opening in the next hour, it's busy as everyone is getting their caffeine before the stress of Christmas shopping.

At the shopping center, I walked past another tgirl, I smiled at her and she looked away as if I wasn't there, bit sad but maybe not everyone is as friendly as I am.

9 am and I'm having a lovely chat to Santa's pretty photographer who went to Katy Perry concert last night and reckoned she is the best and most lively entertainer in the world (I'm a Katy fan as well).
I got my photo with Santa just after a crying little boy (who has a hot mum) and his smiling sister had their photos.
This photo was the second of about 8.
I waved for the others but Santa said something really funny and his cute little helper thought this was the best.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

It's Christmas Shopping Time

It's summer here now, so warm, wet & windy for the next 30 days or so.
I really wanted to break out my summer dresses, settled for a Christmasy red top, and a mini skirt to show off my legs.
By 9 am, the shops just opening their doors and the mall was already packed.
Josie & I had brunch that took us to 10 am, chatted about me hoping to find a new lip gloss pallet, Christmas presents for the kids and review a Cosmology presentation we went to last Wednesday. While it was an interesting, I had a few niggles about the event horizon, actually just realized typing this - the universe is way bigger than we can see, it's just that light from distant galaxies hasn't yet had time to reach us since the Big Bang.

After brunch we had a walk around the shops, got lots of smiles, I chatted to one sales lady and wished a few others Merry Christmas as we browsed their shops.

As I had already spent up on big presents, I could only afford to window shop but found a few cool stocking fillers for the kids that I will probably return for next weekend. Shame really as I saw a few nice classy summer dresses that I wanted, even though I already have a wardrobe full.

Wife would like Santa to bring her a Splash Back for the stove, but Santa needs her to chose a colour first as Santa is not that good at choosing her favorite colour. Meanwhile my hedge trimmer still hasn't been wrapped to look like a surprise

Hopefully we can catch up before Christmas, but if not, have a great Christmas and my love goes out to you and your family

Rachel xxx

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Suns up for an early Summer roasting

6 am on a Sunday, and I really need to sleep, time to cuddle my wife and try to nap some more.
6.20 and bored now, might as well put on my blue summer skirt and a tight white top, splash on foundation (remembering less is more) and go for coffee.
30 minutes after rolling out of bed, I'm at my local McDonalds with coffee.
I've gone with my black wig, while not my preferred, my wife and kids like it best so I'm trying to get used to it.

Feels like I've forgotten something today, apart from shaving my legs in the last 7 days, I'm sure I'll remember what it is if I concentrate enough.

7 am, and the shop is suddenly rocking with early risers, old men, pretty girls in running tights and 3 generations next to me, who own the Sushi shop next door

Wife needs a blender today, as we are having a family lunch and she wants to try a special desert, so a quick visit to KMart.

After that it was time to pick up my Christmas present -
Yep you guessed it -
A power tool from Mitre 10 -
A hedge trimmer.

Shouldn't hedge trimmers be wifes present? I mean it is her hedge that she bought and had me plant, dig back up, move 4 inches to the left and re-plant.

The local shopping centre advertised Santa photos starting at 9, but having got here on time, found the mall and Santa still closed for another hour, so sitting at the busy food court watching all the people going about their business and young teens just hanging out this early is a bit of a surprise to me, as mine will still be asleep for a few more hours.

Waiting another hours for a Santa photo

Needed to use the ladies room while I wait to get a photo and just remembered what I'd forgotten, UNDER WARE.

With my slight clothing malfunction fixed, I was second in the queue for a Santa photo, 

10 am arrived as did Santa and a lot of others, when the staff called for Sandra for her pre-booked photo. Okay Sandra was a hot single mum with her kids and dog, and was very pleasant while we chatted together, and maybe I would have invited her for coffee, but really a PRE-BOOKED Santa photo? So looking at the booking sheet I could get my photo with Santa if I waited yet another 40 minutes. I advised those in line behind me of the delay, and decided another day would suit me better.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Go west young man (girl)

Woke up 5 am, not sure why but think a relaxation sedative is required tonight before bed.

Today I needed to pick up a branch shredder and to get there I need to pass the motor heads and rednecks that is west Auckland. It's the sort of place where one can get Ford Falcon car, take it to a shop out there and when the boys have finished, you end up with a mean dream machine with an engine to blow away anything. The wrong shop out there and you will probably find one of your door handles connected to someone elses VW Beetle and your carburettor somewhere in Dunedin.

So 8 am, I Man-Up with my best foundation, lipstick and my parts highly tucked away and head west. First stop - a wake up McDonalds coffee at the Westgate shops in my very see through red lace top and newest skirt (photo taken as I ventured briefly in to the city).

From there I headed north west again for another 30 minutes, wearing tight leather look pants and the Paris top my wife bought me while we were in Paris.

