Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Building renovations

Our double garage / laundry refit is progressing nicely.
It was a nice functional area, but needed extra work to become a "habitable space" - ie, bedrooms
In the mean time our laundry is outside on the deck.

Luckily, rather than stressing me, this is the wife's project and she is okay with the progress.

Me, I need girl time to relax, although now it's cool in the night, I end up having a cat and a dog sleeping on me, while I stay awake trying to kick the buggers off me.
So half asleep, I do a few hardware pickups and then had brunch at Columbus Coffee with my girlfriend

Brunch for me was a nice sausage roll and coffee while JJ had pancake breakfast.
During our walk around Sylvia Park shops, we stopped and tried on some stuff at H&M. She bought a new dress for work while I tried on a beautiful blue top. I'm trying to save money for a trip to Australia and had to focus on that.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Long weekend

While I've managed to steal only an hour or two in the mornings for myself, ie coffee out, it's not been a bad weekend.

Sunday, wife and I did a little road trip to Cambridge, but on the way stopped at a closer town called Te Kauwhata. I've seen a few pretty towns in New Zealand and this one only 50 minutes out of Auckland is now in my top 10. It's a quaint little main road within a minutes walk from the rail tracks (god knows why there isn't an Auckland rail service here), with  modern houses tucked away in the little valleys within walking distance to the main shops. Wife also found a new tree to plant at a large garden center on the way to Cambridge.
While it's one of our coldest days in the last 6 months, we still managed to have ice cream once we made it to Cambridge.

Today I have to remove all the internal walls and floor coverings from my bedrooms so that a special waterproof coating can be applied by a licensed tradesman. The council requires certain certification which means my handyman solutions (because I can read instructions, but haven't done the manufactures course) doesn't cut it.


Sunday, May 26, 2019

Back when I was a wee lad......

Well that's a title I would never have picked, but at the age of 12 I was taught how to drive and had prepared a rant (with photos) about people parking on "no parking" lane markings.

I had a great morning start, with coffee.
I wasn't going to borrow my skinny daughters Macpac jacket, but it just squished my boobs the way I like them pressed into me - sorry, it was a bad photo, dark background, dark jacket and bright overhead lighting while using the grainy selfie camera.

After that I checked out the hardware store looking for a plastic storage box.
Grabbed a trolley worth of groceries.
Had more coffee, before having to "man up" for a day of house renovations (clearing 2 bedrooms and lifting the flooring) .

Mitre 10 warehouse bathroom display area.

One the way out, I did see some really nice 18 inch high Star Wars R2D2 garden ornaments on a two for one sale. Only wanted one, recon the wife would absolutely love one in her garden (on mentioning it too her, she muttered something about it being my headstone).

Everybody, was really nice to me (except wife when I mentioned the R2D2 garden ornament, don't understand why she wouldn't want it in her beautiful garden)


Sunday, May 19, 2019

Saving dog

I've been saving for the last 18 weeks, for a trip to see my dad on his 80th birthday at the end of July.

Last week however, my dog got seriously sick and needed an operation (bladder stones which last occurred 30 weeks ago), so goodbye another 17 weeks worth of savings.
Losing so many $,$$$ at this stage is a right pain the purse.

This morning, I really wanted to wear my PVC one piece, but planning on visiting a popular coffee stop, I decided just a shiny top, small mini skirt that just covers my butt, and stockings.


Yes, -  I'm aware the overhead lighting puts a bump in the wrong place and had I had dysphoria, I would be having a serious mental breakdown.

Luckily for me (being gender fluid / dual personalities in co-conscious configuration), I'm very happy, and more importantly, so is the wife, with what's under my skirt.

Back home and wanting more conservative look, I swapped the shiny top for my daughter white jumper. I liked the look with the mini skirt but wife and kids will be up and about so I went for a longer skirt (daughters slippers as my feet are getting cold without stockings on).


Sunday, May 12, 2019

No surprises

Wife and daughter are painting our bedroom - 
I want to be well away from that project as I painted it just 3 years ago while the two "DIY experts" were away (saves me getting ear ache). They had decided for a clean white room back then but last week wife started putting grey test pot patches over the walls.

The wind is running at 90 km/h, with periods of light rain.
Wanting to escape being involved in painting, I decided to visit the Auckland museum as it's been a few years since my last visit and it has an underground car park. Wife asked me to leave and return discretely (aka wig less, but I did have foundation and mascara on as well as wearing my female clothes under my outer layer of men's clothing) and change in the car.

Arriving at the museum, I discovered half of it was shut for renovations - the very same half that's connected to the underground car park. As I stroll around to the main entrance with a 90 km/h breeze on my back, the wind funnels through the door and almost doubles it's speed, but I made it in with my wig still on but probably looking like a dogs back end.

Meandering around the open half of the museum, no one blinked, smiled or even seemed a little surprised at this old cross dresser being out in public. I think maybe the "normals" are getting used to trans or gender fluid people or maybe they have been educated not to make a fuss.

With the museum half closed, including the coffee shop, I headed for McDonald's again (maybe I should get paid for mentioning them so much) for a coffee.

 I got home just as the girls were finishing the first coat of paint on the last wall, I'll have to disappear again next weekend when they do the second coat.
Also I'm not surprised that the cat has paint on him, and there's paint paw prints on my keyboard (mostly off now). It's hard trimming cat fur when they just want to escape.

It's Autumn here now, and this morning I picked up all the leaves around the house and the neighbours driveway which our tree hangs over, arriving back home at 4 pm, there was another pile of leaves blown up, just as high as this mornings lot - hopefully they will blow away before the morning.