Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tuesday 29th Dec

Holidays are fun, especially if you need girl time.
Unfortunately wife has decorating plan, and I put my back out again, this time installing a tile splashback in the kitchen which involved lots of leaning over the counter.

So this morning I went for a swim (back is much better now thanks) followed by a sauna.
So I'm in the sauna, wearing my one piece swim suit with breast forms, chatting to a pretty woman with a hot bod, we spoke about our christmas activities, and she mentioned her twin daughters.
Thinking of twin daughters, I've had a few in my house for various parties and now I'm trying to picture this pretty bikini bod in a formal setting and what her daughters might look like, I think I may have been to her house (in male mode) for a pre-ball party - this is now way to close to home especially as I don't have wig or make up on.

After leaving the Rec Center, now properly dressed, and with foundation running of my red and sweaty face, I do a few other chores, like visiting a Countdown Supermarket for bread, milk and a few other things.
I also visit the post shop dispatch center for a special, registered mail pick up.
So I'm trying to look pretty amongst 20 workers in the mail sorting area and I have to pull out my drivers license in order to sign for the parcel.

As it was a early swim and I was in a hurry, I had forgotten to pack boys clothes for the return home, and also underware.
This meant 2 things, I had to sit like a lady while relaxing at the coffee shop, waiting for a sleep over visitor to leave the house so I could go home in girl mode.

I really should have planned the morning better, but sometimes it's just to hard to be bothered with the fussy stuff.

I hope you had a great Christmas and have a massive party planned for New Years eve.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Post Christmas Roast

No, not Christmas, or food, just bloody hot here (we call 27 C or 80f with 65% humidity - hot)
especially when it stays high until 1 am before we can sleep.
It probably wouldn't be so bad if my brain didn't slip out of sleep mode before the sun rose at 6 am.
So with barely 5 hours of crappy sleep, I made it out for a morning coffee in my favorite skater skirt.

I remember shopping with Josie about 2 years ago, tried on the skirt, checked it out in the common area mirror next to Josie and the sales assistant, got so excited, I did a twirl and flashed them both my pink g-string undies. The look on their faces was priceless

I digress, so this morning at 7 am I had my first coffee at my usual McDonalds and read the newspaper (on the table behind me). But by 8 am I was both tired & bored so headed home and into my workshop to tweak part of my daughters car that was held with duck tape but now properly screwed together, thanks to some fancy resins and some common screws that I modified in to
self-tapping, for the job.

11 am I visited Josie, in the convertible, which was way to hot without the roof on.
We shared a pizza meal while I also enjoyed a cool refreshing glass of wine.
Funny how when us girls get together, we can chat for hours, and again - that was only 1 glass of wine.

While Josie knew she had a fence to paint when she got home, I was surprised to find my wife and daughter waiting for me to hang lots of new wall pictures and mirrors from their shopping spree while I was out.
The joys of letting women run free with bank cards, but why couldn't they buy something that didn't need me to spend 3 hours to buy and fit off special wall mounts - why couldn't they just be happy with a lunch, like us?

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas

I hope your having a great day. 
Mine started of as fun, pottering around the kitchen making trifle and other sweets.
However it soon turned to custard as we are expecting guests around lunch time, so after wife took this photo, it was time to change modes, vaccum kitchen, make beds, clean bathroom etc, etc, etc.

Daughters got me a new hand bag, but that was not allowed "under the tree", only boy presents are allowed under there for me.

Many times during the year, I get told "Gee you look great, what make up do you use?"
So I though I should finally let out my secrete

Left to right is how I apply my make up

Black Eye Shadow to darken my brows
Powder (for extra special outings only)
Lip Stick

The rest is just natural good living, lots of chocolate cake & coffee

Actually, now I think about it, I don't think I've ever been told I look great. Often been told I look old, often gotten hair dye as a present, but if someone was to ask, this is what my answer would have been :)

I hope all your Christmas wishes come true, even the naughty ones

Lots of Love

Sunday, December 20, 2015

2 weeks of Hell, but finally a chance to relax

Since my last story of driving my daughters car up the length of New Zealand (okay a bit of exaggeration, 1,000 kms and 1,800 kms are not the same), I've been hit by the Christmas rush both at work and at home. I scored some decking timber from the neighbour and finally finished & stained the deck, I still owe him a few beers for that.
The weekend before I was doing touch up re-spraying of daughters new car, it looks like it's fresh from the factory now.
Work has been not only double booking me, but also pushing a lot of overtime and "special" jobs my way.

