Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Busy weekend

Saturday sitting at McDonalds
having a barista coffee, yet feeling down.
Working on Sunday, no sleep in for me

Daughter has my favorite bra, top and my only lip stick.
Run out of foundation so going bare skin,
I mean, what is the point without foundation,
why bother with anything else
Felling very exposed,
like I'm naked or something weird
Understanding now,
why girls don't go out without makeup

Wearing daughters Nike running pants,
my tight white tee
straining against my darkened nipples for all to see
White sports shoes and socks that are only just visible
to the 30 odd customers,
young and old,
coming in for their "Mac fix".


First camera roll, hate it, got no bum :(

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Free day and....

So I crawl out of bed at 7.30, get dressed in skin jeans, bra with C cup forms, white lose off the shoulder top and an under breast stripped corset to make my boobs look bigger. I could so serve beer at an Octoberfest, well look pretty anyway even if I couldn't carry the beer.

By 8am I've made my wife a morning cup of tea and woken her, and all the girls are in our bedroom putting make up on (we have full length mirror and all their makeup on the floor). I'm also adding makeup, and there is a few laughs as I have one or two pieces of makeup that the girls wanted, but not finding them, went for a different - not so good brand.

Wife and girls disappear to dress makers for their prom dress fitting (no such luck for me), so I changed in to something more respectable, with hairy legs hoping no one will notice 2 weeks growth, and went out for a morning coffee.

Well a coffee and a Chocolate Brownie actually.
Do you remember playing in the sand pit at school, and somehow you managed to face plant in the sand and you spent the next 5 minutes spitting out dry sand, well that was how my coffee and cake tasted, like dry sand.

So being very disappointed, bored, and missing my wife, I went back home.
At home, I'm currently working on a novel, actually got the base line story down nicely, now just need another 300 pages of action to add to the story line. I also have a car waiting to be spray painted, which has so far waited 2 years.

The big action tonight, daughters 16th birthday party - she has invited 80 teens over for her party which is BYO. I have to play "The Bouncer" at tonights party, the joys of being a dad.

Our 12 weeks of summer has, thanks to Cyclone Pam, now dropped from 27 degrees down to a moderate 23 degrees, which is a lot more comfortable when wearing a wig. While I enjoyed wearing a sun dress without undies or bra, it was just to hot for wigs or makeup.

2 more weeks and I'll be white water rafting with my family, I wonder if I can get a nice feminine wet suit for the trip?

Hoping you had a great week, and you Northern Hemisphere girls are gearing up for a lovely summer.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

To many chores, but still found an hour

The girls wake up in about 2 hours, but I really need to work my sore shoulder from my injury.
Physio, where I attend in my yoga tights and feminine tee shirt have me doing exercises with a rubber strap, but I really want to know if I can still swim with my injured arm.
So 7.30, while the girls at home slept, I gave it a try

My arm works - kind of.

Luckily my home made breast forms acted as a floatation device as my right arm only had about 30 % of it's normal power, plus the tide was pulling me out. Freestyle swimming was so weak, I wasn't holding my own against he tide, breast stroke had some headway and the least amount of pain.

Made it back to shore, where the early morning joggers and walkers were doing their thing. A little elderly lady gave me a very disapproving look, I smile back.

I had thought the tight wet outfit would look shinier in the photo.
This is where I should have Photo Shopped Angelina Jolie silver wetsuit, guess chances of being that pretty is somewhere around zero?

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Failed outing

Planning was great, a super hot day (again) running in to a super hot evening.
So on with a summer dress, to take in an evening snack and coffee followed by a movie, you guessed it "Fifty Shades of Grey"
Trust Miss 16 to include the rubbish bins as backdrop
Sitting in my car, I didn't really feel like another coffee or food after an excellent dinner wife and I made and soon after realized I didn't even want to see 50 Shades of Grey (Kate Winslet movie comes out next week, looks like a must see chic flick).

So after re-fueling my car... Oh the guy on the till was so cutely nice, I adore being called beautiful, wonder if he normally has to wear glasses? Anyway got home to find wife didn't get some groceries she said she would (excuse is something about not wearing undies after her swim).

So I go out again, lots of teenagers at the shop, and while a couple of young girls my daughters age were ready with their IPhones, I failed to give them a photo op, not something I want at my daughters school.  Finally back home by 9pm to relax and watch TV with the family.