Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Bathroom looking sharp

Since this photo, I've installed the rain head, shower head, glass walls, vanity and have a fully operational and stunning looking small bathroom. As expected the fan isn't fast enough to stop the steam from passing over the shower wall, so I intend to install a clear plastic "buffer" from the ceiling down to meet the top of the glass in order to confine the steam in the extraction area.

After so much work, figure a girl is allowed out for coffee.
Shop was so busy, my coffee was about the 15th in the queue, so when it was server to me, the girl recognized me and remembered I have it in a proper cup. She offered to change it for me but I told her not to bother as she was extremely busy, funny thing is it worked out great in a take away cup as I had finished reading the paper and it was still boiling hot.

I offered my news paper to the couple behind me and headed out to the supermarket for supplies, after which my take away coffee was the perfect temp.

One the way home, found a petrol station selling 91 for $2.07 per litre, so 1/2 filled the wife's car.
I got home at 9 am still in girl mode, made wife a coffee and headed for the shower.

Other news, following on from last week, my 15 year old daughter has officially left her mum and is living with me full time. While she has been thinking about it for a few years now, it took me 7 years to have the courage to leave.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

4 hours sleep

Don't think I've had such an early coffee in my life, but sometimes it's just hard to sleep and equally hard to be awake.
Mind you, half way through my coffee and the lady behind me started snoring very loud.

 I did managed to stay awake all day but had to have another coffee at Bunnings, our hardware store while picking up some gardening supplies for the wife.

SO why was sleep so hard -
Well my 15 year old daughter decided she doesn't feel safe at her mums house and wants to live at mine full time for a while (until mum has had counselling about her temper). We chatted for about 4 hours up until midnight about a safe exit strategy and after I had 4 hours sleep, I started to stress about how her discussion with her mum would go.

Next few days/weeks are going to be hell as my Ex finds out she has no one to control.
My gut feeling is we will have a stalker watching our house 24/7, although there's a slim chance she might go suicidal, either way will be bad.
Some people just don't like being told to seek professional help and get angry for implying they are mad.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Winter has arrived

This week, it's been sunny but bloody cold, which means if I want to wear a skirt, I really do need stockings.
Making it worse, I'm away from home for the week and living out of a suit case.
Wife headed off to say hi to an old work collegue so I decided to go out for lunch even though my wigs and makeup didn't come on holiday with us.

Lunch was at a nice coffee shop in a small shopping plaza at a time when the shop was very full with mums and prams.

I was quite nervous as it's the fist time out without a wig -
second actually as I was here back in '96 at a restaurant one night, in a dress that has longs since been thrown away in the hope I'd never become a cross dresser.
Very quickly I felt really at peace with who I am and where I was.
Wife still noticed the mascara I borrowed from her make up bag (it was my mascara anyway!!!) when she got back.

I've had to blur my image for this site as I work in a very male orientated company who either love or hate, but can never leave stuff alone or keep quiet, they love to gossip - you know how boys talk.

Back in good old Auckland, to rain, rain and more rain (but at least it's warmer)

It rained so hard over 2 hours, I had to go to Bunnings hardware for a water pump, luckily the water in my basement hadn't reached the power points but my storage bench with my tools in soaks up water like a sponge. I was worried driving the wife's car as the bow wave was over the head lamps, had I known the drain had blocked I would have used my wagon. Local paper has kids out in kayaks and dinghys on the local streets - lot of fun for the locals, but 3 hours of pumping and drying for me.

Monday - Queens birthday holiday means I get to sleep in, as if I ever could, but went out for an hour for coffee and read he newspaper. I wish I could stay in girl mode all day, but expecting the tiler around to finish his section of the new bathroom

Wife doesn't like me returning home in girl mode in case someone (daughters boyfriend) might see me. Dog is watch wife walk away with the red dressing gown after she unlocked and "supervised" my entry in to the house to ensure daughters boyfriend doesn't see me.

Daughter has just raced in, she's found this youtube and thinks it's really great,

I also think he looks good in them, better than boring shoes.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

draining week

All week I've worn my bra, a couple of lunches I've just had a loose weaved top to show off my bra as I'm undecided as to which gender, if any, I  want to belong to.

I made a commitment to having a girls brunch for today.
I did not expect my daughter to arrive home at 3 am with friends in tow, who then stayed up until 5.30 watching movies.
When we have visitors staying over I tend to get dressed and leave the house before sun up so as not to shock any of those staying over.
So waking up at 7 am with only a few hours of proper sleep, I wasn't really in a mood for anything other than staying in bed cuddling my wife. However I still managed to throw on some clothes and make up and leave the house, with eyes in sleep mode, in to the cold and rainy morning.

First off was coffee and read the paper (fairly standard Sunday ritual)

Visited the local shopping center, bought cake mix and eggs to make a birthday cake
Back in my car and an elderly Asian lady decides to do some early morning exercise in front of my car. I turned on my ignition and the radio started playing some good old country music. So now I have an elderly Asian lady doing exercise on cold damp morning, in the car park, to country music, so I stay and enjoyed the show until the music stops.
I tried on a few nice jumpers while at the shops but didn't bring enough money for such selfish spending (still got building work at home that needs money).

Finally (10 am) I got to have coffee and some cake with my girlfriend (I had hoped that I would have a regular social group of cross dressers by now - come on Auckland cross dressers, we need a social group that likes coffee outings)

Eventually I got home, still half asleep, and started making that birthday cake I mentioned earlier.
Well the electric mixer hasn't been used for a few months and a spider has entered it and laid lots of eggs - not the sort of eggs one normally wants in a cake mix, but with the vibration I soon had many hundreds of spider eggs in the mix. The mix and the mixer both got thrown away.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Woke up early

Time for coffee before the rising sun.

Beautiful dawn breaking

Camera hobby restarting

Before heading home
With the new bathroom tiles