Knocking on the guys house, to be answered by a very pleasant chap, who showed me the shredding machine operating, then as a gentleman he put it in the car for me - sooo sweet.
We also had a lovely chat about his ride on lawn mower (yes - I used to have one when I owned a farm block).

On the way home I stopped for a Gelato ice cream, was served buy the prettiest girl I've ever seen wearing a lovely red dress with black polka dots and puffy sleeves, it was her uniform so I couldn't have one unless I worked there. She so nicely took this photo of me in the shop.

Yes I know my foundation above my lip has disappeared,
Hay fever gives you a runny nose, which is an excellent makeup remover.

I had planned to stay out and make a few more stops, but wife wanted her car back. The funny thing is when I walked in the door, while miss 12 recognised me, miss 16 got a fright (she didn't have her glasses on) as she wasn't expecting me to walk in, in female mode.

Not sure how many neighbours saw me walk from the car to the front door (15 meters) as there are a few house windows looking our way and one neighbour was parking her car in the driveway across the road from me.
Yesterday I was chatting to one neighbour about me chopping a tree that is growing over his property, I was in the Paris top above and pink & grey floral leggings.

Got changed in to man clothes as the kids were expecting friends around and then I spent the next 3 hours shredding a trailer load of twigs and branches that have been sitting on my lawn for about 2 years - love my little shredder.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

French manicure

So one of my girls has the polishes for a French manicure, wore it last weekend, not that you would notice after all the house renovations and painting I did.
This weekend got the French manicure finger nails Friday night, the white tips hides all the grease & paint stuck under the nails so that's nice.
Had a lovely lunch on Saturday and friends wife enquired about my nails, it's so nice talking about girl stuff to girls. Saturday also included taking youngest girl to her cousins birthday party and taking the oldest daughter from a Uni exam straight to a wedding, AND my nails still look perfect.
I hope to get in to some car maintenance soon, so I expect my nails to get dirty & broken.

This morning I did manage to get out (in my new skirt) for coffee and read the news paper. I also had to inform the staff, that one of the ladies toilet cubicles was out of paper, which might have answered their un-asked question as to which sexes toilets I would use

(Sorry about the focus - I would have expected better from $250 camera)

Monday, October 27, 2014

A fun morning

It's Monday - long weekend public holiday

So I'm sitting at Columbus Coffee, watching how the light plays through a middle aged lady's top, showing the outlines of her petite chest and thinking how pretty and feminine she looks, or the young woman with the tight grey sports top. My feeling are of wanting to explore the older lady in more detail and finding a way to emulate her, yet upset I will never be that hot looking.

I've been wearing my tight black leather looking pants for a few hours now, except when I took them off to try on a summer skirt at KMart. Got my brown boots and my top from Paris that my wife bought me while we were there.
I've also went to Hollywood Bakery for an early morning coffee and read some of the novel "Allegiant" from the "Divergent" series - yes the kids made me watch the movie.
While the first 2 books were excellent, the 3rd is written from the perspective of the 2 main characters, so you have to consider which character your reading from.

Eventually visited Mitre 10 for some more paint supplies, as "WE" (aka me) are painting the house, 3 bedrooms done, just the trims to finish, then my wife has eyes on the 4th bedroom and the bathroom. Bathroom will be more involved as I need to re-plumb and re-wire sections as well as replacing the floor structure. My French manicured nails have taken a beating with all this plastering and painting.

Josie arrives, so it's Brunch time, which includes the normal fun chat and some jokes with the manager, because life is good

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Finally after weeks of home renovations

I've been a bit tense of late, due to my lack of girl time.
It's spring here, so wife has outlined some home renovation. In the way she says "here is the paint and brushes" I know that time is not my friend, or the way she says "before you do that can you do......." Saturday turns in to Sunday and before you know it another weekend occurs and more renovation tools appear.

So Monday eventually arrives, and I'm dressed pretty and ready to go out by 5 pm. I wait until wife comes home so I can use her car, and then I find out she is working late at work and arrives home at 6.30 (instead of 5 pm) with a curry dish. My 6 pm movies has turned in to an 8.25 pm session, so it's dinner with the family and a hour to kill. Just after 7 pm oldest daughter who doesn't know about my dressing turns up, so I have to remain in my study until she leaves at 8.10 pm. Finally I run out the door, but get the wife to take a photo of me before I leave as I have 15 minutes until the movie starts.

Wife says - don't go anywhere close to home, well the car can travel only so far in 15 minutes, plus the movie I've been planning to see is 5 minutes up the road, so sorry wife but a bit late now.

