Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, December 10, 2023

Ran into the man

I had lent a friend $200 and wasn't overly concerned about the money, but this week it was returned to me. I was so excited I decided to visit Westfield shopping mall (277 Broadway) to see what new dresses took my interest

Then I get a phone call about a flat battery in the wifes car. I'm not overly surprised as it was 5 years old and I did have to jump start it the day before, ran it for 20 minutes and hoped it was caused by the grandkids playing behind the wheel and pushing all the buttons.
So with the excitement of having $200 in my pocket for me to spend on stuff I want, I went to Supercheap and got her a $235 battery 😒

They are a bit heavy and I had blown my bicep throwing the grandchildren around the day before, but got it home and wife is very happy to have a usable car again (lets not mention her wheel bearing problem, that's another $450 and 2 hours to repair).

Relax attempt, take two
Window shopping is very relaxing and my morning started with the regular coffee.
Don't ask why I have this wig on, it's well gone it's best before by date
Anyway, window shopping, relaxing.

You know, when I think about a man, I would want one that bought me gifts, I love presents.
I think I've finally found a man that knows what I like 😃


Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Wishing it was summer time

 Really wanting to get into more summer clothes

My grandson asked why I have hair coming out at my shoulders, I should have taken that as a hint that I need to shave my shoulders and arms again, but I couldn't really be bothered.
Having said that, as I walked through the busy mall on the way to the pub for a much needed drink, and seeing my reflection in shop mirrors, perhaps I should have shaved my shoulders and arms - maybe tonight but right now it's time for a drink.
It's still a bit early for pub life, so with only about 60 people in it, a lovely staff member saw how much trouble I was having taking a photo for you, she offered to help and even suggested their tree as a backdrop. Surprising how many people stopped drinking to watch me pose, made me feel a bit self conscious.

Friday, December 1, 2023

Mid week outing

It's always nice to have a day off mid week, time for myself without interruption.

Of course I start with coffee at my favorite cafe where the staff are always friendly and the other clients just as easy to chat to. I would like to add a breakfast snack, but for health reasons I normally have Weet-Bix for breakfast

I did a bit of grocery shopping, after changing to very tight pants, I went to get the stuff from the bulk shop and the wife enjoys the variety at the slightly more expensive shop.

On the way out of the mall, I saw a backdrop that I thought you would enjoy, so I set up the camera on the groceries in the trolly and just as the timer ran down, a kind woman offered to take the photo for me. So that is who I was looking at as the timer reached zero (life sometimes has interesting distractions). 
And on point, I hope you are set up for a very Merry Christmas, even though there's still a few weeks to the magical time.

Wife's coffee was on special at "the Warehouse" so I got a couple of jars (hopefully enough for a month) and decided that I should have a second coffee at Muffin Break.

And after so many hours walking around, I have a sore on top of my toe where my fishnet stocking was rubbing it due to the pressure from my shoes. While it's only a small bit of skin missing, it feels like it's exposed a million nerve ends. 

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Love PVC

Firstly, thanks for the feedback about my blog. I hope in some way I've normalized this interest we have and for me personally, I know I have much more fun interacting with strangers while in girl mode.


Okay, I don't mind pushing fashion from time to time. I see a few crossdressers (in the USA) in 1880 dresses and wish I had similar, same for the 1950s, both seem like great times in fashion. I also love tight clothes and while latex is out of my price range, there's a pvc option which can be fun. Okay this top has a lining that makes it not so suitable for summer, but I think it will be worn quite regularly next winter.

It also looks nice when I'm in "boy mode" when I pretend to be a Chippendale stripper (wife giggles - like she's watching a strip show)

I was heading south this weekend and stopped into "The Base" in Hamilton for a brunch. Gee it's grown since I was last in the area.

Arrived back in Auckland on Sunday afternoon and my first stop was to get the carpets above my eyes (brows) trimmed. I think getting rid of that "old man" brows makes me look way younger in boy mode, and hopefully prettier in girl mode.

Friday, November 17, 2023

Girls life becoming mundane

 I started this blog to encourage others to get out.

It's probably done that as much as it ever will, so it's purpose has probably come to an end.

I do really enjoy it when you email or leave comments.

My girls life, is basically visiting cafes and shopping. I know there's more for Rachel, horse riding springs to mind real fast as does snow skiing, but with such a large family, finding time is nearly impossible.

This week I've had coffee and a light snack, visited shops, fell in love with 2 dresses at Mirrou, a fun mid thigh flirty dress and a similar longer elegant style, but saving for a trip with the wife so walked out heavy hearted and empty handed. A package arrived from China with a PVC looking top - that should be fun to wear at some time and a replacement for this old shiny black top I'm wearing in the first photo.

Dressing for summer, at last, worm enough for the thinnest of dresses.