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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Shortest Skirt Compertition

I'm unsure how this happened, but somehow our emails got confused and somewhere during the last 2 weeks, "shortest skirt" was mentioned. I didn't really thing much more about it, and this morning I left home with my new shiny tight jeans after a pre-dawn trip to the doctors with Miss 15.
I did my normal McDonald coffee and a walk around K-Mart clothing shop at 8am and also a 9am shop at my local hardware shop (bought new jigsaw blades). At this stage I was in my purple top and new shiny jeans, but just before I made it to our brunch location I decided to change to show of my shaved legs and recalled the shortest skirt email comment.

Josie & I decided on a draw, since my skirt was shorter, but her legs were longer, actually I don't think either of us cared, we were just having to much fun chatting. I must say a big thanks to Josie as she bought me brunch as a belated birthday present.

Earlier in the week, I went to see Iron Man 3, and while the cinema was well occupied, not including the girls in jeans, I was the only one cross dressed. I don't know about the others, but I enjoyed the outing. Apologies for the camera photo, it focused on the background when the timer started and I would have smiled had I not been pre-occupied with the trouble the camera was giving me.

I love these shiny jeans

Cinema foyer

Ladies rest room, and in focus (nearly)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel, I have not been around for some time, this happens to me I can go a couple of months and not need to change into Anneke. But the other day I felt the urge. Partner is off early and I have at least until 3. Not sure wether I'll go out though. Not done makeup for ages but it has turned out pretty good. Anneke.