Finally get to the movie house and a gentleman holds the door open for his wife and me - I'm so happy. I get my ticket and a coffee, and the cashier took a photo for you to see before the movie starts. Yes,..... my skirt is uncomfortably short for a movie and I was wishing my slightly longer one didn't have a broken zip, but I was determined not to wear my shiny leather look tight pants and boots as you have already seen those. Plus I like the look and feel of my legs with a light coat of Baby Oil on them :)

The movie "one-hundred foot journey" is about an Indian family setting up life in France. Since I was in girl mode, I found this a brilliant chic flick, with a great story, scenery and romance.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Heated topic

Web forums - can be very interesting and yet annoying
The topic was pretty much
What is a Cross Dresser?
Many were on the technical - "anyone who dresses in the other gender clothing"

Of course my views are different.
I've seen bride grooms tied to lampposts with stocking, suspenders and lipstick on, but they were not cross dressers.
I've known of people to get sexually aroused wearing pantyhose, who are not cross dressers.
I've personally known of guys who wear skirts, because they like to, who are not cross dressers.
I've personally known of feminine gays who are OTT girlie, in dress, make up and mannerisms who were not cross dressers even though they had man parts.

So this left me feeling the technical officiardos, had the wrong definition.

So for me, and I might be standing alone here, a cross dresser is a person who has an affinity to be part of the opposite sex (eg would like to be "one of the girls") and displays this affinity with their choice of clothing.
There are optional additions, such as make up, hair, breast forms, emulating movement and or voice etc.
There are also optional locations such as at home when no one is looking (where most of us start), the occasional public outing (where I will probably remain), to the hard core 24/7 cross dresser.

Sitting here, having a rant, while wearing floral leggings and a red V-neck shoe string top and with a desperate need to have some serious girl time (after a week of home renovations).
I'm off to spa with the wife and some Irish Coffee and will hopefully have some photos for you this Sunday.


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday 5th October

Finally I get to buy Josie a birthday Brunch, but first some 8.15am shopping.
So off to New World for some food stuff, in red top (with large breast forms), black summer cardie, black mini skirt, stockings and black boots and just for a change my brown wig.
Why do I tell you this, because Brunch with Josie was so much fun, I forgot to take any selfies or any other photos.
Afterwards, because my body has it's winter coat of fat, I went to the pools for a 700 meter swim, hopefully within a few weeks of swimming, my body will be hard again (and have abs again).

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Quick outing

Sunday, and with daylight savings, I'm at Sylvia Park shopping center at 9am (but my body is still working on yesterdays time of 8am -I should be sleeping in).
I was happy with my clothes, see through lace top, pink bra and daughters super tight black pants that look like well designed classy latex jeans - and feels really nice both on and to the touch.
And brown, tight knee high boots (wife's pick, she thought it looked nicer than my heels, I'm not so sure)
The photo of the outfit doesn't do justice - so it's still on the camera and not here.

I had a quick brunch (coffee & cake) with my GF Josie, did a little shopping. Josie has lovely long legs and was wearing a short mini. Shopping wise - my little legs in tight pants and boots had trouble keeping up.
By 10.30am, we had parted as we both have chores at home, but I did manage to stop by Super Cheap Autos to pick up some oil and filled up the sump on the wifes car, much to the amusement of the manly staff at the auto shop. Maybe it was the way I was leaning over the engine in shiny tight pants, or maybe it was my whiskers showing through my foundation since my make up was a 5 minute job with sleepy eyes.

Back home and by 12, I was 3 meters up a tree with chain saw in hand and by 2pm, looking down from my perch, saw about 800kg of branches blocking my drive. Next time I'll put the cars out on the road before cutting over the driveway. Another 4 hours of work and the drive was cleared, logs taken to the back for fire wood, and my favorite 22 year old flannel shirt had 2 long rips in it (I nearly cried). Okay this is normal life, not girl story, neither is it girl story when I spent Monday lunch at "Pick A Part" car dismantlers, where for $2, you can dismantle any car you want all day long, searching for that second hand part for your own car (that's when you need more money) - actually I was re-searching on how to dismantle a car same as mine so I know how to do mine without damaging it, but one day I'll walk out with an engine with only half the mileage as mine - wish I had seen a Mazda ECU, mine has a memory fault and my software can't clear it.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Great Weekend

So I'm wearing last nights clothes (stockings, mid length skirt, white body suit).
Last night I invited wife out for dinner, even though neither of us was really hungry, but she felt she would be judged so we stayed home and had TV dinners instead once I was changed to pyjamas.
It was still a lovely child free night.

This morning I left the house at 7.30am. My car is parked about 10 meters from the front door so any neighbor who was by chance looking, would have seen a lovely classy lady leaving the house. They are good neighbors and I will probably be seeing them at the street BBQ this summer.

