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What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Normal outing day

Of course it starts with coffee,
but this time I mix it up with a date scone. The chef also added a hint of orange rind along with the normal cinnamon
- That's my idea of living radically.

During my hour at Columbus Coffee, reading the paper and The Womans Weekly mag, about 30 people came in for brunch, including 3 families with young kids (8-13 year old).

I should really thank Miss 15 for the use of her velvet tights, and my wife for her pink top (that I bought specially for her)

After weeks / months of sunshine and not a drop of water, today weather is a steady soaking which is doing the garden lots of good, but limiting my outings to indoor pursuits. I was tempted to go to the cinema at Newmarket but parking fees would probably cost more than the movie. I phoned my wife and she requested some groceries, so I stopped at Meadowlands shopping centre for her, and ingredients for some home made pizza. This is one shopping centre, that if 2 people visited at any one time, shop owners would get overly excited.
At Countdown grocery shop, the woman at the checkout ahead of me had a lovely leopard print bra under her thin white blouse, I might have been staring by the way she smiled at me.

So now I'm back home, having made my wife pizza and a cup of tea while she studies her University course and hopefully does her assignment. I'm glad she is not put off her work by my cute velvety bum or large breasts.

4.05pm and just having a nap, when wife woke me in a panic to get out - we were having a wee earthquake. By the time I got up, the earth had settled down. I decided to remove my makeup and boobs and put on a normal boys t-shirt, soon after my oldest daughter (who doesn't know about my hobby) came home for dinner, and also a female friend of my wifes.
Daughter commented on my tights - probably expecting wife to be upset, but she didn't react,and I even let wifes friend feel how smooth they were while my tights were the topic of conversation.

I also had to pick up one daughter & her BF, go to shops with them, pick up another daughter from church, all while in these tights and grey t-shirt.
I love these tights

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