Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tuesday 29th Dec

Holidays are fun, especially if you need girl time.
Unfortunately wife has decorating plan, and I put my back out again, this time installing a tile splashback in the kitchen which involved lots of leaning over the counter.

So this morning I went for a swim (back is much better now thanks) followed by a sauna.
So I'm in the sauna, wearing my one piece swim suit with breast forms, chatting to a pretty woman with a hot bod, we spoke about our christmas activities, and she mentioned her twin daughters.
Thinking of twin daughters, I've had a few in my house for various parties and now I'm trying to picture this pretty bikini bod in a formal setting and what her daughters might look like, I think I may have been to her house (in male mode) for a pre-ball party - this is now way to close to home especially as I don't have wig or make up on.

After leaving the Rec Center, now properly dressed, and with foundation running of my red and sweaty face, I do a few other chores, like visiting a Countdown Supermarket for bread, milk and a few other things.
I also visit the post shop dispatch center for a special, registered mail pick up.
So I'm trying to look pretty amongst 20 workers in the mail sorting area and I have to pull out my drivers license in order to sign for the parcel.

As it was a early swim and I was in a hurry, I had forgotten to pack boys clothes for the return home, and also underware.
This meant 2 things, I had to sit like a lady while relaxing at the coffee shop, waiting for a sleep over visitor to leave the house so I could go home in girl mode.

I really should have planned the morning better, but sometimes it's just to hard to be bothered with the fussy stuff.

I hope you had a great Christmas and have a massive party planned for New Years eve.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Post Christmas Roast

No, not Christmas, or food, just bloody hot here (we call 27 C or 80f with 65% humidity - hot)
especially when it stays high until 1 am before we can sleep.
It probably wouldn't be so bad if my brain didn't slip out of sleep mode before the sun rose at 6 am.
So with barely 5 hours of crappy sleep, I made it out for a morning coffee in my favorite skater skirt.

I remember shopping with Josie about 2 years ago, tried on the skirt, checked it out in the common area mirror next to Josie and the sales assistant, got so excited, I did a twirl and flashed them both my pink g-string undies. The look on their faces was priceless

I digress, so this morning at 7 am I had my first coffee at my usual McDonalds and read the newspaper (on the table behind me). But by 8 am I was both tired & bored so headed home and into my workshop to tweak part of my daughters car that was held with duck tape but now properly screwed together, thanks to some fancy resins and some common screws that I modified in to
self-tapping, for the job.

11 am I visited Josie, in the convertible, which was way to hot without the roof on.
We shared a pizza meal while I also enjoyed a cool refreshing glass of wine.
Funny how when us girls get together, we can chat for hours, and again - that was only 1 glass of wine.

While Josie knew she had a fence to paint when she got home, I was surprised to find my wife and daughter waiting for me to hang lots of new wall pictures and mirrors from their shopping spree while I was out.
The joys of letting women run free with bank cards, but why couldn't they buy something that didn't need me to spend 3 hours to buy and fit off special wall mounts - why couldn't they just be happy with a lunch, like us?

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas

I hope your having a great day. 
Mine started of as fun, pottering around the kitchen making trifle and other sweets.
However it soon turned to custard as we are expecting guests around lunch time, so after wife took this photo, it was time to change modes, vaccum kitchen, make beds, clean bathroom etc, etc, etc.

Daughters got me a new hand bag, but that was not allowed "under the tree", only boy presents are allowed under there for me.

Many times during the year, I get told "Gee you look great, what make up do you use?"
So I though I should finally let out my secrete

Left to right is how I apply my make up

Black Eye Shadow to darken my brows
Powder (for extra special outings only)
Lip Stick

The rest is just natural good living, lots of chocolate cake & coffee

Actually, now I think about it, I don't think I've ever been told I look great. Often been told I look old, often gotten hair dye as a present, but if someone was to ask, this is what my answer would have been :)

I hope all your Christmas wishes come true, even the naughty ones

Lots of Love

Sunday, December 20, 2015

2 weeks of Hell, but finally a chance to relax

Since my last story of driving my daughters car up the length of New Zealand (okay a bit of exaggeration, 1,000 kms and 1,800 kms are not the same), I've been hit by the Christmas rush both at work and at home. I scored some decking timber from the neighbour and finally finished & stained the deck, I still owe him a few beers for that.
The weekend before I was doing touch up re-spraying of daughters new car, it looks like it's fresh from the factory now.
Work has been not only double booking me, but also pushing a lot of overtime and "special" jobs my way.