Yesterday I did my duty and voted in our elections, cut down and installed slat blinds (behind me in the photo), modified Roman blinds with spare parts from the slat blinds, so now for the first time in 7 years, they are useable and I can have privacy from the road at night, not that I care. I also cleaned out the garage and refitted some internal wall panels in my car. When I returned back inside, wife had re-arranged the furniture and lamps, the house looked amazing.

Back to today, McDonalds coffee, soccer/basketball parents & kids, one Grid Iron boy with his dad and a few elderly. It was nice seeing the mums & dads with sports kids, I so enjoyed those days of waking early and spending time with my girls. After that I was in KMart for about an hour trying on clothes and some nice purple sports shoes that I may yet return for.

Sylvia Park shopping center beckons with it's free WIFI to write up this little outing over another coffee and a brownie for breakfast. Columbus coffee is nearly always full at this time, and today is no exception, and a special thanks to all those ladies wearing Nike dry-fit pants and others wearing skin tight jeans with boots to the mall. The woman next to me is eating our favorite breakfast, I wonder if she is in to sharing?

I did thank the lovely people who took photos of me shopping, they are so lovely.

For me being dressed nicely, feeling good and with the cold bug (man-flu) all but gone, it makes this outing so much better than last weeks. I know all the shops in this mall, and all the clothes on the racks, so nothing new to see or try on, but might go for a walk just because I give myself permission.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Weekend with girl Flu

So wifes work associate has the cold on Monday, but work pressure meant she had to go in, Wednesday wife has the cold (has day off) and so by Friday I was suffering badly. Saturday my nose was pretending to be a water tap with a faulty washer. Luckily wife got me some "Lem-Sip" Saturday which helped me sleep and I woke up 8am Sunday in a semi-healed situation.

Wife had a long night, watching the Springbok being beaten by the All Blacks, followed by the usual weekend early morning pick up of the partying teens, so her wake up is normally about 10.30am.

With the hours different between our wake ups, I decided to go out for a quick coffee and try on some very shiny leggings at Supre ( very nice look and feel but the shiny clothes makes me look like I have no hips or bum, which I don't, but not a fact I want to highlight ).
I was wearing miss 16, Nike dry-fit tights. Lets just say the lads were as snug as a bug in a rug, and the compression fit allowed me some bum shape. I also decided on my new jumper and a jacket.

I know the photo of my outing is crap at the best, with my 10 minute makeup session, my runny nose, and not having much time to compose, but some days I just don't really want my photo taken - so I did anyway just for you :)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Little outing to keep Herself happy this fathers day

Awake, restless yet tired.
Knowing without girl time, I will get grumpy on this fathers day.
So it's 8am out for a coffee - just long enough to keep herself happy
Then back home to snuggle the wife till 10, in our warm bed.

On a side issue, finally finished laying the 315kg tile kitchen floor, with help from the physio who fixed my back afterwards.

Fathers Day, had a lovely beach picnic with the whole family, and got presented 2 CD's, pyjamas, and ... 
pretty floral leggings that I can't wait to show you.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Life is unfair - sometimes

So the day starts out as normal as it can for me, waking at 5am excited about a day to play dress up.
See through black lace top, black micro mini, fishnets, feeling like the sluttiest girl at any night club, hoping I had the "just danced through the night" look going on.

Sun starts over the horizon, but what to do...?

I've always wanted to do the crowded church thing - really fun idea, okay a quick change in to something granny conservative (& fishnets), and I'm looking the sweet, not quite innocent church lady. It's actually a nice classy look inspired by the movie Mr & Mrs Smith - you know the scene.
But I'm now in a hurry as the car needs gas, and I need coffee before church, $20 of gas, quick run in to McD for a take away coffee then off to church.
Sitting in my car, drinking the last of my coffee at 15 minutes to 8am, watching all the old dears carefully negotiate the stairs to the church door when I was struck with an odd sense of compassion and the question arises from no where.
Do I want to destroy these poor elderly people perception of their normal life?
I watch more elderly, held up by supportive members of their families, zimmer frames and walking sticks.
My heart was not in to it, I did not want to change their view of reality.

So went back home and made wife breakfast in bed, and smiled when she complimented me on my new darker wig and classy look, just before she sent me back in to the kitchen to finish tiling the floor.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Botanic Gardens outing with Josie

7.30am sitting at McDonalds with a coffee.
Thanks to a back injury, which has reduced my sleeping time by half due to the pain, loving wife has gifted me her support garment which supports my back nicely and gives an amazing "tuck" and lifts my bum. The also make me walk funny, lifting each bum cheek as I stroll.
So sitting here at McDonalds in tight shiny sports leggings and a tight top leaving my bum and front on display along with any other figure flaws.

