Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Quick outing

Sunday, and with daylight savings, I'm at Sylvia Park shopping center at 9am (but my body is still working on yesterdays time of 8am -I should be sleeping in).
I was happy with my clothes, see through lace top, pink bra and daughters super tight black pants that look like well designed classy latex jeans - and feels really nice both on and to the touch.
And brown, tight knee high boots (wife's pick, she thought it looked nicer than my heels, I'm not so sure)
The photo of the outfit doesn't do justice - so it's still on the camera and not here.

I had a quick brunch (coffee & cake) with my GF Josie, did a little shopping. Josie has lovely long legs and was wearing a short mini. Shopping wise - my little legs in tight pants and boots had trouble keeping up.
By 10.30am, we had parted as we both have chores at home, but I did manage to stop by Super Cheap Autos to pick up some oil and filled up the sump on the wifes car, much to the amusement of the manly staff at the auto shop. Maybe it was the way I was leaning over the engine in shiny tight pants, or maybe it was my whiskers showing through my foundation since my make up was a 5 minute job with sleepy eyes.

Back home and by 12, I was 3 meters up a tree with chain saw in hand and by 2pm, looking down from my perch, saw about 800kg of branches blocking my drive. Next time I'll put the cars out on the road before cutting over the driveway. Another 4 hours of work and the drive was cleared, logs taken to the back for fire wood, and my favorite 22 year old flannel shirt had 2 long rips in it (I nearly cried). Okay this is normal life, not girl story, neither is it girl story when I spent Monday lunch at "Pick A Part" car dismantlers, where for $2, you can dismantle any car you want all day long, searching for that second hand part for your own car (that's when you need more money) - actually I was re-searching on how to dismantle a car same as mine so I know how to do mine without damaging it, but one day I'll walk out with an engine with only half the mileage as mine - wish I had seen a Mazda ECU, mine has a memory fault and my software can't clear it.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Great Weekend

So I'm wearing last nights clothes (stockings, mid length skirt, white body suit).
Last night I invited wife out for dinner, even though neither of us was really hungry, but she felt she would be judged so we stayed home and had TV dinners instead once I was changed to pyjamas.
It was still a lovely child free night.

This morning I left the house at 7.30am. My car is parked about 10 meters from the front door so any neighbor who was by chance looking, would have seen a lovely classy lady leaving the house. They are good neighbors and I will probably be seeing them at the street BBQ this summer.

Yesterday I did my duty and voted in our elections, cut down and installed slat blinds (behind me in the photo), modified Roman blinds with spare parts from the slat blinds, so now for the first time in 7 years, they are useable and I can have privacy from the road at night, not that I care. I also cleaned out the garage and refitted some internal wall panels in my car. When I returned back inside, wife had re-arranged the furniture and lamps, the house looked amazing.

Back to today, McDonalds coffee, soccer/basketball parents & kids, one Grid Iron boy with his dad and a few elderly. It was nice seeing the mums & dads with sports kids, I so enjoyed those days of waking early and spending time with my girls. After that I was in KMart for about an hour trying on clothes and some nice purple sports shoes that I may yet return for.

Sylvia Park shopping center beckons with it's free WIFI to write up this little outing over another coffee and a brownie for breakfast. Columbus coffee is nearly always full at this time, and today is no exception, and a special thanks to all those ladies wearing Nike dry-fit pants and others wearing skin tight jeans with boots to the mall. The woman next to me is eating our favorite breakfast, I wonder if she is in to sharing?

I did thank the lovely people who took photos of me shopping, they are so lovely.

For me being dressed nicely, feeling good and with the cold bug (man-flu) all but gone, it makes this outing so much better than last weeks. I know all the shops in this mall, and all the clothes on the racks, so nothing new to see or try on, but might go for a walk just because I give myself permission.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Weekend with girl Flu

So wifes work associate has the cold on Monday, but work pressure meant she had to go in, Wednesday wife has the cold (has day off) and so by Friday I was suffering badly. Saturday my nose was pretending to be a water tap with a faulty washer. Luckily wife got me some "Lem-Sip" Saturday which helped me sleep and I woke up 8am Sunday in a semi-healed situation.

Wife had a long night, watching the Springbok being beaten by the All Blacks, followed by the usual weekend early morning pick up of the partying teens, so her wake up is normally about 10.30am.

With the hours different between our wake ups, I decided to go out for a quick coffee and try on some very shiny leggings at Supre ( very nice look and feel but the shiny clothes makes me look like I have no hips or bum, which I don't, but not a fact I want to highlight ).
I was wearing miss 16, Nike dry-fit tights. Lets just say the lads were as snug as a bug in a rug, and the compression fit allowed me some bum shape. I also decided on my new jumper and a jacket.

I know the photo of my outing is crap at the best, with my 10 minute makeup session, my runny nose, and not having much time to compose, but some days I just don't really want my photo taken - so I did anyway just for you :)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Little outing to keep Herself happy this fathers day

Awake, restless yet tired.
Knowing without girl time, I will get grumpy on this fathers day.
So it's 8am out for a coffee - just long enough to keep herself happy
Then back home to snuggle the wife till 10, in our warm bed.

On a side issue, finally finished laying the 315kg tile kitchen floor, with help from the physio who fixed my back afterwards.

Fathers Day, had a lovely beach picnic with the whole family, and got presented 2 CD's, pyjamas, and ... 
pretty floral leggings that I can't wait to show you.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Life is unfair - sometimes

So the day starts out as normal as it can for me, waking at 5am excited about a day to play dress up.
See through black lace top, black micro mini, fishnets, feeling like the sluttiest girl at any night club, hoping I had the "just danced through the night" look going on.

Sun starts over the horizon, but what to do...?

I've always wanted to do the crowded church thing - really fun idea, okay a quick change in to something granny conservative (& fishnets), and I'm looking the sweet, not quite innocent church lady. It's actually a nice classy look inspired by the movie Mr & Mrs Smith - you know the scene.
But I'm now in a hurry as the car needs gas, and I need coffee before church, $20 of gas, quick run in to McD for a take away coffee then off to church.
Sitting in my car, drinking the last of my coffee at 15 minutes to 8am, watching all the old dears carefully negotiate the stairs to the church door when I was struck with an odd sense of compassion and the question arises from no where.
Do I want to destroy these poor elderly people perception of their normal life?
I watch more elderly, held up by supportive members of their families, zimmer frames and walking sticks.
My heart was not in to it, I did not want to change their view of reality.

So went back home and made wife breakfast in bed, and smiled when she complimented me on my new darker wig and classy look, just before she sent me back in to the kitchen to finish tiling the floor.