Sunday (today) has been a partial relax, starting with a bush escape with my youngest girl to do some archery - I would show you my double bulls eye, but she kept putting her face in to the photo to claim it as hers.

I finally managed to get out with my girlfriend Josie, who also has massive work commitments, so I tried to sweeten her outing with an impromptu picnic at the beach (my wife always tells me to NOT do impromptu stuff - she is very wise and one day I may be wise enough to listen to her).
Anyway we both enjoyed the chocolate brownies and chatted for a far to shorter time, watched the funniest launch of a refurb'd 7.6 mtr Pelican boat, a few families having a swim, and relaxed for a bit before the manly commitments of the real world were apon us.

Yesterday I bought these tights from Cotton On Body for $34. They are extremely comfortable, figure hugging (okay I was thinking of trying to impress Josie when I bought them) and they hide legs that haven't been waxed for a couple of weeks. They will be my automatic "go to" pants if I'm not in a skirt or dress and I would recommend them to anyone.
The top is actually green mesh to show my hot pink bra - I mean why have a hot pink bra if your not allowed to show it off.
If you think my hair is crazy, my wife helped me with a pony tail, which I loved playing with and wrapping around me on this windy day.

As I got home I heard miss 18 shout "mum will kill you if she saw you come in like that", which was funny as all my wife said when I left was "check the neighbours aren't looking"

Monday, December 7, 2015

One Girls Road Trip

Background - 16 year old daughter wants to buy a car and asks for my help. 
She likes "labels" like Nike, Top Shop so naturally she looks to buy VW or similar. 
Me, knowing her style showed her some convertibles on our auction site, and 1 was very cheap in Christchurch (1,001 Km's away by road it turns out). 

She flies me down there, I'm in guy mode with the addition of a under wire bra that does not set off the airport scanners, with a carry on bag full of girls clothes at 6 am Saturday morning. 
The car is in excellent nic for a 1998 VW and 1/2 price on anything similar in Auckland. So I give the owner a couple of grand in cash, do the legals, and commence my 4 hour drive up to the ferry at Picton (top of the South Island).

Half way there I find an empty lookout point that looks over Kaikura (a whale watchers heaven). I swap in to my blue skirt and a lovely string top. Daughters texting me for photos of her car with the roof down, so I do just before a couple arrive at the lookout. Unfortunately I didn't want to do make up while being stared at, so I continued my journey north.

I arrived at Picton at 5 pm, as the 6.45 ferry to Wellington was cancelled, my wife booked me on to the 10.45 am Sunday ferry. While I was hoping for a night in Wellington, to slip on my mini skirt and party, instead I booked the night in Picton. I stayed at a fantastic, modern yet not expensive hotel called "Picton Beachcomber Hotel". Carol the owner was a lovely host, so if you want to stay in one of the worlds prettiest towns, I recommend Picton Beachcomber Hotel. I won't show you the picture of me in the pool (I was fine but the lighting was bad), but once I got in, I heard a chap on the balcony above advise his wife how he was about to go for a swim. I didn't want to be joined by a male, so I went back to my unit where the wine I bought during my walk around the town, was waiting for me.
And if you have a 24 hr old blue beard - this is how bad you will look.

Woke early, hacked my chin stubble off, got dressed and to the ferry terminal

Had a good early lunch of egg bacon & beans

Went outside to look at the magnificent scenery of the sounds, and as everyone else outside found out "to freeze our arses off"

I decided to snooze and conserve myself for the long drive ahead, so headed to the lounge suits in the family area. When I woke, I found and attractive German and an attractive Austrian girl sitting next to me, had a lovely chat, but they had their own car to return to Auckland with (so much for picking up attractive hitch hikers - in my dreams and in my past only now). Also chatted to a few others, including a nice Canadian, not that I've ever meet any other kind of Canadian, nope, only nice ones.

Snooze time, curled on the couch

Made it to Auckland very late Sunday, hopefully only 1 speeding ticket, but this is how I was dressed all day and for all of my coffee  and dinner rest stops at cafes up the country.

