Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Museum 29 Jan 2012

I'd like to thank the nice people in New Zealand, for letting me be me.
So far, I've only had positive experiences when ever I've been out. Possibly because people tend to behave more during daylight hours, or maybe people are more accepting of alternative lifestyles, I don't really know, but I've had a wonderful day out today:-
Being an early waker, I went searching through Bunnings Hardware just after opening to look for a new TV aerial post, or some string to help support the rusty old aerial - the staff were really friendly and helpful (ok a couple stared, but I just smile to them). Unfortunately moneys a bit tight just now so it will have to wait another week or 2. I was also looking for parts to make a stabilizer for my video camera - which I should have done before Christmas.
This was followed up by a McDonald coffee and a chocolate muffin at 10am at the quite busy Greenlane shop - again very nice service and facilities, even got a free newspaper.
I then went to the Auckland Museum for a look around

Had a relaxing cup of tea while there and checking out all the people. I wasn't to keen on the hand basin design in the ladies room, but the toilets were clean and well lit (the designer in me could have made it nicer)

After a refreshment stop, it was time for a walk around the winter gardens, saw a wedding party having their photos taken and some chap with a large camera lens thought I was hot enough that he took a few photos of me - he obviously had eye sight issues.

Friday, January 27, 2012

January 2012

Last week, my other self, drove 680Kms to Wellington with the family (wife & 4 girls). Really enjoyed our time there, it's such a lovely compact city. Although we were in the outskirts of town, the city centre was only 10 minutes away and the hills made such lovely scenery. We did the national museum, biked the water front, walked the gardens, mini golf. On the return trip, we stayed a night in Rotorua (known for its thermal activity, mineral spas, mud pools - but more so for the kids - the luge rides).
The only drawback was - I wasn't allowed to take any of my clothes - OK, so my shiny tights stowed away, but I only got to wear them for a couple of hours before one of my daughters begged to wear them, I wouldn't normally mind, but they looked better on her than on me :-)

After a week, I finally managed to get out ( I was feeling neglected so it was shiny mini skirt & tight top), Friday consisted of an early coffee and taking the family wagon in for it's 6 monthly safety checks (Warrant Of Fitness). I'm unsure if my short skirt helped the inspection or not.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wednesday 18th Jan - dinner & movies

It feels like forever since I had so many hours to myself.
About 6pm I stopped at The Coffee Club for a BLT and a glass of house wine

It was a lovely meal, and I did only manage to eat half.
I followed this with a visit to One Tree Hill (for the internationals - the one tree was chopped down about 15 years ago by someone who thought it was a symbol of European domination, and they haven't yet found a tree that wants to grow in the harse soil).

8.30pm and it's still light as I visit Newmarket cinemas to watch Sherlock Homes, great movie, great acting
Around midnight I got home to find everyone awake (still school holidays), glad I had changed to tights and removed makeup before I got home (wife double checked as sometimes I still have mascara on and a bit of foundation).

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Post Christmas outing

10 days before Christmas, relatives arrived, and they brought the rain. Both stayed until after New Years day (OK so Christmas & New Years day were sunny, and maybe a couple of other days)

On the 3rd of Jan, I however finally (after days of thinking I'ld go madder) managed to go out. I was in a bit of a show off mood, so it was see through top & shinny mini skirt day of shopping at Sylvia Park - I needed to check out the post Boxing Day sales, and they were still just as good as on that crazy day.
While there I did around 10.30, change in to something more respectable, my new $9 Supre singlet dress. I probably would have bought the sexy dress with the short front & long back, but not a good look until I next wax my legs.

Looking for photo locations around Sylvia Park, took lots of photos, but the camera was kind of grainy after one of my daughters played with the setup. Ladies toilet was empty, and as they are the nicest I've ever been in, decided it could make an interesting back drop, plus the light background allowed me to show how short my skirt was - sorry again about the quality, next time I'll hopefully get the wife out and use my Canon 1000D camera & gear.

Judging by the photo below, I'll have to re-think the pose, the handbag was annoying. Wife has been on at me about my walk being to manly as well and had me practicing but it's not easy.