I've also noted, that automotive paint thinners destroy nail polish, I suppose I should have replaced the nail polish after spray painting a couple of panels on my car.
I'm waiting for K Mart to open just the other side of the car park, so I can buy some sports shoes for under $20.
Actually it's quite nice relaxing here, feeling like I could be "Sporty Spice" for those that know a little about 80's British music

Okay, I really want some nice sports shoes for walking around the gardens with Josie, it's not a trek that has any real fun content when wearing heels. I do have flats if I can't find any nice colored shoes - ideally black with pink stripping would be way cool.

No sports shoes today, so it's of to Botanic Gardens with Josie and I'll just have to keep wearing my flats. Had a nice coffee & cake there, followed by a 2 km walk around the gardens.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Daughter and I shopping day

Off work today, with a sore right hand rib area little sleep last night, tomorrow being a pressure day, thought it best to rest and recoup some sleep while I could.
Miss 16 was also off, okay - she actually has a medical certificate so no surprises there.

Around 11.30am I woke and after getting changed in to something pretty (corset doing an amazing job of supporting my sore ribs), putting on makeup etc, it was 12.30.

I decided since Miss 16 also needed food, to invite her out to lunch (thinking lunch & a glass of wine). After a quick consultation with her, I changed to a more conservative style - being lacy blue top, mini skirt over black tights, flats, over coat, after which she kindly added her scarf to add colour and keep me warm.

First stop is for her favourite food - curry veg pie, and a tin of V, at Hollywood bakery, Manukau.

While there, showing her my rings, she decided she would like to see some from the same shop I bought mine, so off to Hunters Corner shopping centre. A nice chap complimented me on my looks - daughter though him sweet and we made small talk while in the shop looking at rings.

Miss 16 found a Unicorn Onesies she would like, with cute horn & tail, but otherwise nothing really for either of us. We did see some wigs, and she advised how much lighter my hair could go, and how much it couldn't, unless I wanted to go crazy.

We eventually ended up back at Manukau Shops looking at all the clothes, she tried on a few things as did I.

We came home with a lovely low cut dress for her, designed to wear braless as the cut was to navel, but she had me stitch it up to just above her bra line once we got home. She looked stunning braless and says if she was in New York, it wouldn't be an issue, but here, well.... we are more conservative with fashion styles.

As for me, I just had a lovely girls outing with my daughter.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday morning casual coffee

Woke early, stayed in bed on this wet morning as long as possible, but couldn't sleep. Eventually at 7.30 I got up, dressed and put on foundation, mascara, lipstick and daring the neighbours, strolled out to my car. At 8.30am, and needing the ladies room, I visited a shopping mall and the cleaner advised me to be careful as she had just wet mopped the floor in the ladies. Afterwards I visited Mitre 10 for an early coffee and check out their flooring products (I have to tile the kitchen floor and need a few resins first). Visited ladies room again to check my lipstick etc, again running in to another cleaner while there -I'm sure she has seen ladies fixing their makeup before.
9.30 and now time to meet with Josie for our semi-regular chat, not a brunch today as we are both to busy, but it's good to relax and catch up with events in her life.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Finally back

Mud, mud & more mud, normally I wouldn't mind, but it was just so wet and cold. At least Italy was nice and dry although visiting homes can be a bit of a pain when you can't speak the lingo

Back home, and once again I find one of the cars need a Warrant of Fitness again, but first a coffee stop at McDonalds to write a few entries in my diary, then a quick shop at KMart before finally getting to the WOF station

Love my new Floral Jeggings

Also visited Bunnings as wife always loves a home reno deal (that's why I now own 330Kg of kitchen floor tiles that I didn't really want).

Sunday, and a nice catch up with Josie at our favorite coffee shop for brunch. I must thank wife for my new boots.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Bummer....... well, kind of

Sorry girls, I'm away for a month.
A Queenstown project has come up, which means 2-3 weeks in a hotel with the rest of the mud crew, that's the bummer side - zero Rachel time.

On the plus side, the owner is sending me to his house in Italy for a week to "get a feel" of his place first, and I'm allowed to take my ski gear to Queenstown (I forgot about that bit - double lucky).

Hopefully we can catch up late July early August

Saturday, June 14, 2014

At last, a 1/2 day for myself

Wife had a 6am wakeup to study for a 2pm exam.
By 7.30am I'm up and by 8 out the door - first stop, you guessed it McDonalds Café for a morning coffee, but gave my good neighbours a good morning wave as I left the house nicely dressed, got a pleasant wave back as always

Soon after it was a visit to the Auckland Art Gallery, spoke to quite a few of the staff there, they have some art students who help out in the galleries, and some are quite cute.

TODAY is a great day

Afterwards it was time to visit the Auckland Museum to see what was new, found a natural photography display with lots of award winning images, fell in love with one showing the Northern lights over a glacial pond with stars in the background and reflected in the pond.

I took a few photos for you on this winters day.

and also in the gardens there.