One girl about 8 years old on the ferry asked her mum "is that a boy or a girl?", I turn to the girl and said "I have a boys body, but a girls brain" 
- I really wish it was that easy, but I suppose it's a little bit towards the truth. It doesn't really matter, I like what I have and wouldn't want to change a thing.

I've really enjoyed this trip, had zero negativity from anyone, maybe raised awareness in others and it was just a fun, crazy way to spend the weekend. 
Okay, need more sleep now, hope you are planning a fun adventure soon


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Busy little weekend, not long enough

Saturday - got base and 3 walls built on my new shed.
It was quite fun doing it in poring rain, soaked in my t-shirt & capri compression tights, just wish my top went see through.

SUNDAY - I so love going out and hanging with Josie.
Today we explored the Auckland Botanic Gardens, the flowers were in full bloom and the new art works were interesting - unfortunately we missed the art tour group as we were having our brunch when they started their walk, so we just walked it and read from the brochure ourselves.
Outside the cafe, a musician was playing a french horn, it was great just chilling out listening to him, watching all the people meandering around on such a lovely sunny day.

On the way home we stopped at our favorite coffee house for another drink after all that walking in the hot sunshine, and I slipped in to the ladies to change to a new summer strappy top that shows of my shoulders.

I got home around 1 pm, did some more work on the shed - wishing I could turn off gravity as I tried to fit the roof beams as somehow they kept on wanting to fall to the ground.

4.30 pm I got pizza for the kids then wife and I went to a friends for a BBQ and some drinks for a few hours.

Needing another non-working day, to finish the shed and relax some more.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

0530 Hrs and I'm already awake

Ever had one of those mornings where......
1) last nights Butter Chicken is trying to burn it's way through your stomach
2) between 3 and 6 am there is a thunder and lightning storm hanging around over your house
3) your dog is scared shitless and whimpering by your pillow for the 3 hours the storm has been raging.

So really, getting up at 0530 hrs is no big thing, and 20 minutes latter I'm dressed, with make up (including eyeliner wings, eye shadow and the whole nine yards) and heading out the door for a 6 am coffee and to read the newspaper.

One thing I do like, is women who dress "slutty", and since your not here to play that role, guess it will just have to be me.
I've no real objection to wearing tight shinny tops and mini skirts, although I would prefer to wear this when we were in quite a private location (quaint restaurant, movie theater, your house etc) but for latter on this morning it just wouldn't be lady like.

And I still got "Sir", don't know why I bother some days.
Half past 7 now, had coffee, read paper twice and getting bored.
Since your not here for me to relax my legs on and chat with, and nothing else is open for another hour or so, I think I will head home, do  my blog and when wife wakes up, give her breakfast in bed and a snuggle.

I would one day like to get up, put my floral dress on and head to church. I vaguely remember the format of the Catholic mass, but friends go there and same applies for the other churches in my area

I'm not really in to church, my grandfather suffered terribly at their hands in the early 1900's with their hell fire & brimstone attitude.
Besides, being a Star Wars fan, I tend to use "The Force" when I want or need a miracle, and there isn't any churches for Jedi wanabes yet.

I'm rambling again aren't I, happens when I get bored, sorry about that and hope your having another great weekend

I have a new garden shed to pick up before noon, big enough to move my workshop in to as well as storage area, going to be way cool having a decent shed, but for now better get wife's coffee ready.


Got the shed parts home, then because the day heated up, I swapped in to a summer black dress with plunging neck and back and went to the local movie house for a 3.30 session of Hunger Games.
Nice reaction from everyone on the way in, sat in between a woman on her own and a mother and daughter (20ish) on my other side, spoke to the daughter briefly.
On the way out several people in the foyer were taken by surprise, and as some looked about the same school age as my girls, I decided to hot foot it out just in case any of them had been to the numerous parties at my house.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Going totally mad, need more girl time

Today, found myself having lunch out of the office, just me, in blue work pants, shear white top, floral bra, blue work jacket and a receding hairline. Lunch was okay, read the newspaper - mostly about Paris, had a walk around the shopping center checking out women's clothes, everyone really cool towards the crazy old man wearing a bra.

Then something unusual happened on a job, that saw me home early (3 pm).

A quick change (foundation & lipstick only), then off to shop at Briscoes for some kitchen utensils. We had to form a single line to the tellers, so I got in about the 20th position, but with 6 tellers on, it only took about 5 minutes to make my purchase.
 - I'm a very happy woman now I have my new kitchen stuff.

