Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Monday, January 28, 2019

Losing my "Girls room", car issues, lack of sleep etc

Got relatives AGAIN.......(for 3 weeks starting in a few days)
Time to move ALL my girl stuff in to our main bedroom (if there's room in the wardrobe and draws)
Time to dismantle my large study / computer desk, and leave it "broken down" in the corner of the TV room. I've enough electronics, nail polish and make up to hide to fill a large suitcase.
Then I have to assemble a bunk set in my room.

Thursday saw me working from 7 am until 7 am Friday.
When I woke up on Friday (around 11.30 and still dead tired) I slipped on comfortable tights and top, watched a Tom Cruise movie with half sleepy eyes.
I eventually had to borrow the son-in-laws car to drop of my daughter at a work meeting at 3.30 and pick her up at 4 pm.
The 30 minutes in between was the only ME time (it seems like forever since I've been me) - consisting of visiting the jewellers to pick up my wifes engagement ring, and get more milk from the shops.

Car issues - the cars know when I've a bit extra coin in my purse. 
This week with my "extra" money I had to get my car checked (my OBD2 isn't compatible with a 2009 Swift) costing $60.
The mechanics machine says "throttle body", the cost being about $650 to replace. 
So I bought MAF cleaner and carb cleaner for $30, stripped, cleaned and reassembled the parts, problem solved, saving myself $620. Think I should do the other car as it's meant to be on a 5 year maintenance schedule.

Love public holidays, but still not enough sleep which is effecting my concentration.
First thing, a 7 am coffee.
It's early enough that "age appropriate" shouldn't apply

After coffee, a quick car change to something more appropriate to wear in to Bunnings for some hardware (wood for shelving)

I eventually meet up with Josie, who I haven't see for what seems like the longest time (probably only a month) for a relaxing beach walk and catch up because it's nice having someone you can relate too.

I'm finally allowed to publish photos from the wedding (obviously not putting my girls photos up)
I think most fathers dread the day that they have to present their daughters to another man. I suppose it's the day we are no longer their "rock", no longer "that person" they come to first, in times of need. Happy they are happy, sad because your relationship will never be as it was.


Thursday, January 24, 2019

Holiday well and truly over

So I'm awake at 4 am, I'm a bit anxious of today's work load.

I don't actually start until 7.30, but then it's an 8 hour shift followed by a 5 hour break, then another shift that is expected to go until 7 am tomorrow (ie I'll be awake for about 28 hours unless I can get a bit of a nana nap sometime this afternoon).
Also, I've been wearing work boots the last 3 days and my right foot is in quite a lot of pain, I just hope the next 28 hours doesn't see my foot giving up totally.

Anyway, being awake so many hours before everyone else, means I can sneak out for an early coffee. Make up was 30 seconds to apply foundation and another 15 seconds for lip stick, I think that's more than enough for a 5 am coffee.

My clothing was selected not because I wanted to be a bit slutty, but more because I was tired and didn't really give a s _ _ t.


Sunday, January 13, 2019

Holiday's over

Got back home, my dog picked up Kennel Cough, something he was vaccinated against, even now he sits under my computer desk, his breathing sounding like an old chainsaw.
Sister-in-law still here, she's great to have around and she's an excellent cook, I would say even better than me, but has meant I've eaten lots of vegetarian meals (not that there's anything wrong with that).
Money is tight this week, after a lot was spent on the wedding, accommodation, fuel, car maintenance bills, kennel fees etc.

As for girl time, it has meant an hour here and there, usually having to be back home around 10 am so the girls can go out sight seeing (I tend to wake up 3-4 hours earlier).
Being summer and 27 degrees outside, short skirts and summer dresses are my go to clothes.

Monday, January 7, 2019


So my daughters house is 10 hours south.
I bought tickets for the 4 girls to fly down to Wellington, allowing me a solitary road trip.
First stop was Huntly for a coffee.
A bit annoyed as a family with quite a few girls used the ladies rest room, but it was left to me to advise staff that the toilet paper dispenser was faulty. Luckily I checked before using the toilet.

I managed to stop near a cool rock that reminded me of the Devils Tower from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

A bit more driving got me to the scenic stop of Huka Falls and Lake Taupo

About 30 minutes around the lake I found a nice spot to get my feet in the water.

Since it was quite and secluded, I stripped to bra and undies and got changed for the next leg of the journey....

The Desert Road and Mt Ruapehu.

10 minutes later I was at Waiouru Army museum for my very first visit and another coffee stop.

 My journey south brought me in to Feilding for another coffee, about 7 hours after I started out.

My girl time adventure finished in Masterton, after my car's starter motor failed to operate. Not so bad I suppose as I was only a few Km's from my destination. I'm just really glad it hadn't failed at any of my other stops.

After the road trip, a bit of sight seeing



Saturday, December 29, 2018

Wedding next week

Apart from this morning (after many weekends of parties at home and overseas visitors arriving to stay with us tomorrow), my dress up days are on hold for a few weeks.

Wife and I have been having a few discussions lately about what is deemed "cross dressing in secret" versus "me visible in front of the neighbours". She likes "secret" and I'm more in the "don't care" category.
It does mean I have to be out really early, or out of the neighbourhood, preferably out of town.

This morning I was in girl heaven
7 am coffee, 7.30 shopping (found a nice new top that really hugs my boobs, down from $20 to $7), Supercheap Auto car shop doesn't open until 8.30, so time for another coffee. Finally got to Supercheap for a new brake light at 8.45, chatted to staff and another custom also having problems with compatible light bulbs. On the way home stopped at an underground car park to get changed as the wife would not have appreciated me turning up in girl mode around 9.20.