Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Monday, March 19, 2018

Still no luck with plumbing

I can't find anyone to do the work for less than 3 days wages per hour.
Normally I charge out 3 x my wages , 1/3 wages, 1/3 vehicle & 1/3 head office costs.
While my apprenticeship was longer than a plumber, and I did have to go into combat conditions, I still wouldn't mind if they charged out at a bit more then me, but less than a day wages per hour would be nice.

Anyway, last weekend I was replacing my fence, using a 1 man hole drill and busted up my arms and the ground was full of concrete which kept jamming the drill bit.
A week later and my muscles still feel like they have been ripped off the bone, so don't ask me to lift anything heaver than a coffee

So I did...

Another hot day and at 10.30, McDonalds was so full, it was almost a race to get to an empty table.
After my coffee, I visited my girlfriend, had another coffee, it's really cool chatting to very intelligent people, such a quick visit and you feel so much more knowledgeable.

But atlas.... the real world calls and I have to go car hunting for a new car for my daughter.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Super stressed out

So stressed I was up until midnight then awake at 4 am.
By 5.30 am decided to go out and have a coffee to try and relax.
I didn't care that I hadn't shaved
Didn't care that I hadn't put on make up
Didn't care that I looked like a bloke in a skirt
But all the other early coffee goers at 6 am were really quite chilled about me, smiled politely and staff were their usual lovely self.

So why am I stressed -
Well I did an hour of plumbing and spent $170 on parts.
BUT in the protection racket that is New Zealand..........

Anyway, my cost to do a mint job, within the scope if their written rules - lets call it $300
Plumbers pricing.......... cheapest $1,900......... average $2,400. 

Same for my drain layer - $4,500 for 5 man hours of work and $300 of materials.

I really don't have the money to pay someone $700/hr (my weeks earnings) and another $500 for him to write a certificate to say he did an okay job.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Hell of a night

Saturday I loaded 9 cubic meters of building rubbish into a skip.
Property looks better and body not suffering even though it's moved about 2 tonnes.

Earlier in the week, I had my eyebrows waxed & threaded to get rid of the caterpillars growing there, love the shape of my eyebrows now.

What made it a Hell of a Night -
was my dog
who was "sleeping" in my bedroom
between whimpering as he chews his flesh due to either 1 flea or eczema to barking at every little noise outside or wanting to go out to the toilet.
Sleep was not my friend last night.

5.30 in the morning I decided I may as well get out, so I slipped on my one piece PVC cat suit and checking myself in the mirror, but my bloodshot eyes barely opened enough, so crawled back in to bed nude and fell asleep cuddling the wife.
8.30, after we had both woken up and had our morning drinks, I advised my love that I was out for a coffee while she readied herself for a 10 am appointment. She reminded me the kids will be home so I must remember to take make up wipes and get changed before returning home.
I'm a semi-good girl and took off my make up and girls clothes before getting home as per instructed.

At the coffee shop, 1/2 asleep, woman next to me has fantastic legs and eventually 5 young females and a woman my age sat on the other side of me for their usual Sunday meet up. 

Saturday, February 24, 2018


Finally got rid of the forest that had grown on my legs, so now I'm back to being comfortable in short skirts and dresses.

I've a t-shirt dress size 12 (an 8 in the USA) that I haven't worn in a while, but after watching all the young women visiting a party house up the road last night, I realized my dress is about normal length for parties. It's early, who's to say I wasn't dressed for the party as well?

I got the "good morning sir" routine, grrrr.
Welcome to my world
In my head I was female - maybe next life I'll get a female body, or maybe it was in the last life, I had a female body? Still, life wasn't meant to be serious.

In New Zealand - it is illegal for home handymen to install plumbing in their own homes (or anywhere) due to people fitting dead end pipes or just bad connections

Professional plumber who certifies his own work below, I don't know any reason why a plumber would point the pipes away from the water source, but he's done it a few times in this house.
Thanks whoever you are, your professional work has destroyed a $2,000 wooden floor and a 6 x 8 meter carpet (loved the sellotape covering the slow leak from a bad weld - classic).

Non-professional (home owner) work below, but unable to be certified 
Quoted cost for the whole bathroom plumbing $2,400.
My cost $120 + 3 hours labour (saving approx $2,000)

But wait - your here for the leg shots ya?
So again just for you.............

and still time to dress pretty, have coffee
then head to the gym to work on my guns

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Busy day

Such a lot to do, so little time

First thing - COFFEE

Second - pick up parcel from courier company (daughters trendy t-shirt)
3rd to early for shops so a quick change of tops and a photo op around rose garden and museum


4th - head to St Lukes Shopping center to check their fashion range

In town at K rd. In just 10 hours after my coffee this place is going to be crowded with trans gendered people and other spectators as we have the LGBT gay parade this evening (the rainbow flag symbolizes the LGBT community).
But I'm just here waiting for 10 am so I can buy a pressure gauge from a surplus shop.


The day is getting hot and humid, so a quick change to something cooler before heading to Bunnings to get parts to connect my new gauge to the house water pipes.