Next stop was Pak N Save for some groceries so I can cook up a treat for the family tonight

No this camera doesn't have a selfie pole, just a mini tripod.

By 5 pm I was at my youngest school (minus the wig and make up) to pick her up from sports.
I got home and my 17 year old commented on me "raxing" her look, when really all I did was borrow her top.
Dinner for 5 was lovely, and now it's getting late, but I don't want to change out of these clothes yet.

Anyway, I trust you and your family are well, my prayers and love go out to you, hope we can catch up soon


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Weight Watches

So wife last night RE-joins weight watches, but the re-joining questionnaires asks.....

Have you have swapped genders since your last enrollment?

I got another swim in this morning, 800 meters before my shoulder started playing up. I decided not to wear my wig (or make up) to or from the pools, as it's getting quite hot in Auckland now. So I walked passed all the pretty aerobic girls in my shear green top (black bra & C chest) and shinny black leggings, chatted to a couple of people on the way out, no problems at all.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday 8th, woke with a hang over

5.30 am and my head hurts - it was a good night
Needing a good coffee fix
Feeling slutty, tried my corset, but ate to much last night.
Plan B - lace top.
Lazy on make up - foundation 7 dabs total, mascara & lipstick.
6 am Coffee shop now open.


Yesterday, we got my youngest her first competition Bow and custom arrows, really excited to see how she goes today on the range. Would like to thank "Archery Imports" in West Auckland for setting her up.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Saturdays outing

Lets start by saying, the only underwear I'm wearing is visible through my white see through top, a white push up bra. It does mean I need to walk slowly so my skirt doesn't wiggle to much.
My medical practitioner recommended skirt & no underwear as better for the species, not sure it applies as I'm not intending to reproduce, but he wasn't following his own advise either, still it's nice to be FREE.

Today started at McDonalds, at Botany for a coffee.
They had music TV on and played "I wasn't Expecting that".
I spent the time during the song thinking about my beautiful wife, still asleep in bed.
To be fair I did wake at 6am and cuddled her for one and a half hours before I got up (I hope she remembers). I do dream of a long life with her.

Oh another fashion change for me, I've a pony tail - after years of trying to get it right, it finally did what I wanted this morning.

I had to go to "Pak N Save" as I needed biscuits for the dessert I'm cooking tonight for a group dinner. Tonight's competition theme is Fire Works, so I'm doing a bonfire looking cheese cake.

Meet up with Josie for another lovely brunch at Sylvia Park shopping center. It felt like summer and Josie wore a pretty summery tank top, looking very relaxed, which is the way life should be - relaxed.


Later today, I'm off with my youngest daughter to purchase a bow and some arrows for tomorrows shoot. She is at the stage where she needs her own bow set up for her, instead of hiring the bows (might even find a compound bow for my Christmas present).

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


So I had a great idea, I love wearing my wife's wedding dress - Zombie Bride...it doesn't get any better than that for a cross dresser.

Wife had an idea......A pirate

So we visit Josie for a afternoon tea

And both me and my wife were stunned jealous at Josie and her wife's outfits.

I'm so NOT doing Pirate next year!!! 
(please dearest wife - loves & kisses xxx )

As for the kids in the area, well we only had about 12 visitors, which meant lots of left over lollies (and probably the reason I no longer fit my corset)

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Extended long weekend

What is the point of a public holiday if you can't add a few extra days and have a whole week off.
So in my weeks travels, I find myself in South Auckland. In this area, men are men and have tattoos to prove it.
I did notice my swim bag was in my car, so without any disguise I walked in to the pools at 1 pm as a normal middle aged, seriously balding man with chin stubble, and politely asked if transgendered people are allowed to swim there.
They answered "YES" and after swimming 700 meters until my shoulder popped, I had the lovely staff take a photo just for you. Yes I know I'm crazy, but just relaxing as a girl is so fantastic.
One of the four life guards thought I looked funny and had trouble suppressing a laugh, but I would have laughed also if I saw such a sight

Hair added in the editing suit, to scary otherwise

I also found myself on Waiheke Island - Lonely Planet 5th best destinations in the world. A great day to be myself, checking out the island. As this is quite an "Alternative Lifestyle" area, I decided to go as ME, and again, had to post edit some hair on my head so as not to scare you to much (photos scared me, I thought it was an early Halloween)

Actually I like this edited hair, I must look at finding a similar wig.

