Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Busy little weekend, not long enough

Saturday - got base and 3 walls built on my new shed.
It was quite fun doing it in poring rain, soaked in my t-shirt & capri compression tights, just wish my top went see through.

SUNDAY - I so love going out and hanging with Josie.
Today we explored the Auckland Botanic Gardens, the flowers were in full bloom and the new art works were interesting - unfortunately we missed the art tour group as we were having our brunch when they started their walk, so we just walked it and read from the brochure ourselves.
Outside the cafe, a musician was playing a french horn, it was great just chilling out listening to him, watching all the people meandering around on such a lovely sunny day.

On the way home we stopped at our favorite coffee house for another drink after all that walking in the hot sunshine, and I slipped in to the ladies to change to a new summer strappy top that shows of my shoulders.

I got home around 1 pm, did some more work on the shed - wishing I could turn off gravity as I tried to fit the roof beams as somehow they kept on wanting to fall to the ground.

4.30 pm I got pizza for the kids then wife and I went to a friends for a BBQ and some drinks for a few hours.

Needing another non-working day, to finish the shed and relax some more.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

0530 Hrs and I'm already awake

Ever had one of those mornings where......
1) last nights Butter Chicken is trying to burn it's way through your stomach
2) between 3 and 6 am there is a thunder and lightning storm hanging around over your house
3) your dog is scared shitless and whimpering by your pillow for the 3 hours the storm has been raging.

So really, getting up at 0530 hrs is no big thing, and 20 minutes latter I'm dressed, with make up (including eyeliner wings, eye shadow and the whole nine yards) and heading out the door for a 6 am coffee and to read the newspaper.

One thing I do like, is women who dress "slutty", and since your not here to play that role, guess it will just have to be me.
I've no real objection to wearing tight shinny tops and mini skirts, although I would prefer to wear this when we were in quite a private location (quaint restaurant, movie theater, your house etc) but for latter on this morning it just wouldn't be lady like.

And I still got "Sir", don't know why I bother some days.
Half past 7 now, had coffee, read paper twice and getting bored.
Since your not here for me to relax my legs on and chat with, and nothing else is open for another hour or so, I think I will head home, do  my blog and when wife wakes up, give her breakfast in bed and a snuggle.

I would one day like to get up, put my floral dress on and head to church. I vaguely remember the format of the Catholic mass, but friends go there and same applies for the other churches in my area

I'm not really in to church, my grandfather suffered terribly at their hands in the early 1900's with their hell fire & brimstone attitude.
Besides, being a Star Wars fan, I tend to use "The Force" when I want or need a miracle, and there isn't any churches for Jedi wanabes yet.

I'm rambling again aren't I, happens when I get bored, sorry about that and hope your having another great weekend

I have a new garden shed to pick up before noon, big enough to move my workshop in to as well as storage area, going to be way cool having a decent shed, but for now better get wife's coffee ready.


Got the shed parts home, then because the day heated up, I swapped in to a summer black dress with plunging neck and back and went to the local movie house for a 3.30 session of Hunger Games.
Nice reaction from everyone on the way in, sat in between a woman on her own and a mother and daughter (20ish) on my other side, spoke to the daughter briefly.
On the way out several people in the foyer were taken by surprise, and as some looked about the same school age as my girls, I decided to hot foot it out just in case any of them had been to the numerous parties at my house.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Going totally mad, need more girl time

Today, found myself having lunch out of the office, just me, in blue work pants, shear white top, floral bra, blue work jacket and a receding hairline. Lunch was okay, read the newspaper - mostly about Paris, had a walk around the shopping center checking out women's clothes, everyone really cool towards the crazy old man wearing a bra.

Then something unusual happened on a job, that saw me home early (3 pm).

A quick change (foundation & lipstick only), then off to shop at Briscoes for some kitchen utensils. We had to form a single line to the tellers, so I got in about the 20th position, but with 6 tellers on, it only took about 5 minutes to make my purchase.
 - I'm a very happy woman now I have my new kitchen stuff.

Next stop was Pak N Save for some groceries so I can cook up a treat for the family tonight

No this camera doesn't have a selfie pole, just a mini tripod.

By 5 pm I was at my youngest school (minus the wig and make up) to pick her up from sports.
I got home and my 17 year old commented on me "raxing" her look, when really all I did was borrow her top.
Dinner for 5 was lovely, and now it's getting late, but I don't want to change out of these clothes yet.

Anyway, I trust you and your family are well, my prayers and love go out to you, hope we can catch up soon


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Weight Watches

So wife last night RE-joins weight watches, but the re-joining questionnaires asks.....

Have you have swapped genders since your last enrollment?

I got another swim in this morning, 800 meters before my shoulder started playing up. I decided not to wear my wig (or make up) to or from the pools, as it's getting quite hot in Auckland now. So I walked passed all the pretty aerobic girls in my shear green top (black bra & C chest) and shinny black leggings, chatted to a couple of people on the way out, no problems at all.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday 8th, woke with a hang over

5.30 am and my head hurts - it was a good night
Needing a good coffee fix
Feeling slutty, tried my corset, but ate to much last night.
Plan B - lace top.
Lazy on make up - foundation 7 dabs total, mascara & lipstick.
6 am Coffee shop now open.


Yesterday, we got my youngest her first competition Bow and custom arrows, really excited to see how she goes today on the range. Would like to thank "Archery Imports" in West Auckland for setting her up.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Saturdays outing

Lets start by saying, the only underwear I'm wearing is visible through my white see through top, a white push up bra. It does mean I need to walk slowly so my skirt doesn't wiggle to much.
My medical practitioner recommended skirt & no underwear as better for the species, not sure it applies as I'm not intending to reproduce, but he wasn't following his own advise either, still it's nice to be FREE.

Today started at McDonalds, at Botany for a coffee.
They had music TV on and played "I wasn't Expecting that".
I spent the time during the song thinking about my beautiful wife, still asleep in bed.
To be fair I did wake at 6am and cuddled her for one and a half hours before I got up (I hope she remembers). I do dream of a long life with her.

Oh another fashion change for me, I've a pony tail - after years of trying to get it right, it finally did what I wanted this morning.

I had to go to "Pak N Save" as I needed biscuits for the dessert I'm cooking tonight for a group dinner. Tonight's competition theme is Fire Works, so I'm doing a bonfire looking cheese cake.

Meet up with Josie for another lovely brunch at Sylvia Park shopping center. It felt like summer and Josie wore a pretty summery tank top, looking very relaxed, which is the way life should be - relaxed.


Later today, I'm off with my youngest daughter to purchase a bow and some arrows for tomorrows shoot. She is at the stage where she needs her own bow set up for her, instead of hiring the bows (might even find a compound bow for my Christmas present).

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


So I had a great idea, I love wearing my wife's wedding dress - Zombie Bride...it doesn't get any better than that for a cross dresser.

Wife had an idea......A pirate

So we visit Josie for a afternoon tea

And both me and my wife were stunned jealous at Josie and her wife's outfits.

I'm so NOT doing Pirate next year!!! 
(please dearest wife - loves & kisses xxx )

As for the kids in the area, well we only had about 12 visitors, which meant lots of left over lollies (and probably the reason I no longer fit my corset)