Just wanted an excuse to show of my new pink bra

                    This is true freedom

Oh yes, the party was great and the beard played it's part and disappeared quicker than my hang over. Aspirin the next day was my best friend but it did mean a delay before I could give blood at my local blood bank.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Beard yuk !!!!

So my daughters 21st is a themed party
The character I've chosen has a beard.
Not that I'm OTT, okay I am, but already can't wait to shave this furry beast off my chin.
No girl time until the 8th June for me :(

Hope you girls have it better than me until then.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Happy with new Hot Pink Bra

Just browsing the bra and undie shop when I noticed a 2 for 1 deal on push up bras.
While I have size 14 bras in black, white and beige, I don't have any hot pink.
The shop didn't have any size 14, and when I mentioned it was for me, the girl suggested I try on a 12 (I was in work shirt, cargo pants and steel toe capped boots). Okay, so a 12 left me with bra bumps where I didn't want bumps. I got home later and asked Miss 16 what size she was and which colour she prefers so she could get the 2nd bra.
I found another  outlet which had size 14, so I grabbed the hot pink for me and a hot pink for Miss 16. I also got inserts while there.
Getting home, I gave Miss 16 her bra and tried on mine with various tops, only to realize the inserts kept moving all over every time I moved my arms.
Miss 15 was feeling left out on my purchases, so I gave the inserts to her and she glowed at the thought of having bigger breasts.

While chatting to the girls, I learned the fashion with tights (leggings for you US girls) here currently is to have either a long top (never skirts) or alternatively show of your "vage". Shame really I like my micro mini skirts.

My outing for Thursday night to a restaurant and grocery shop on the way home, included me doing a super-tuck in the smallest, tightest girls undies I own so I can show off my "vage".
After dressing and a 15 minute makeup (my longest to date), I checked with wife and girls, the girls suggested darkening my eyebrows with eye shadow, not pencil, which I thought gave me a mono-brow (you decide). A big thank you to Miss 16, it's her top I'm wearing. I'm also wearing Avon makeup purchased from her, however probably for the last time as it leaves me looking "grey". Maybe they have a browner foundation & powder.
I took wifes car, had dinner, got some groceries, then while fully dressed and my clip on ear rings hurting, sat and watch "Inception" with wife and daughters.

All in all a good night.

Now some photos just for you
And hopefully next time I'll have a lace top to really show off :)

Coffee Club restaurant

New World supermarket

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hell weekend, ended with major PMS

So, Saturday, umm, Miss 16 school prom night.
Quick, run here buy that, then over there to buy this, race to hair stylist, race to makeup, attend pre-ball gathering, pick up at midnight, take to after prom party. So Saturday finished at about 3am Sunday.
I awaken 4 hours later, check photos of prom and found my new camera wasn't focusing and only 1 shot in 20 was acceptable, so back to the shop at 9am.
10 am dismantle new sports camera and try to located a new battery for it  - my only hours dressed pretty in pink top black bra and black sports leggings, made brunch for the late sleepers while still in girl mode.
Miss 20 is having her 21st in a few weeks, so it's back in to men's clothing, and out to buy brazier and patio heaters and check out marquees. Also completed the clothes washing for the week.

Anyway, while out doing my 3rd to last chore while wife was making a late dinner, got home to find she was out driving daughters friends home instead of making dinner for 4 hungry people. So where I was expecting a dinner when I got home, instead I got to wait. Had wife gone to do the heavy lifting chore, I would have told daughters friend to get her parents for once in the last 24 months to actually pick up their daughter, and dinner would have been on schedule.
Anyway, I took my frustrations out on my wonderful, but lazy arsed kids.

I really need some serious girl time !!!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Busy weeks, now overcompensating

Work has been hectic, yet luckily the extra hours I've put in to get the End of Month orders finished have been mostly from home where I can wear what I want. Yet I've been missing the public outings.
I've also been helping my wife with renovations as well as the normal duties with the kids.

It's just a few minutes past dawn, and in a few hours Miss 16 is on a school bus to the Tongariro National Park to do "The Crossing" a 20km hike in snowy conditions over a volcano. I have not, in the recent teen years, known her to walk more than 600 meters to school, so 20km will be something different for her. I always thought I would do the crossing years before her and even now wish I could go with her to look after her, plus I was trained to survive in such areas, but she reckons her "hot" maths teacher will look after her, I'm under the impression lots of girls will be fighting for a position directly behind him so they can watch his bum during the hike.

