Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Monday, March 28, 2016

Finally a catch up with my girlfriend

Excited as I'm finally catching up with Josie as our work rosters and home life have been hectic over the summer.

So I'm awake at 5 am, wondering what to wear, managed to stay cuddled with wife until 6.30 am, got up, slapped on make up, clothes and silently slipped out the house.
By 7 am I had raided the bank machine and arrived at McDonald for my first coffee and spent an hour reading my Dune book (written after Franks death).
This morning I'm wearing my pale yellow dress with frills (that wife lent oldest daughter and I raided her wardrobe last night). I love it but it also reminds me of an old ladies frock. I've also got on my long black wig, bra & breast forms and flats on my feet - undies are in my handbag for if I feel the need for support later on.

8 am I visited KMart and tried on a few tops, followed by a visit to the hardware for more ceiling paint.
9 am I used the mall toilets and changed in to my white bra, see through top and grey skirt for my 9.30 with Josie.
Wonderful company and conversation over coffee & cake lasting a couple of hours.
Our conversation also included the possibility of a small trip away in the near future - better check my schedule before I double book.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

90 minutes not that much fun

90 minutes, the clock is ticking
Shave, 1 dab of foundation, 15 seconds of mascara, dressed & out the door.

Chores - buy peanut butter for kids breakfast, (have a coffee - not a chore), buy timber trim for kitchenette new door.

Get changed, get home for 9 am.


I don't mind taking photos for you, but not so happy about the chap also having breakfast at the next table also taking photos of me "discretely", I wonder if he ever thought about turning of the shutter sound off before using his smart phone.
Over here, while out in "public", people are still allowed to be photographed - and I hope that never changes as we have lots of wonderful and interesting faces and styles.

I do love lace or see through tops, why else would I own a pretty pink bra and try to keep a small belly, not to worried about little muffin tops

Anyway, hope the 90 minutes was enough to keep me sane although I did a Tuesday morning swim in girl mode which is always like amazing.

I hope your Easter break is a good excuse to escape the usual routine and you have lots of fun, as for me, a father / daughter mini golf is on the cards for later today.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Getting Harder to get Girl Time

Oldest daughter and boyfriend went out for a few hours, gave me the opportunity to grab a coffee and muffin at 11 o'clock.

Meanwhile at home, wife has me working hard, so hard I wish I was still at work behind my comfortable desk.
So my storage area has been nearly converted.
A few weeks ago I removed the outer wall and installed the french doors.
Last weekend was remove enough dry wall to re-plumb and re-wire
This weekend was (when daughter number 2 mentioned a different layout), re-plumb again, refit insulation and dry wall, install second hand cupboard, fit new sink to new bench top and fit new tap to sink.
Still it's starting to look a lot like I expected when we first thought about it over a year ago.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Busy weekend but found some time


Found an hour for coffee, wife had a late night lifting a teen home after a party, so she won't be up until later.
Now my oldest is back home, I found a favourite dress that I gave her when she was a size 12 and B cup. She liked it so much that she has worn it for the last 9 years and now has an F cup (so it's a bit stretched and faded at the top). I also still like it

In other breaking news, New Zealand favourite TV series, "Shortland Street" hospital drama, has their first transgender actor who actually plays a transgender role (okay its F to M, and we have all seen girls in jeans and hoodie before yes? Even my daughters have that look during cold weather).


Finds me again, in this lovely dress.
With the high tide approaching and a lovely sunny day, I throw my bikini and one piece swim suit in my bag and head for a few beaches just minutes north of Auckland. While I found lots of nice beaches, they were covered by hundreds of dogs
And while they may have been nice dogs and cute dogs, I'm not leaving my bag on the sand for them to urinate on. So I decided to go shopping at Albany Shopping Center, check out and try on some clothes and have a coffee.

Relaxing in the food court after checking out all the clothes shops

Sunday, March 6, 2016

No girl time

Sorry, I didn't make it out.
Oldest daughter who is "not allowed" to know, has been moving her stuff back in to our house as she will reside with us until her Uni course finishes late this year.

All week I've been grinding my concrete patio (had that late 70's vinyl and resin non slip top, and 40 years were not kind to it), while it was only a couple of mm, I ended up with about 25 Kg of slurry.

I did manage 2 swims in girl mode (one piece swim suit and breast forms) to help my back after many hours of grinding concrete and one water walker old girl did some whispering to her friend about me

Saturday was, lunch with friends and an oil change in my old 8 seater car, now my oldest girl has parked my car (and my dresses) back at my house.

Sunday morning was pricing balustrades for around the patio.
Sunday lunch was walking the dog
Sunday 5.30 pm I got the go to remove the external weatherboard wall in our house extension and slot in the renovated french double doors - took 2 hours start to finish (just some trim to complete the fit off) which isn't bad for a girl working on her own.

Monday - I must check the roof hasn't sagged :)  Normally I would use a pressure sensor, but being Sunday evening and all the hi-tech hire shops shut, I'm limited to a go/no go gauge that I have for free.

I love week days (Monday to Friday), I get to relax, push a mouse around a desk.