Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, January 21, 2018


STATUS:  multiple muscle failures (knotted) and busted knee after spending yesterday fitting new floating wooden floor slats.
Attempted remedy - attended gym this morning for cardio and work faulty muscles but all that did was make my purple 3/4 tights, push up bra, sports bra and breast forms sweaty.
Showered and changed into skirt and t-shirt, but still to hot for underwear or make up during my coffee stop.

Spent the next few hours away from the build, doing a father-daughter adventure playing mini-golf with my youngest.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

84 minutes on a Thursday after work

Three S's (military code for Shit, Shower & Shave)
Then I got dressed, drove to the local pub (except for the very attractive barmaid, I was the only female(???), about 10 males hitting the beers, having "Lads" time)
After a glass of wine, I got a few grocery supplies, drove home cleaned up the kitchen while chatting to the kids, then got changed into my builders clothes for more renovation work.

Yes it's a new skirt, wife bought it and it arrived today, thought I would test it for her.

Total time, 84 minutes

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Building work causing injury

A while back (Feb 2015) I fell off a 2 foot stool on to internal steps and busted my shoulder.
I had lots of physio

Well all this hammering, working over my head, painting ceilings & walls etc has re-damaged my shoulder such that at around 4 am, I get pins and needles down my right arm and while some mornings I can get back to sleep, other mornings I just end up staying awake.

So I sneak out of the house as the others won't be awake for some time, especially at weekends.


So far I've tried swimming and some shoulder exercises at the gym to no effect.

This weekend was a 4.30 am wake up, managed to stay in bed for another hour before throwing on my daughters top and skimpy black shorts (stockings to hide my hairy legs) and going for coffee.

Around 7 am I popped in to the grocery shop for supplies as we were having guests around this afternoon.

8 am was the opening time for Mitre 10 hardware - I needed a heated towel rail so I can size and re-enforce my new wall in such a way the rail was screwed in to wood instead of dry wall.

Spent the rest of the morning chatting to wife, helping her gardening, second run on plastering the new bedroom (should have done 3 runs on plastering to get it perfect), primer/sealed paint and 1 coat of colour to the bedroom, then removing my blue nail polish before guests arrived.

Miss 18 borrowed one of my strapless tops yesterday, happily telling wife and I what a great asset she found in my girl draws (she is sleeping in my study while I'm rebuilding her bedroom). I told her I don't own any strapless tops. Tonight in my pile of washing that the wife nicely took to my bedroom was my "strapless top" aka an above the knee tight skirt.
Think I might try it as a top as it did look good on her.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

2018 in with a BANG

Well, actually for me it started with a coffee

The Bang happened around 9.30 am, when I reversed my wifes car into the vacuum facility at the local petrol station.
On the good side - staff will blame some pretty babe in pink top and tights (and not my other me).
I'll get around to fixing it after I've put dry wall on my new bedroom, wife has me doing long days on the renovations.

January 2 was better, coffee without the bang.
Actually I dropped of one of my daughters at the airport, normally I would kiss and cuddle her her goodbye, but I didn't want her to have lipstick on her cheeks - she's very fussy over her make up.
Then I had coffee before going to the viewing spot to watch her plane take off.


With all the building work, my arms and back are starting to suffer, so I've had to take up swimming again - the spa and sauna are also a bonus. I'm amazed at how difficult it is to put on a bra, top and leggings when your skin is damp after a shower - not even going to mention trying to put on foundation just after spending too long in the sauna.

The thing about swimming - it's impossible to look glam at my age no matter how pretty and nice the swimsuit is.

My coffee mornings, normally before my wife wakes up around 9 am, have over these holiday all blurred and I'm unsure how many and which day any of them were on.

OMG - went to Sylvia Park shopping center yesterday (Friday)
I walked up and down the mall so much my feet started hurting where my flats rubbed my little toe.
I tried on soooo many outfits.


With my daughters high waisted pants, I really wanted short tops - I've never had high waisted pants, never even thought about having a pair for myself, but these feel so amazing I just never want to take them off.

Well except to try on other clothes.

I tried on 3 tops at the Warehouse - nothing really to write home about.

ZARRA - I tried a few nice tops but I didn't emotionally connect.

H&M - Amazing dress for $30, looked and felt like $1M, and while it was shoulderless, ironically it was too small for my shoulders - even after I had removed my boobs to reduce my size. Just another 3 inches to zip up and I would have been in. I really need a good cry. Staff were very sympathetic

COTTON ON - 3 more tops, 2 were normal tops and one red one was what I would call a "play" top, one of those things you do for crazy fun (note to self - more work required on abs and reduce beer intake).

MIRROU - 3 more tops, the last top was a fun floral. Don't know why but with the music in the shop, fun floral top, I found myself breaking in to a dance, jiggling my assets, working the room - all in the changing room cubical.
This top was worth all the wig on-wig off changes of the last 2 hours.

Once I got my floral top home, wife liked it so much she wore it the rest of the day and I got to wear my ripped & dirty t-shirt and shorts with a builders belt as an accessory.

Sunday, December 31, 2017


Been a wonderful week weather wise.
So much so that I've had to break out the summer dresses.

Starting the day with a coffee and a beach stroll.

Sunday 31st December - last day of the year.

So I had forewarned my dear wife that Sunday the 31st was going to be a Rachel day.
Well it turned out to be a morning outing.
I was in need to feel the wind blowing through my wig and what better than a boat ride to the city.

Of course I had brunch in the city, helped out some tourists who were looking for the Waiheke ferry (one of our most scenic islands in the harbour, with lots of vine yards, wine tasting tours). Chatted to a young family on the boat ride back home.

Generally, just an amazingly good day out, relaxed to the max until.........
I got home and spent the rest of the day removing a structural wall, re-calc'd the load and prep'd for a new beam to slot in.
Sledge hammers are also fun, but not as much.





Hope you have a great New Year's eve, see you in 2018

Love from Rachel.