Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Go west young man (girl)

Woke up 5 am, not sure why but think a relaxation sedative is required tonight before bed.

Today I needed to pick up a branch shredder and to get there I need to pass the motor heads and rednecks that is west Auckland. It's the sort of place where one can get Ford Falcon car, take it to a shop out there and when the boys have finished, you end up with a mean dream machine with an engine to blow away anything. The wrong shop out there and you will probably find one of your door handles connected to someone elses VW Beetle and your carburettor somewhere in Dunedin.

So 8 am, I Man-Up with my best foundation, lipstick and my parts highly tucked away and head west. First stop - a wake up McDonalds coffee at the Westgate shops in my very see through red lace top and newest skirt (photo taken as I ventured briefly in to the city).

From there I headed north west again for another 30 minutes, wearing tight leather look pants and the Paris top my wife bought me while we were in Paris.

Knocking on the guys house, to be answered by a very pleasant chap, who showed me the shredding machine operating, then as a gentleman he put it in the car for me - sooo sweet.
We also had a lovely chat about his ride on lawn mower (yes - I used to have one when I owned a farm block).

On the way home I stopped for a Gelato ice cream, was served buy the prettiest girl I've ever seen wearing a lovely red dress with black polka dots and puffy sleeves, it was her uniform so I couldn't have one unless I worked there. She so nicely took this photo of me in the shop.

Yes I know my foundation above my lip has disappeared,
Hay fever gives you a runny nose, which is an excellent makeup remover.

I had planned to stay out and make a few more stops, but wife wanted her car back. The funny thing is when I walked in the door, while miss 12 recognised me, miss 16 got a fright (she didn't have her glasses on) as she wasn't expecting me to walk in, in female mode.

Not sure how many neighbours saw me walk from the car to the front door (15 meters) as there are a few house windows looking our way and one neighbour was parking her car in the driveway across the road from me.
Yesterday I was chatting to one neighbour about me chopping a tree that is growing over his property, I was in the Paris top above and pink & grey floral leggings.

Got changed in to man clothes as the kids were expecting friends around and then I spent the next 3 hours shredding a trailer load of twigs and branches that have been sitting on my lawn for about 2 years - love my little shredder.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

French manicure

So one of my girls has the polishes for a French manicure, wore it last weekend, not that you would notice after all the house renovations and painting I did.
This weekend got the French manicure finger nails Friday night, the white tips hides all the grease & paint stuck under the nails so that's nice.
Had a lovely lunch on Saturday and friends wife enquired about my nails, it's so nice talking about girl stuff to girls. Saturday also included taking youngest girl to her cousins birthday party and taking the oldest daughter from a Uni exam straight to a wedding, AND my nails still look perfect.
I hope to get in to some car maintenance soon, so I expect my nails to get dirty & broken.

This morning I did manage to get out (in my new skirt) for coffee and read the news paper. I also had to inform the staff, that one of the ladies toilet cubicles was out of paper, which might have answered their un-asked question as to which sexes toilets I would use

(Sorry about the focus - I would have expected better from $250 camera)