Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, December 30, 2012

On Sanity - it's over rated

Sitting here at McDonalds, felling a bit showy, must thank my lovely wife for the loan of her skirt, the corset is mine although it leave me flat chested. 2 young women (18 ish) opposite are heavily involved with Trademe and the contents of the national news paper has a full page article about how "Hellish" it is to live on Franklin Rd in December, it's known for it's massive Christmas lights display.


As the morning progresses, I've changed to more regular street wear and bigger boobs. I'm slightly concerned my tights are see through yet I doubt that it's that important compared to the issues of living on Franklin Rd, or that my tea is having trouble brewing in the pot


Yesterday I washed most of my home and got a lovely sun tan, today I was planning to paint all the bad spots but a day of rain has settled in. McDonalds getting busy so I must move on before being recognised, but first a visit to the ladies room.

I ended you having to throw our bread out for the birds this morning due to mold starting to grow so I ended up having to get another loaf from New World supermarket for breakfast. Although the kids will be asleep for a few more hours I decided why not while I'm dressed up (no point dressing up if no one sees you).

Mitre 10 hardware store for a visit to the paint department to find out which shade of white my house has currently and it will be time for another coffee. I'm glad my top has dried out a bit, as it goes see-through in the rain, especially if one accidently stands under a section of roof where a bit of run off is ocuring

Monday, December 24, 2012

24 Dec Shopping rush

Sylvia Park starting to pack out just after 9am.
I had my morning coffee at 8am at Columbus, went red & white to show my Christmas spirit
Christmas mode

Then I was in shopping mode (actually only tasked with getting miss 15 a new skirt from Supre).
I tried on about 5 outfits, loved the long blue dress, that miss 15 calls "Old Fashioned".
The skirt I got for her / us is the same as miss 13 has and has been nicknamed "The flashing skirt" due to how close it is cut to the undie line - sorry no photos of that skirt yet.
Fab blue dress that I should have bought

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Auckland warming up to a lovely summer

Dawn started quickly with a lovely warm start to the day.
I wanted a black clothing day, as it's the only thing I have to match my 14 year old daughters skirt and also wanted to show of my black bra through a thin mesh top.
OK, I also took photos of me without the mesh top, but that's for my secret collection, and besides, my bra looks just like a bikini anyway

Such a day for me should start near a beach which I love and a double bonus when attractive young women in Lycra pants jog along the water front. While half of me would like a bum like theirs, the other half would like to enjoy such visions of lovelyness

Mission Bay area

Yesterday, I found a nice dress in the Salvation Army Op shop, and while my wife wouldn't let me try it on, she did buy it for me ($3).
During last nights dress rehearsal, she advised me to wear my little white cardie. I'm unsure what my daughters thought of it, one was to busy crying as her hair turned out to dark after we dyed it, the other was to busy straightening her hair and staring in to the mirror (mirrors tend to make me check myself out for make up errors etc, probably a girl thing).                                 
The dress is a little bit hard to squeeze into being a size 10, but after a while, I didn't want to take it off, I was so in to the girl zone and wanted everyone to see me and say hi.
While my family slept in, I needed to show off at my favorite Mcdonalds and pick up some groceries for lunch etc for the kids.                     

First coffee 8.30am at McDonalds

Groceries from New World Supermarket


I also needed to check with the hardware shop as one of my kitchen pantry door hinge has failed. After a long discussion with an assistant, I discovered there were about 8 different hinges. I also checked the bathroom area as I need to do some major works on the shower area

Don't think I'll ever want a plastic shower again

While my morning out had a purpose, I've really enjoyed taking these photos for you and I've been nicely surprised at all the lovely people I've chatted to in these couple of hours.
Auckland really is an excellent place to be in.

It's so relaxing to just have a bit of girl time, a time that most guys can't understand, although at this stage I can't afford to do any more clothes shopping which I love.
Thinking about my wardrobe, I probably have more skirts and tops than any of the girls in this house

Sunday, December 9, 2012

9th Dec

What a busy week, finished re-plumbing water leaks, replacing sections of our outer wall and interior dry wall, re-built steps and today finally finished re-painting affected areas. Hopefully it will be at least another year before the next home maintenance issues.
Sunday morning, managed to get out for a couple of hours, after last weeks tornado, this weekend the weather has been fabulous. I was worried that it I stayed in the sun to long, I would have bra strap marks from a sun tan.
I started at Kmart, bought a pink lipstick, the old one melted in the car and I couldn't be bothered anymore of scraping it out. I then had a breakfast at Columbus Coffee and they were nice enough to enquire about if Josie was going to turn up for coffee.

After breakfast, I went to Mitre 10 for a clothes airier (after miss 13 sat on the old one last week). I ended up being enticed to watch a demo on a lint pickup tool for 20 minutes with a crowd of others, we ended up getting a free knife worth $5. Had I known, I wouldn't have bothered but I was hoping the free gift would be a lint tool or carpet stain remover as my dog doesn't like going to the toilet outside on rainy days, but at least everyone was polite to me.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday 2nd Dec

I would advise the Mayans to update their calender (perhaps add another 3,264 years), and the Christians that Jesus will be busy with his father for a while yet.
With that in mind, Merry Christmas to everyone on this lucky little rock, in the back end of the galaxy, in no particularly special place in the universe.

I'm currently sitting at McDonalds, dressed in my 14 year olds favorite top, wearing my tights (finally got them back off miss 14) and knee high boots. Staff of about 8 and customers about 24.

While I've had coffee, used the ladies toilet, read the paper, had some guy checking me out, no one here has been offended, and I hope that is the same for my paragraph above, because I really do wish EVERYONE a wonderful day - every day.

I tried on a few outfits last night, I wanted to go with a really colourful girlie dress but wife thought it was a bit to "girlie" for me.
Miss 14 looks great in this blue top of hers and my black tights, so I thought I would copy, but with boots. I can't remember it riding up on her, but with my largish boobs, half my abs are on display.
Loving my daughters top

I'm finding myself needing to apologise for the photo quality, to force the flash to operate, I need to block a lot of light, unfortunately blocking the lens, also affects the focus.

Wanting this gazebo
It's nearly 8am and I need some supplies from Mitre 10 to rebuild some steps, replace some outer walling and replace some drywall after 2 water leaks this week. I'm glad I stock spare plumbing parts as both leaks would have needed an urgent plumber at $500 each time. The plumbing for me only cost $24, and rebuilding the walls myself about another $70, (saved at least $1,500) - I love DIY, I also love this gazebo at Mitre 10

new step, just needs a trim

Yesterday, I had a lovely shopping spree with Miss 14. We checked out all the shops at Dress Mart in the hope of finding some nice new underwear and before long it escalated to tops and pants and a lot of disappointment so we headed in to Auckland city and had a fab few hours.
We checked out about 5 clothes shops, she tried on a few outfits at Supre and were exhausted by 1pm, so we stopped for lunch. After Burger King (aka. Hungry Jacks) we eventually stopped at Valley Girl and finally found a lovely top and shorts. Being a 1/2 price sale it only cost me $40 plus lunch. Unfortunately her boyfriend was there with us (luckily, it was still my job to advise on fashion) so I wasn't allowed to try on anything, and when we got home I had to alter her shorts a bit around her slim waist.