Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Breakfast and Shopping


Last weeks BBQ purchase - now cleaned, stained, varnished, re-built some of the metal work and it works like new.
Demolished part of the kitchen, rebuilt & stopped 2 walls - now ready for wife to choose new paint colour.
Cooked a BBQ dinner
Washed the western walls of the house
Had a few drinks


Woke up with a bad headache
Found empty wine bottle
Can remember Vodka & Rum
Think I might have had wife on
kitchen counter, lounge suite & bed
Can't remember drinking wine
Maybe it was the teenagers who drank it

To late to cancel 9am breakfast, so went to McDonalds (in black lace top) at 7.00 to have a cup of tea to sober up.
Got to Sylvia Park (red & white top) at 8.30 to have another cup of tea and read the paper.
9am starting to feel like a lady again which is just as well as Josie arrived.
I never really thought of cream cheese, Avo, tomato and toasted bagel as a food source, but it was really nice.
After breakfast I had to pay for my car licence, checked my Lotto ticket, then we checked out the girls clothing shops. I'm glad we didn't find anything worth buying, my Visa card has reached it's max.

Thanks Josie for a nice relaxing morning, it really helps me unwind after a stressful week.

Sylvia Park shopping                   McDonalds for a cup of tea

Monday, October 22, 2012

Picked up BBQ this morning

Summer will be here soon. I purchased a BBQ from Trademe and had to pick up before 10 am in Hillsborough and since I'm an early riser I thought it would be nice to have coffee at McDonalds Royal Oak and read the new paper.
Not sure why, but there were quite a few chaps staring at my legs.

Royal Oak McDonalds

And have a little play in the park at One Tree Hill for 30 minutes or so.

Sometimes I need a little push

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Hi girls.
Finally blogging while out, wishing I knew how to use the PC camera. Sitting at Columbus Coffee at Sylvia Park, and every time someone activates the malls entrance a cold blast of air passes the thin layer of my tights, summer top and lace bra . It's nipple hardening cold, the coffee (large) was smaller than expected but had a nice flavour. The weather has crapped out for our 3 day weekend otherwise I'd be tramping in the Coromandel with the family.
My chore today is to buy some slip dresses from Supre.
Of the 3 the girls and I own, my size 12 (about 8 in the US I think) has been stretched to a size16 and the other 2 are "missing in action".
It's 9am, coffee is gone, shops are open and I need to get away from the malls door, plus I want to try on more clothes


Home now, so added a couple of photos.
I tried on the PVC dress again, but it's to high at the neck, rest looked good. I ended up just buying miss 13 a black top from Supre.
I liked a few items at Valley Girl but apart from myself but I couldn't visualise any of the other girls wearing the items so decided to save the money.
I did end up standing in a que of about 25 people, to get my youngest daughters name on a Coke tin. I was hoping to get all 4 girls names on tins, but it was one per customer and they may have recognised me if I went around a few times (knew I should have different colour wigs :-)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Friday 12th Oct

Now we have daylight savings, we have an extra hour of daylight after work to get out and enjoy. Forecasters predicted stormy windy weather, but at 6pm this afternoon, we still had beautiful a blue sky. This picture was taken at Saint Helliers Bay. I eventually made it to McDonalds for a cheese burger,chips and a coffee around 6.45pm (photo below)

Later at night, I had to take miss 14 (nearly 15) to her boy friends house, she looked so nice in my black tights that I decided to wear mine wet look tights, with the pinkish top I bought and wore to Columbus Coffee last month. She said it looked nice, and although I'm competitive, I think she would have won the looks competition - mind you, I didn't have makeup or wig on.

After dropping her off, I cried. My lovely young daughter looked so grown up and happy as she was holding her boy friend (I'm becoming obsolete in her life except as a taxi driver). I'm really proud of all my girls

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Quick Coffee at Manukau

Sorry about the photo quality, I think my $100 camera doesn't like low light levels, also I didn't have time to do much in the makeup department.
Found myself in Manukau to pick up a lamp shade purchased from Trademe and figured a quick cup of coffee before heading home. Pants and top belong to miss 14, about time I raided her wardrobe after all her raids on mine. Of all the trousers I've worn over my life time, these girls ones are the most comfortable I've ever warn, we should make them trendy for both sexes and all age groups

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sick day off

I know what you're thinking... How on earth can such a good looking girl be sick? and whats she doing with a bar behind her?    
OK, so Saturday morning starts with a sore throat, by the afternoon I'm into full blown runny nose syndrome, Sunday was much the same but around 1.30am Monday morning it switches to a bad cough and hot flushes (think I've got Man-Flu, are we even allowed to get that?)... hence the cookies and cream ice cream to smooth the throat while at the Lido Cinema to watch
"My Sisters Sister"             
What an absolute brilliant chick flick, I cried.
I also coughed, wish I had more ice cream   
Photo taken by cool cinema staff 
Photo Opportunity on One Tree Hill lookout,
 had hair trouble in the wind, nice woman assisted photo shoot but I haven't use her shots, not sure if she was trying to get the whole tall obelisk, or just look up my skirt