Sunday (today) has been a partial relax, starting with a bush escape with my youngest girl to do some archery - I would show you my double bulls eye, but she kept putting her face in to the photo to claim it as hers.

I finally managed to get out with my girlfriend Josie, who also has massive work commitments, so I tried to sweeten her outing with an impromptu picnic at the beach (my wife always tells me to NOT do impromptu stuff - she is very wise and one day I may be wise enough to listen to her).
Anyway we both enjoyed the chocolate brownies and chatted for a far to shorter time, watched the funniest launch of a refurb'd 7.6 mtr Pelican boat, a few families having a swim, and relaxed for a bit before the manly commitments of the real world were apon us.

Yesterday I bought these tights from Cotton On Body for $34. They are extremely comfortable, figure hugging (okay I was thinking of trying to impress Josie when I bought them) and they hide legs that haven't been waxed for a couple of weeks. They will be my automatic "go to" pants if I'm not in a skirt or dress and I would recommend them to anyone.
The top is actually green mesh to show my hot pink bra - I mean why have a hot pink bra if your not allowed to show it off.
If you think my hair is crazy, my wife helped me with a pony tail, which I loved playing with and wrapping around me on this windy day.

As I got home I heard miss 18 shout "mum will kill you if she saw you come in like that", which was funny as all my wife said when I left was "check the neighbours aren't looking"

Monday, December 7, 2015

One Girls Road Trip

Background - 16 year old daughter wants to buy a car and asks for my help. 
She likes "labels" like Nike, Top Shop so naturally she looks to buy VW or similar. 
Me, knowing her style showed her some convertibles on our auction site, and 1 was very cheap in Christchurch (1,001 Km's away by road it turns out). 

She flies me down there, I'm in guy mode with the addition of a under wire bra that does not set off the airport scanners, with a carry on bag full of girls clothes at 6 am Saturday morning. 
The car is in excellent nic for a 1998 VW and 1/2 price on anything similar in Auckland. So I give the owner a couple of grand in cash, do the legals, and commence my 4 hour drive up to the ferry at Picton (top of the South Island).

Half way there I find an empty lookout point that looks over Kaikura (a whale watchers heaven). I swap in to my blue skirt and a lovely string top. Daughters texting me for photos of her car with the roof down, so I do just before a couple arrive at the lookout. Unfortunately I didn't want to do make up while being stared at, so I continued my journey north.

I arrived at Picton at 5 pm, as the 6.45 ferry to Wellington was cancelled, my wife booked me on to the 10.45 am Sunday ferry. While I was hoping for a night in Wellington, to slip on my mini skirt and party, instead I booked the night in Picton. I stayed at a fantastic, modern yet not expensive hotel called "Picton Beachcomber Hotel". Carol the owner was a lovely host, so if you want to stay in one of the worlds prettiest towns, I recommend Picton Beachcomber Hotel. I won't show you the picture of me in the pool (I was fine but the lighting was bad), but once I got in, I heard a chap on the balcony above advise his wife how he was about to go for a swim. I didn't want to be joined by a male, so I went back to my unit where the wine I bought during my walk around the town, was waiting for me.
And if you have a 24 hr old blue beard - this is how bad you will look.

Woke early, hacked my chin stubble off, got dressed and to the ferry terminal

Had a good early lunch of egg bacon & beans

Went outside to look at the magnificent scenery of the sounds, and as everyone else outside found out "to freeze our arses off"

I decided to snooze and conserve myself for the long drive ahead, so headed to the lounge suits in the family area. When I woke, I found and attractive German and an attractive Austrian girl sitting next to me, had a lovely chat, but they had their own car to return to Auckland with (so much for picking up attractive hitch hikers - in my dreams and in my past only now). Also chatted to a few others, including a nice Canadian, not that I've ever meet any other kind of Canadian, nope, only nice ones.

Snooze time, curled on the couch

Made it to Auckland very late Sunday, hopefully only 1 speeding ticket, but this is how I was dressed all day and for all of my coffee  and dinner rest stops at cafes up the country.

One girl about 8 years old on the ferry asked her mum "is that a boy or a girl?", I turn to the girl and said "I have a boys body, but a girls brain" 
- I really wish it was that easy, but I suppose it's a little bit towards the truth. It doesn't really matter, I like what I have and wouldn't want to change a thing.

I've really enjoyed this trip, had zero negativity from anyone, maybe raised awareness in others and it was just a fun, crazy way to spend the weekend. 
Okay, need more sleep now, hope you are planning a fun adventure soon