Lovely staff at one of the many cafe's took this and again just amazing how much calmer I am for having these "girl times".

It also pays to pace your drinking when visiting the many wineries on the island, hence the need for visiting the cafe's afterwards for some strong coffee.

Life at Home Today:
So wife has me watching her favourite TV program "Sister Wives", where Kody is designing jewellery for his wives, so mine asks me what I would make for her.
I told her 2 cats (yes she is a cat lover), walking in sync next to each other, maybe with tails entwined to represent her and myself in sync and always touching.
She then tells me she would do an eagle for me (the only tattoo I've ever thought of, and only didn't because of my dual personalities). She tells me I'm always soaring and never coming down, not just in terms of "being" Rachel, but also with my parachuting, gliding, scuba diving, home renovations and all my other interests, I just don't have the time or energy or all the other crap you need to be "down" on life.
I think I have the worlds best wife/lover/soulmate/friend

Friday, October 23, 2015

This is the part, where I should hide my face

So I went for a swim again at my local pools.
And at this point I should point out, I don't know a cross dresser who doesn't dream of being a swim suit girl (although I might get a few emails from other girls after this to say otherwise). I think because skin tight lycra is just one of those great fantasies (yes that probably goes for male cyclists as well).
At the age of 7, I probably wore my sister one piece swim suit more than she ever did, but now I'm older and wiser - well maybe not, as I never let anyone see me at the age of 7 wearing it, it was just something one didn't do in those days.

But now.... (you do know there is worse forms of "crazy" than just playing dress up yes?)


I suppose one of the things that annoys me about swimming, and that is I can't wear my wig while doing lengths, or soaking in the spa pool, or relaxing in the sauna.

So that leaves me in a ladies swim suit, with breast forms, no make up and no wig to hide behind.
Which leaves all the other swimmers and gym users seeing the Genetic Male that I reside in.

It's actually quite a good male body, swimming and martial arts helps it stay that way (the male me, would prefer 6 ft 3" and 120 kg muscle machine, but I prefer a slim girls body, so we compromised with this body)

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sorry, forgot to take a photo for you

Thursday I spent 30 minutes having my legs waxed, after shaving them all winter, it turned in to a 45 minute wax that left quite a bit of bruising. It turned in to a good workout for the girl doing the waxing and at least she liked the colour of my toe nails.

Sunday, armed with new eyeliner, eye shadow and lipstick (A present from a friend that arrived yesterday), I headed off to a large retail shop (The Warehouse) to by a pretty new summer dress that will show off my legs. Unfortunately the dress colour was significantly different than in the advertised mailer.
Since I had smooth legs, I was wearing a bandage sized micro mini skirt that just covered my butt cheeks and a low V cut blue lace top

This photo was taken a while ago, today skirt was shorter than this black skirt and today I had a V neck top of a similar colour

I had to visit Mitre 10 hardware again (still doing building work on the home), bought a new door lock, chatted to a few staff about "Approved" vapour barriers for concrete floors.

Then it was Brunch time with my girlfriend Josie, which was real fun
a) because it's always fun with Josie, and
b) I was perched on a bar stool in my micro-mini, bare upper thighs sticking to the wooden stool and happy I had chosen pretty under wear this morning, but like any lady I always had my knees together.

At 11.30 am, wife had me stop off at the large supermarket for supplies, got lovely compliments from a group of staff members around the supervisors till.

At the moment, our weather is being bipolar, it's meant to be warm enough for summer clothes, but it's undecided from hour to hour as to if it should be summer or winter. Today was not the day for bare legs. I can't wait until I can wear my summer dresses again, like this one from last summer....

Where ever you are, whatever your doing, I hope it's fun

Sunday, October 11, 2015

An hour to kill

Plans are afoot this morning, to paint the roof, take daughter to spend her birthday money, do more home alterations etc etc etc.........
But before everyone (including the stranger sleeping on my couch) wake up, there is an hour or 2 for me to just be me.