As East Auckland is a pain on busy days, I stopped at one of my local McDonalds, but found at 6.30am instead of the usual elderly, a whole lot of young males with high performance cars, and a couple of others who look like they had just come of the farm. Farm girl was bigger and scarier than farm boy - know who wares the pants in that family, anyway decided to do the extra miles to my regular McDonalds. The coffee girl was already making my order up as I made the trip from the ladies room to the counter. Anyway I digress, being in man land a bit long, this morning finds me in a shear see through top, shiny micro mini, leggings and over the knee slut boots for coffee and a trip to supermarket. While coffee was fine, walking around the supermarket in these boots is not advisable, very surprised I didn't faceplant and these boots will be in the bin before weeks end to ensure I'm not this silly again.

Miss 16 took my camera on the hike, so here I am trying to figure out how to drive the spare camera.

Friday, April 25, 2014

So I finally got a sports camera

and no, it's not a $599 Go Pro, with an additional $200 touch screen back.
It's actually a $150 Evo 1080 HD with a touch screen back, with IR remote, which also does photos and car mode.
So this morning I go out early, for my usual McDonalds Coffee, then muck around a bit until it's time to pick up and a 1 meter extension handle so I can do "selfies".

It's also ANZAC day when we pay tribute to all out war dead. It was good to see the crowds out to remember the sacrifices of our fallen, and those that served our country in combat.

Again for my second outing with daughters Avon make up - which is to light, but I still had fun, just wish I could photo shop the movie to make me look younger and prettier, like the girl I sat next to for my cup of tea, who had a shear blue shirt showing her pretty black bra and belly ring (between you and me, I really liked the way her black bra curved down her breasts and stopped a tanned & toned mid rift - not that I was paying much attention while trying to read the news paper)

Appologies for the video compression, not sure what the blog site did to the file.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Post birthday brunch

It's been a long couple of weeks and my lovely wife got me the red winter coat I've always wanted from Glassons and while it looked nice on me in male mode, it didn't sit so well once I had some lady lumps plus it was far to hot for New Zealand Autumn weather. I returned it and have now allocated the funds to the second item on my wish list - a 1080HD sports action camera (yet to purchase).

Last week I did manage to buy a nice pair of $10 leggings (black and white Aztec pattern) and have been wearing them at home most evenings.
Good Friday started as a hot day, so I put on my favourite summer dress and did the house work. I also tried bouncing Miss 14 out of bed at 10.30am as the washing machine kind of woke her and I felt like annoying her (just because it was my turn to annoy her at last). Being a teen, she grumbled and fell back to sleep.
Saturday morning, and with Miss 16's supply of Avon make up, I actually used Primer, Foundation and a Powder. It took about 30 minutes to get ready as opposed to my usual 10 minutes and then I was ready for McDonalds coffee.

At 9am I meet up with Josie for a lovely breakfast at Syliva Park Shopping Centre, but before it arrived from the kitchen, a large gathering had started near us. I mentioned to Josie we should perhaps move up a table to allow the group more room, some of the group noticed and thanked us and after a brief conversation were singing "Happy Birthday" to me - I would have turned a few shades red had it not been for all the make up on :)

After breakfast we did a little clothes shopping where we both tried on a few outfits. The mall is quite long as are Josie's strides, so I felt like I had jogged a mile by the time we got back to our cars. I was having so much fun and had hardly noticed how busy the mall had gotten during our shop, so hopefully we got away before either of us were recognised.

Sorry about the image, had to push the exposure through a photo editor due to lots of back lighting

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Quick coffee

A couple of weeks in man time, and it's driving me mad.
Plus I've had a cold that long and while I've been meaning to have a day off work to help recoup, work has just been to busy. Today was also busy but with only 4 hours sleep, lots of driving followed by nose dripping on clients was low on my to do list, so instead, today turned in to a sleepy day with an hour out to get a coffee (and quick trip to groccery store). The school kids, had a 1/2 day today, I found out when one of the boyfriends arrived just after getting my make up off.

The weather has been fab these last 2 weeks, with Sunday, on combat fields, full camo, shooting the heck out of anybody in range of my airsoft gun, being like in desert heat. Bloody insane fun and brought back memories of my military days
Wednesday and still full of cold.
I was hoping to go to the mall to buy a red coat for my birthday, but seeing all the young males loitering around the mall entrance, I decided to just go to the grocery shop and have a relaxing coffee before heading home for another sleep.
Thanks, now if you could just move out of the phot..... to late

Okay, she's gone, now for that photo

Monday, March 17, 2014

Finally made it out

Thought I would go mad just dressing at home on a few occasions, but good old St Patrick came through for me.
And what better way to celebrate than having a wee dram at a bar in Mt Wellington called "The Flying Moa" at 7pm.

Wife first had me do a bit of groceries, that was boring as I didn't get chance to interact with anyone, but the pub was good, just wish I had Josie or wife for company.
Of course I was wearing green - but also need it thin enough to show my black bra. I'm not keen on this top, so it's normally a "at home" top.

