Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Rough night, waking up ever hour, probably the excitement of having what turned in to a 5 hour outing. First on my list was fuel for the car followed by a coffee for me

I also read the paper while at McDonalds, but it wasn't very interesting. After a while I decided to look at photo opportunities, something artful perhaps?

Eventually made it to the Auckland Art Gallery, the new building is fab with lots of interesting displays. I sat overlooking the road from their coffee shop, for $4.50 I would have preferred a better coffee but the ambience's was nice and they had a lot of pretty staff.

Lovely relaxing fun, but sometimes more is better....

So 30 minutes in Supre Queen St to try on a hot PVC dress, looked really nice, molded to my breasts, but it was a bit to hot and I need to get changed back to my clothes to cool down.

Theres always one thing I've wanted to do, girl style......
Sky Tower is a restaurant and it also has 2 observation decks with fabulous views (especially when I'm there). Today was Sky City birthday so they had cheap $15 admission. I must have demonstrated to over 20 kids and a stack of teens that it was OK to jump on the glass floors 220 meters above the ground. I had so much fun with everyone, kids were great, the face painters were very well skilled, adults were great fun - a real blast for me.
Sorry about the photo quality, daughters 3.2M pink camera fits nicely into my handbag

Monday, August 13, 2012

New page added

I've decided to try out a new page of Photos to show more of Auckland, not sure where it will lead.
I'm planning a trip to the Auckland Art Gallery next Sunday, tried on 6 different outfits before deciding what to wear. So hopefully I'll have some photos of me there posted next week assuming wife doesn't change my plans for me. She took me to see Magic Mike at the movies, I wasn't keen on the swearing, rest of the movie was OK.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tool shop visit

During the fence re-build, I broke the drove belt on my planer, serves me right for using the wrong tool, so this morning was a trip out to find a replacement belt. After asking several blokes, no belts were stocked by the large hardware stores. I also check for fence paint while I was there - maybe next weekends job. I also discovered a few extra holes on my hands and fingers so I won't be practicing guitar for a short while

I also needed coffee badly due to a party last night and a hang over, my legs hurt from yesterdays workout on the fence and the high heels didn't help, so my mood was kind of  "who gives a dam".

Due to people liking my black and girls complimenting my lace top, I decided to wear both to McDonalds, Bunnings, Mitre 10, and the grocery shop but feeling under dressed and not very convincingly womanly.
Was getting upset as people were not really focusing on my face, like hello.. I'm up here!    
Still - not like the Olympic rowers last night with their parts obscured by a thin piece of Lycra
The down side of my favorite tights is my bum is to small (not many girls complain about that I bet).

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Movie Night again

Cheap Tuesdays, $8.50 for the movies, found about 50 women and 5 guys lined up for Magic Mike movie, so a quick rest stop in the ladies and a makeup check, then back in the ticket que. I was going to see Batman, but the girl in me wanted to see that Robert Patterson movie, even though the fun girls were going to Magic Mike - I wish now that I had joined them.

I do like the black skirt, and loved the girls checking me out, even had compliments on my lace top which is 15 years old now (no mention of my cool as tights, which are a few days old).

Decided that Wednesday would be more time to show off, so at 9.30pm stopped at a busy McDonalds for a late coffee. I was not really in girl mode, I just wanted to show you  my tights properly. Wife reckons they are to busy and I should stick to plainer dark colours

Got a fun weekend lined up, I've been asked to assist in the office for Saturday morning to finish a project, then will probably spend the afternoon and Sunday rebuilding my fence in the rain after 16 meters of it fell over in the early hours of last Monday. Actually surprised the 6 fot high wooden fence has lasted this long, just wish it has chosen a dryer time of year to fall over.


Saturday fence repairs, now every part of my body is sore.
Just realised I'm not used to actual physical work anymore.