Hope my see through top isn't to slutty, well maybe a bit slutty would be nice, I mean really, what's the point of having pretty bras if no one gets to see them   :)

The coffee is nice and creamy and I got some time to relax and read my book, so it's a good start to a busy day

Saturday, October 10, 2015

No girl time.....in to much pain

No really...
I'm to old to be removing tin roofs, fitting new roof underlay and then re-fitting the roof without help.
I've located new groups of muscles I didn't even know existed....but I'm okay so long as I don't sleep on my side, back or front or sitting. Wish I was on the international space station, I could sleep standing up.
It's 9 am, and I really need some sleep (as well as paint the roof, stain the deck and 100 other chores on this beautiful spring morning).
I hope your weekend will be more relaxing

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Life is, what we make it

And I like mine with lots of fun
And what better way to start the weekend with getting dressed pretty and going out with a girl friend (Wife has Rugby on the TV, so she is happy, kids have to go to work).

Wife drove me to Josie's house so she could have the car for running the kids to and from work, while I jumped in Josie's car, it was great going in to the city and NOT having to drive

We parked at Sky City and walked across the main street of the city to the Art Gallery for lunch

We then walked across Albert Park, me in my new skinny shiny pants, my favorite boots, and oldest daughters top


I took the umbrella for the rain, that didn't happen while we were outside walking through the busy city. Meet some cool friends of Josie during out walk and chatted for a few minutes.
At 2 pm we were seated at a Lecture by Chris Lintott - a famous TV presenter, on finding "Earth like planets from your sofa"

In the auditorium, Josie decided to do a selfie, sorry about the lighting,

but we were in a hurry and just being a bit crazy.

Afterwards we had to walk back through the busy city.
Saw a really cool fun busker and I hoped to have a bit of fun with him and the crowd, but the "cross now" buzzer sounded and we were pretty much dragged across the road as everyone crossed.

At home now, in male mode, prepping for tonight's dinner, blogging ofcourse while the oven warms up, and think about you and hoping you have a great weekend.


Friday, October 2, 2015

Got to the pools again

With school camp and daylight savings, it's been a couple of weeks since my last swim.
Decided to wear my blue KMart one piece.
The attendant was writing up her sign for the day "be original because a copy isn't worth...." she was still writing as I entered, but made me smile.
Really, I mean how many other genetically male swimmers do you think there were in a womens one piece with breast forms and hairy legs. Hope I can get in for a leg wax today.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Temporary cure

Yes, I've found a temporary cure to cross dressing, it's called....

and that is where I've been all week, in camo (no, not cami underwear), camo as in bush camouflage, playing high in the trees, pools of mud or just hiking for 8 hours and sleeping rough.
It was such fun, I never wanted it to end, and after 3 days back home, I'm only just starting to think about wearing pretty blue sports tights after seeing a young mum in a pair that hugged her amazing behind so beautifully I just wanted what she had.

Don't worry, think I may be back at the pools in girl mode in my one piece soon (after I lose the beard) and I have an exciting day planned for next weekend.

Monday, September 21, 2015

1/2 day in girl mode (Monday)

Started by taking my youngest to the school bus stop while wearing skinny black jeans and light blue tee shirt before returning home for a shave, quick change in to my swimming gear and getting to the pools by 8 am. After a few lengths, sauna with about 12 Asians & 1 New Zealander, spa was the same with the exception a Fiji Indian joining for a relaxing soak.
9 am the lanes were swapped out for aqua aerobics, I left just after as I wanted to get on with another outing
Lots of girls doing aerobics, would love to join them

Left the pools and after a quick change at home, went out again with the excuse to one of my girls of looking for a new dog harness. So I did a basic search of my local shopping center and wasn't overly surprised not to find the harness I wanted so had a coffee and cake instead.

I did return to walk the dog along the beach and chatted to a few other dog walkers.
Middle daughter then organised a 1 pm nail appointment so I had to change back to man mode for that. I even managed to buy her lunch as I don't get out often enough with my girls as a one on one so I take any chance I get before they leave the nest.

We got home at 2.30, and while I told the family I was having a full out girls day, I've now decided to get my work rags on and do more renovating on an 80 year old French door we bought on Saturday

Sunday, September 13, 2015

A great start to the day

Finally got some decent girl time.
It started at 7.30 am, with me having a coffee and reading the newspaper at a local McDonalds

Admittedly the coffee wasn't as creamy as my usual McDonalds, but the staff were still really cool and very nice.
Apart from the clothes & wig, I had like 3 dabs of foundation hiding my stubble, and lipstick.

