Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Oh what a night !!!

Started with me being late home, but within 20 minutes - Rachel was ready (almost)

Racing out the door at 17:05 hrs (5.05 pm).
3 of my daughters were sitting, chatting on the patio (porch), when I stopped mid stride -
"Arrrgh, forgot my nail polish".
"It's not important, just go and enjoy your night" commented one of the girls - so I did.

I picked up Josie and we headed for Sylvia Park shopping center for dinner.
I had a fantastic pulled lamb dish at "Casablanca", while she had the chicken kebab that had mashed potatoes with what looked like a peach sauce. I only know mine was fantastic but hers looked to be equally so.

After dinner and a glass of wine, we meandered over to "Birdie's" for a few drinks while looking forsome photo shots with my cheap phone camera (wishing my DSLR camera was hand bag sized).

We kind of ..... "had a few drinks" over a couple of hours and enjoyed light banter with the staff.
I was really in the mood for dancing, which I just don't ever do in boy mode, but without a dance floor, decided hold up the bar was a better option.
If only every night could be like this.

Eventually reality reclaimed us from this brief respite.
I went home showered, hopped into bed, cuddled up to the most amazing woman in the world and fell into a contented sleep.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Busy morning

Up at 6.30 (mainly because I always am)
Got dressed pretty and at 7.15 left home with one of my daughters.
We stopped at McDonalds, she had breakfast and coffee, while I just had a mocha.


After dropping off my daughter at a business center, I headed in to the city to practice my photography (ie use my ND filters to get some shots below 2 seconds and get used to manual mode).



Switched to my phone after the camera low battery warning, I wanted some relaxed photos of me, just being me, for this blog.


The weather cooled down rapidly so with a quick car change I headed to the mall.


Funnily enough, I wasn't the only one photographing me, I should have told the chap I would be happy posing with his family, that way he wouldn't have to sneak a photo, alternatively he could have just looked at this blog.

I went in to Pagani, one of my favourite women's shop.
The clothes are just too nice and normally out of my budget, but I found this on sale for $50.

Yes I know to you it just looks like a bloke in a dress, but it's the type, colour and material I just felt so happy in, I didn't want to ever take it off.

So I didn't, the staff just lifted my skirt, removed the security tag, I paid and off I went as happy as a fireman with a new truck, or is that as happy as a child in a sweet shop.

An hour later, changed 😢, but with pretty pink fingernails and eyeliner/shadow, I meet up with "The Ex" to discuss how she should attempt to re-build her relationship with our 15 year old daughter (who has recently moved in with me full time).

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Had coffee with gym staff

I'm normally awake early and have coffee out so as not to disturb the family.

This morning with my coffee in hand, I sat next to and chatted to a staff member of my gym, he had just finished his breakfast and only had 20 minutes to chat before he had to open the gym for the early morning fitness freaks.
I had to return home for my gym shoes then I also headed to the gym.

Once I got to the gym, went and got changed in one of the 'Family" cubicles, made the mistake of looking in the mirror before leaving the cubicle and realized my make up just didn't work with the colours of my gym outfit. The look was shocking with my short hair. 
I got back in to my outfit in the photo and got home by 8.30 and hopped into bed to cuddle my wife for a while.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Bathroom looking sharp

Since this photo, I've installed the rain head, shower head, glass walls, vanity and have a fully operational and stunning looking small bathroom. As expected the fan isn't fast enough to stop the steam from passing over the shower wall, so I intend to install a clear plastic "buffer" from the ceiling down to meet the top of the glass in order to confine the steam in the extraction area.

After so much work, figure a girl is allowed out for coffee.
Shop was so busy, my coffee was about the 15th in the queue, so when it was server to me, the girl recognized me and remembered I have it in a proper cup. She offered to change it for me but I told her not to bother as she was extremely busy, funny thing is it worked out great in a take away cup as I had finished reading the paper and it was still boiling hot.

I offered my news paper to the couple behind me and headed out to the supermarket for supplies, after which my take away coffee was the perfect temp.

One the way home, found a petrol station selling 91 for $2.07 per litre, so 1/2 filled the wife's car.
I got home at 9 am still in girl mode, made wife a coffee and headed for the shower.

Other news, following on from last week, my 15 year old daughter has officially left her mum and is living with me full time. While she has been thinking about it for a few years now, it took me 7 years to have the courage to leave.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

4 hours sleep

Don't think I've had such an early coffee in my life, but sometimes it's just hard to sleep and equally hard to be awake.
Mind you, half way through my coffee and the lady behind me started snoring very loud.

 I did managed to stay awake all day but had to have another coffee at Bunnings, our hardware store while picking up some gardening supplies for the wife.

SO why was sleep so hard -
Well my 15 year old daughter decided she doesn't feel safe at her mums house and wants to live at mine full time for a while (until mum has had counselling about her temper). We chatted for about 4 hours up until midnight about a safe exit strategy and after I had 4 hours sleep, I started to stress about how her discussion with her mum would go.

Next few days/weeks are going to be hell as my Ex finds out she has no one to control.
My gut feeling is we will have a stalker watching our house 24/7, although there's a slim chance she might go suicidal, either way will be bad.
Some people just don't like being told to seek professional help and get angry for implying they are mad.