Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Friday, September 18, 2020

2 hours - interrupted

 I had a couple of hours free, so I decided to dress up, try my new hip pads (not overly a fan at this stage). With so little time, I quickly covered my stubble with foundation, slapped on lips stick and raced out the door.

I was planning a coffee and getting my nails done.

Unfortunately, half way through my coffee, wife calls up and mentions the new flat pack kitchen is ready for pick up and she would really love it if I could pick it up before she gets home.

So much for getting nails done - off to Mitre 10 for her new flat pack kitchen (guess I know what I'm doing this weekend).

An elderly gent grabbed a young muscle to load my car. 
Standing on the wheel to strap the bench top on the roof, my large boobs kept getting in the way of me trying to stretch over the top of the car.

I really didn't want to get changed, but decided jeggings and maroon top would be fine to relax at home in this evening (just wife and 2 youngest daughters at home tonight)

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Tried to sleep in

 I managed to sleep until 6.30.

It's nice and bright by this time, so a quick dress up, not bothering to shave but a dab of pink under my foundation to hide the stubble and a lick of lipstick and it's time to head out. While the sky is void of clouds and the sun warming, a cool southerly breeze is holding temperatures down which gives me an excuse to wear my 2 week old long sleeve top.

Some cafes open early on Saturdays, and by 7.30 I was relaxing with a coffee and newspaper.

I had a nice quick chat with one of the shop regulars. I so enjoy polite people.

Sunday was worse - 5.30 am wake up

It was one of those mornings, I thought my daughters top would look nice on me (she has small boobs and a 6 pack, I have big boobs and a keg). In the dark it looked okay - not so much in the light (aka a totally bad way to dress ). 

I hope she got the top for half price, because the bottom of it, is missing.

Monday, September 7, 2020

60 uneventful minutes

Chores tonight
1) Take daughter for driving practice
2) Go shops for groceries

I had a brainwave and told wife she could do the driving practice and Rachel could do the groceries.
Wife agreed on condition Rachel wasn't close to home.

So a quick make over (okay, a really bad make over, didn't help having the wife trying to share the bathroom with me), jump onto clothes and off I go.

First stop, McDonald's for coffee (just because they make the best coffees and are open late).

Next stop, groceries - you know the usual - bread,  toilet paper, toothpaste, cheese, cat food, roast beef etc, etc. (okay, I also visited Kmart and tried on two tops, tempted to pop into the pub on the way home, but they were so empty I would have felt a bit out of place being by myself).

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Nearing the end of lock down

Okay, so we're in a semi-lock down, 82 confirmed cases over the last 2 weeks and I can still function using social distancing and "click and collect".
It does mean I can't relax at a coffee shop, browse the hardware or clothes shops.
Wife and I instead purchased a coffee and had a lovely beach stroll this weekend.

Okay - not going to mention most of my time was spent removing a wall, re-routing power cables and assembling a 9 x 6 foot kitchen unit (still plenty of work left as the kitchen configuration changes every few hours).

Actually, maybe should mention it as it caused me a bit of trouble - I was folding up all the cardboard from the kitchen unit, on the rear deck when the wife saw me and had a grumble about the fact the neighbours might see me (in my pretty blue top, large boobs, black denim mini skirt and bright pinky/red pvc leggings).

Not like my kids or grandchild cared, it's all about what the neighbours would think of my wife, for allowing me to relax in such a way, so I found out during our beach walk.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Catsuit I wore dinner on Thursday

So you read my last blog about Thursdays dinner and how I wore a dress over my catsuit.
I've had a bit of feedback about it so I decided to show it off a bit more (it does feel nice to wear)

If I'm in a more extrovert mood, I prefer to wear it like I did this morning.

The guy at the counter doing my coffee said, "here you go sir" - It didn't phase me at all, I'm just happy I wasn't scary to him, he was polite and the coffee was good as usual. Seeing the video, I'm not surprised I wasn't mistaken for a female (I don't have issues if my body is masculine).

Once I got home, wife opened the door to let me in and after making her coffee I decided to try a few more outfits while still nicely snuggled in my catsuit.

Denim mini
Denim mini & jumper

Denim mini and crop top