Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Monday, October 27, 2014

A fun morning

It's Monday - long weekend public holiday

So I'm sitting at Columbus Coffee, watching how the light plays through a middle aged lady's top, showing the outlines of her petite chest and thinking how pretty and feminine she looks, or the young woman with the tight grey sports top. My feeling are of wanting to explore the older lady in more detail and finding a way to emulate her, yet upset I will never be that hot looking.

I've been wearing my tight black leather looking pants for a few hours now, except when I took them off to try on a summer skirt at KMart. Got my brown boots and my top from Paris that my wife bought me while we were there.
I've also went to Hollywood Bakery for an early morning coffee and read some of the novel "Allegiant" from the "Divergent" series - yes the kids made me watch the movie.
While the first 2 books were excellent, the 3rd is written from the perspective of the 2 main characters, so you have to consider which character your reading from.

Eventually visited Mitre 10 for some more paint supplies, as "WE" (aka me) are painting the house, 3 bedrooms done, just the trims to finish, then my wife has eyes on the 4th bedroom and the bathroom. Bathroom will be more involved as I need to re-plumb and re-wire sections as well as replacing the floor structure. My French manicured nails have taken a beating with all this plastering and painting.

Josie arrives, so it's Brunch time, which includes the normal fun chat and some jokes with the manager, because life is good

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Finally after weeks of home renovations

I've been a bit tense of late, due to my lack of girl time.
It's spring here, so wife has outlined some home renovation. In the way she says "here is the paint and brushes" I know that time is not my friend, or the way she says "before you do that can you do......." Saturday turns in to Sunday and before you know it another weekend occurs and more renovation tools appear.

So Monday eventually arrives, and I'm dressed pretty and ready to go out by 5 pm. I wait until wife comes home so I can use her car, and then I find out she is working late at work and arrives home at 6.30 (instead of 5 pm) with a curry dish. My 6 pm movies has turned in to an 8.25 pm session, so it's dinner with the family and a hour to kill. Just after 7 pm oldest daughter who doesn't know about my dressing turns up, so I have to remain in my study until she leaves at 8.10 pm. Finally I run out the door, but get the wife to take a photo of me before I leave as I have 15 minutes until the movie starts.

Wife says - don't go anywhere close to home, well the car can travel only so far in 15 minutes, plus the movie I've been planning to see is 5 minutes up the road, so sorry wife but a bit late now.

Finally get to the movie house and a gentleman holds the door open for his wife and me - I'm so happy. I get my ticket and a coffee, and the cashier took a photo for you to see before the movie starts. Yes,..... my skirt is uncomfortably short for a movie and I was wishing my slightly longer one didn't have a broken zip, but I was determined not to wear my shiny leather look tight pants and boots as you have already seen those. Plus I like the look and feel of my legs with a light coat of Baby Oil on them :)

The movie "one-hundred foot journey" is about an Indian family setting up life in France. Since I was in girl mode, I found this a brilliant chic flick, with a great story, scenery and romance.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Heated topic

Web forums - can be very interesting and yet annoying
The topic was pretty much
What is a Cross Dresser?
Many were on the technical - "anyone who dresses in the other gender clothing"

Of course my views are different.
I've seen bride grooms tied to lampposts with stocking, suspenders and lipstick on, but they were not cross dressers.
I've known of people to get sexually aroused wearing pantyhose, who are not cross dressers.
I've personally known of guys who wear skirts, because they like to, who are not cross dressers.
I've personally known of feminine gays who are OTT girlie, in dress, make up and mannerisms who were not cross dressers even though they had man parts.

So this left me feeling the technical officiardos, had the wrong definition.

So for me, and I might be standing alone here, a cross dresser is a person who has an affinity to be part of the opposite sex (eg would like to be "one of the girls") and displays this affinity with their choice of clothing.
There are optional additions, such as make up, hair, breast forms, emulating movement and or voice etc.
There are also optional locations such as at home when no one is looking (where most of us start), the occasional public outing (where I will probably remain), to the hard core 24/7 cross dresser.

Sitting here, having a rant, while wearing floral leggings and a red V-neck shoe string top and with a desperate need to have some serious girl time (after a week of home renovations).
I'm off to spa with the wife and some Irish Coffee and will hopefully have some photos for you this Sunday.


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday 5th October

Finally I get to buy Josie a birthday Brunch, but first some 8.15am shopping.
So off to New World for some food stuff, in red top (with large breast forms), black summer cardie, black mini skirt, stockings and black boots and just for a change my brown wig.
Why do I tell you this, because Brunch with Josie was so much fun, I forgot to take any selfies or any other photos.
Afterwards, because my body has it's winter coat of fat, I went to the pools for a 700 meter swim, hopefully within a few weeks of swimming, my body will be hard again (and have abs again).