The guys at the bar were like "what the hell?" but said nothing and I just smiled
The women at the tables were all giving me big smiles, I wish I could have joined them.
After my drink, I need to visit the ladies room, weaving in and out amongst all the tables, a pretty blond woman stood (6ft 2 in heels to my 5ft 11) and motored her way to the ladies, just beating me. After she entered, she held the door open for me and smiled.

The last few weeks have been busy at home, painting rooms, entertaining guests and last weekend was a cyclone, but not as serious as they predicted, winds were at dial up speed and the rain was just enough to fill a footbath - sorry for the rest of the country who got hit harder. Still I didn't want to go out and get my wig all messed up.

Highlights of last 2 weeks: Taking Miss 16 shopping for a ball gown and seeing her in it,
Lowlight: paying for above mentioned ball gown.

Highlight: going to gym with wife and Miss 21
Lowlight: hurt my pecs while wife built muscles that knotted, creating days of pain and sleepless nights for both of us..

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

No outings, just home dressing this week

Homestays have gone back to Korea, so for the first time in 2 months, wife and I get a weekend to our selves.
Saturday my wife took me to see a home renovation display in Parnell, and I took her for lunch and a wine (beer for me) afterwards. The rest of the weekends we had friends popping in and out and apart from a couple of "lifts" we were more or less childless for the weekend (first time in living memory).
I did get to do some panel beating on one friends car.
Friends girlfriend opened my laptop - to "crossdressers.com" with me logged in.
Also did a few hours renovation on the house - at wife suggestion
Been an excellent Husband & Wife weekend

Needing some sort of girl time, at 5pm Monday I put on my new pink t-shirt and blue mini skirt and spent the evening with wife and 3 kids. Wife mentioned how the neighbours can see in to out kitchen, dinning and living areas, so I told her if I saw them, I'd wave Hi to them - she agreed I was totally mad.

Miss 11 finally brought my camera back from her mums, so hopefully some photos if I get out on Sunday.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

What a start to the day

So I'm at an age where I need to go to the toilet 3 times a night, I'm sure the beers last night probably didn't help.. I also thought $35 worth of cocktails would help the wife to sleep, but she woke every time people walked past and when the car did a burnout down the road.

Anyway, 6am and when Miss 16 went to her friends to get ready for a party last night, she mentioned she was taking her makeup, forgot to mention "also quite a few of Rachels makeup".
My foundation is safe from her, and I found a mascara under the bed - so it's enough for me (my lipstick is safe in my handbag).

7.30am was coffee time at McDonalds, an attractive older woman walks in with family, I say attractive as she was wearing a tight red shoe string top over a large chest, looked like my sporty top, and sports leggings, I also have a pair. So basically she was wearing my "plan B" outfit and looking hot in it.
Unfortunately I was wearing a nice dark red top, and after taking a photo of me, realized how muscly  my arms look.
Still, the shops were starting to open.

Mitre 10, and time to check out some hardware for my R&D project, it's amazing how a $2 part can be used as a $150 part the alternative rig uses.

8.30am and time for a cup of tea and read of the newspaper at Syliva Park shopping complex. I had to take my muscly looking arms in to the ladies toilet once the shops opened before doing some serious window shopping -

Tried on 12 different outfits at different clothing shops, fell in love with 2.
One was a electric blue dress ($40), fitted like a glove to every curve and bump.
Dress number 2 was a $30 leopard print shoe string dress with ruffled hip - with my D cup forms this looked absolutely fabulous and while I strutted around the change area big mirror, while other people were  waiting, I walked out of the shop without spending a cent.

I really, really want that leopard dress -hopefully it will still be there next pay day.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Summer fun

Left home 6.30am early, before the Korean homestays wake up.
Decided to leave fully dressed to my car parked out the front of the house.
Felt lazy and 1/2 asleep, so a quick layer of foundation, a flick of mascara, and a lick of lipstick.
Bra, g-string, dress and I'm on my way

7am coffee at my ususal McDonalds, father and blond teen daughter customer are Sunday breakfast regulars.

8am sees me in Auckland city, checking out the boats. While I don't mind rich boat owners, I'm slightly impressed they would need a helicopter as well.

9am and I'm at Mission Bay, one of Auckland most popular "to be seen at" beaches and enjoyed the views as 2 attractive young ladies did yoga and a few others were in bikinis just finishing a swim.
Fountain, volcano, even a lighthouse all in one photo

It's not long, before I need another coffee, read the news paper, discover our gay / transgender festival is starting next week and runs until the end of Feb. - I'm not really in to that sort of stuff, but wife wants to see the big parade.
I might have outed myself, as about 200 people including spectators gathered for the start of a swimming race. I had quite a lot of nice people smiling at me.
Now if only I had my daughters camera, all these photos would be a lot better