Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Trying to relax at home

Found out I can fit an outfit my oldest left behind, that she owned 7 years ago.
Okay, not something I would be quick to wear our in public, but I still like it, even without boobs.

This mornings coffee, I was just in a thin white t-shirt, pink bra and blue skirt. I got bored quickly and returned home to hang out with my wife & kids.

Today, is a do nothing day, relax in daughters Nike tights, my t-shirt & floral bra.
Got everyone home today, all relaxing on computers, IPads, watching TV etc. I've even pulled some old photos from my past, they were fun old days, and added them to my blog.

I really should mow the lawn, but I will have to get changed for that, maybe when the heat of the day cools a bit.

After my fall 11 days ago, my body has healed much faster than I expected, with full back motion and 95% use of my right arm. The physio helped correct some muscles that were over-compensating for the damaged tendons etc.

I hope your week has gone well, and you have had time to relax with your family.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Small happenings

Okay, firstly my 50 year old body is taking far to long to mend after falling off the ladder and occasionally my back or shoulder creates significant amounts of pain to such extent some friends are trying to get me on to pain killers. Always thought pain killer are for girls ( joke ), but will up my exercise to assist the repair of the damaged areas.

With my other arm, I a manged to paint the bathroom walls and install a shower dome over the weekend - I wish they were around decades ago, would have saved many bathroom ceilings that I've replaced. If you want a nice dry room after showering, this is the way to go, far better than fans and heaters.

Today I had to stop on the 3 lane motorway (freeway) to put out a car fire, always a fun job, but thankfully a lot of motorists stopped to help or just block the lane so it was safe for those of us who carry fire extinguishers. Okay we had to crowbar the hood open as it was to hot to touch, then found the an empty engine bay (car was on a trailer), so really unsure what caught fire, something by the front left wheel.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Not normally a mid week poster but.....

Yesterday a very unusually event happened to me (no I did not see the meteor shower over my house last night, but very relative experience). Like the meteors, I too was subjected to Earths gravity, but where they "bounced off" the atmosphere, my experience was more of a "bounced on" steps at home.

So it's time for a sick day from work, and when not at work, it's girl time.
But with a busted shoulder and back, I still needed to see my local physio (there are 3 working next door to a local gym). So I go, have my movement checked out, get instructions of exercises followed by a deep tissue massage, which is just sooo relaxing.

The bruising around my spine is the dark area just above my skirt (okay, some is also hair as I forgot to shave that section recently)

My Physio was at 12 noon, so my day started off a bit differently.

Firstly dressed pretty, which is difficult with a busted shoulder combined with having to get to bra straps, then I have to ask the kids if I may use my makeup.

Once the kids had gone to school, I drove past Physio, saw how busy they were and continued to my mechanics to have my 6 monthly vehicle safety check.

My car passed without issues, so I returned to physio and the lovely lady advised me she has an opening at 12.
This worked out perfectly as I still had to go to the shopping centre and pay my road tax. It also gave me the opportunity to browse the mall. Of the items I tried on, I fell in love with a deep blue dress which had a skater skirt and a lace neck line. It felt so wonderful on, but that's another $50 I didn't have.
I also had a coffee at the mall and by then it was time for my 12 pm physio appointment.

I was a little uncomfortable with a woman I've never meet before un-hooking my bra, but she did a great job on my damaged areas.

After getting dressed, wife phoned and asked how it all went, then chatted about dinner menu, so I had to stop at the shop on the way home. Please note how I only got enough to carry in my left arm.
I should have bought a sling for my right arm, it aches BAD.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Can I re-do last week?

It did actually start off really well.

Miss 16 no longer needs to wear her school uniform, so she wore a bum hugging maxi dress and got lots of comments about her lovely bod shape.
Wife has mentioned that I should not mention what a lovely shape she has as it sounds a bit "off" for a person late 40's to talk about such things.
Well, Miss 16 mentioned all the nice comments she got about her bum, and look to me to re-enforce the idea that she is desirable.
I could have / should have said nothing and left the room.
I could have said what I wanted - yes, you have a great bod shape.
Instead I look at my wife, remembered her discussion with me, had a sudden panic attack, so stupidly said "don't let it get any bigger" or something as equally stupid.
Personally I blame my XY chromosomes - not really designed for being bushwhacked by women.

Friday was a holiday to celebrate the signing of the treaty between Maori and English settlers, Besides the language barrier, misinterpretations, the land wars, and that Maori had tribal leaders, with many small tribes not signing, it is an 175 year old problematic document.
So what did I do - sanded, prepped, sealed and painted the bathroom ceiling.

Today is a work day for me, but waking up at 5am, I decided to get a bit of girl time in.

I didn't have time for full pepperation as if I wanted to blend, so it was a thin layer of foundation and lipstick, then of to McDonalds for a 6 am coffee.
If I look pale, it's because I still have micro dots of white paint all over my face, arms, chest & back from using the spray gun yesterday.
I had planned on wearing a black leather look skater skirt, but Miss 16 borrowed it without telling me last night and hasn't yet returned it, so I opted for a tight black skirt.
I really like shoulders, as many of you who are on the forum might know, so I decided to show mine off like this....

And for the chest filler, - 2 frilly pink undies

Always good to have a change of clothes in case the first is not appropriate

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Expecting better -
I had grown my leg hair ready for waxing, but decided a better present from my daughter was for her to take me to a movie, so Sunday I shaved my legs as I wanted to wear a short sun dress today. Well after about 5 weeks of cloudless baking hot summer sun, today it decided to be cloudy with light rain, so this morning it's in to Miss 16 tight Nike running pants.
Like any other girl, it took me quite a few changes to settle on a white top and blue skirt.

Today I wanted to try something different with makeup, so a thin foundation coat using my daughters lighter foundation, leaving the eyes nude to exaggerate my mascara, and some lip gloss. This I would consider my minimalist makeup ever for an outing.
Looking under tungsten lighting, it looks nice, unfortunately with natural light in my eyes from above and a camera flash, it ends up looking like this.....

So perhaps a little more makeup of the correct colour is required in the future.

Also, I'm grinning as I'm currently stretching my lovely 2 inch heels shoes, or should I say my shoes are currently crushing my toes

Regardless of these fashion foux pas, I had a lovely light breakfast and 40 minute stroll around the shops with Josie, tried on several skirts, bought a new plain white top. Saw some pretty floral push up bras at the underwear shop, but the $70 price tag prevented me from entering the shop

I would have bought 3 tops and a skirt that all looked fabulous on me, but for a little traffic infringement that has knocked our budget out of touch for the next 4 weeks.
So please note, when dropping of oldest daughter at Uni, do NOT cross the bus lanes, especially if a council enforcement officer has a video camera pointed in your direction