I worked pretty hard Saturday bringing in half a cubic meter of sand, leveling it and lifting the spa pool in to its new location, so that fairly well justifies a 500 meter swim at the local pools to stretch out my back. Hence the reason for very limited make up. I do love swimming in my one piece and was tempted to not even have breast forms as the material feels so nice on my skin.

All last week I've been seeing the new summer fashion in the shops and was keen to try some on. So I got to Sylvia Park just after 9 am, The next hour I visited quite a few ladies clothes shops (Tempt, Valley Girl and a few others) and tried on about 8 different outfits.
I'm currently loving white tops that show a bit of bra (shear or knitted).

This top was loosely woven, and at closer range shows whats underneath

Just after 10 am, I meet up with Josie for an hour and we had a lovely Turkish Brunch

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sauna but not swimming

Over the last week my arms have been tingly, not quite pins & needles, pretty much 24 hours a day.
Hoping it's a temporary injury and nothing worse.
I've given up swimming for now, but today that didn't stop me from enjoying the public spa pool, and laying down relaxing in the sauna, all sweaty in my tight one piece swim suit, breasts heaving to the sky with every breath and the material taut all the way to where it passes between my legs.
I've never felt so sexy in my life before (nor so close to passing out from heat exhaustion).
It's just one of those things I've wanted to do since I was a young girl, but never had the courage
I doubt anyone was offended as they all still did their time in the sauna, however I still prefer the spa pool as the sauna is to hot, and from the spa I can watch the gym people running on the treadmills or the other swimmers in the lap pool.

I really wish you could join me in the spa and sauna, and you'd be amazed at how nice and soft your skin feels afterwards. We could even get a coffee & cake afterwards at their cafe.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Why must I dress

As you know, wife had me do a bit of work around the house lately.
Saturday included doing a new dig to reposition the spa pool.
Sunday was Fathers Day here, which mean lots of driving and paying out $200 for a family meal, it was nice though.

The point being, without sufficient girl time, I lost my balance and it has been my grumpiest weekend that I've ever known. Unfortunately my wife was the focus of my irritability the whole weekend. 
Late last night I had about 45 minutes girl time, at the shops, tried on 3 bikinis (think I have to stick with one piece swimsuits) and have regained some of my lost calmness.  
So now looking back at the weekend, I can see what a pain in the arse I must have been.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

5 hours of girl time

Wednesday, left the city and went to the island to check on a mid level floor being installed

Love the trip, even took my bikini, but ended up spending the whole day on the build.

SUNDAY - Girl Time
Sitting at McDonalds Cafe, bad night, sore muscles from fence building kept me awake most of the morning. I decided to get up at my normal Monday-Friday work time and have a 7 am coffee. 
Wanted to be the slut, but chickened out in the car park - removed my fishnets and heels, but couldn't change the wet look skater skirt or blue lace top & pink bra.

Just before I hopped out of my car, a dad with young kids walked in, and the shop was full of attractive middle aged couples, the type who look like they have a reasonable amount of money and the type that make up my client base.

I have an hour before I can go to the pools, shop WiFi not working and the Asian chap opposite has just taken the shops both national newpapers that are free for customers to read. I've just asked him if I may read the one he isn't reading, but he is adamant he should keep them both for now.

8 am and at the pools, only 14 lengths, enough to work out the pains from heavy work, soak in the spa and nearly passing out in the sauna before resting on the side of the spa again to cool down. Lots of mums & dads turning up as kids start their swim school, a few parents just doing their own thing, only one person, a female, walked past and gave me a look of disgust, as if I'm mad - but I've never really been sane like them and never want to be.

9.30 am and a meet up with Josie for brunch and a lovely chat that is never long enough. While there I helped a bird trapped in the cafe out and chatted briefly with a mum with a sick little girl, so cute and wishing I could take her sickness away.

11 am and I'm trying to remove the broken headlight out of my wife's car, a gentleman asked if I needed help as I was having trouble under the bonnet, eventually, after a long time under there, my hair blocking my inspection, I got the faulty bulb out without breaking my nails and a replacement fitted soon after.

12 pm, got home in male mode and finished constructing the fence wife asked me to build.