Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Friday, March 31, 2017

Bugger... So Missed International Transgender day of visibility

Today, at home it was so hot, my bra was soaking up sweat.
So I was only TG for about 20 minutes and apart from sitting on my front porch watching the rubbish truck go by and waving to a couple of neighbours while having my afternoon tea and cake in a light summer skirt, top, sweaty bra (it was too hot for wig or make up)  - I totally missed this special Trans day. 

I've actually spent the day bootstrapping Chemistry in the hope of teaching my younger kids, so to those who made the effort to be visible, thank you for being brave, thank you for being you.

Does being visible yesterday count?


Or maybe the day before?


Sunday, March 26, 2017

Shy on cash flow

So last week, we got a $1,600 bill for the dog to have bladder stones removed, 2 major stones and 18 small stones. Pictured by the pen is the large one in the upper left of the x-ray

Last Friday, was Miss 18, 18th Birthday, last week she was Miss 17 and 18 has always been a big and expensive birthday in our house.

Add to this, it's not a pay week for my wife, so it's going to be a money tight week.
I have put aside funds for me and Miss 14 to do some shooting at the local rifle range as she has never touched a gun before I've decided it would be a good experience for her.

Anyway, so today's adventure was out to the local shopping mall, bypassed  McDonalds as there were some rough looking youths and had a horrible coffee at the mall - I know for next time to just go to my regular McDonalds where the coffee is always nice and creamy. I followed up with a quick shop for some masking tape and saw a really nice top I must have - next pay day.


Monday, March 20, 2017

NZ transgender weightlifter creates history

New Zealand transgender woman takes the weight lifting competition from genetic females, with record breaking (for women) lift.
Now don't get me wrong, I do like the fact she is pushing the boundaries for the transgender people of the world, but to take it in to women's sports is just...

And here is my thinking on it.......

Sports scientist and exercise physiologist Dr Simon Sostaric said if an athlete is transitioning in their 20s or early 30s, "They've already had the benefits of higher levels of testosterone than a female and you're not going to lose that muscle mass in a hurry."

Anyway - just wrong - have you ever seen the NY Giants playing seriously against an under 12 team - No because some thing are just ridiculously unequal.

That's my rant, feeling better now protecting the rights of women in the world.

So last week, I had to do temporary roof repairs and carry 120 liters of water out of my basement.
This week has been stinking hot.

Dog got sick and had an expensive operation
I've almost finished my daughters car bonnet & boot repaint

Finally had girl time this morning, coffee and read the newspaper. Wife doesn't like that I often still have trace particles of make up on when i get home, so today I just had lipstick on (and a blue stubble chin even though I shaved 30 minutes earlier - probably scared the heck out of everyone, but they were all really nice anyway)

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Week of activity

Monday - managed to get in a swim, but only about 400 meters. While my boobs stayed in the correct place, I'm not keen on the slightly high cut hip line, doesn't quite feel lady like even though the fit serious female "club" swimmers in the adjacent pool wear them.
While it's true I have a thing for women's one piece swim suits, probably because I used to wear my sisters from the age of 8, I also have a thing for swimming and at the age of 11, did my first 2 Km swim and it also gives me the body shape I want and would probably still have, had I not injured my shoulder a couple of years ago, but today I found out I can now do the back stroke without pain.

Tuesday - I sat on my front deck with Miss 19 and her boyfriend who "doesn't know" in the pink tee shirt with pink push up bra (make me about a B cup) underneath and shiny black leggings, we had a great chat, ended up greeting a neighbour as he walked his dog and waving to the guy across the road. Guessing word about my dress sense will be common knowledge but doubt anyone will actually care.
By 6.30 pm torrential rain set in and by 8 pm the water had breached my roof gully and landing in a big bucket in my kitchen which needed emptying every 2 hours through the night.

Wednesday -  told the boss I needed a couple of hours off this morning to put a tarpaulin over the roof, decided to buy the tarp in girl mode, without make up as I had to get back to work ASAP, I also had a McDonald coffee in the newly refurbished building before heading home to scale the roof in the rain


One of the annoying things about putting a tarp over the roof in torrential rain is, while heavy rain storms are predicted for the next 5 days, it doesn't rain at all today or Thursday.

Thursday, another day to hit the pools, this time in a swim suit that I haven't worn in public for the last 10 years. I like how it shows every lump & bump and when wet it's quite shiny

Friday - The rain starts around 4pm, roof tarp working well, I suspect the problem in the splash back from the heavy flow in the valley, hitting the gutter, so all's well on the roof. 6 pm and my basement, where the big screen, surround sound, best couches are, is fully covered with about 1/3rd of an inch of water (160 - 200 liters) as the ground water pressure was to much for the brickwork.

My dog peed blood today, a $220 trip to the vets indicates he has bladder stones, so needing to find $1500 for an operation. God knows were the money will come from, I reckon I must be close to my max debt loading by now but still hoping to make a payment plan with the vet.

Weekend - no plans for girl time, want to put primer on my daughters car, cheaply modify the roof for the expected rain that should occur later today & Sunday

Sunday, March 5, 2017


Friday - finally got to do a 600 meter swim, good to be exercising again, hopefully lose a bit of belly mass, went so fast my boobs ended up by my waist - ie not age related sag.

So last night (9 pm) watching The Huntsman with my youngest daughter, when behind me I hear "drip, drip, drip".
My first reaction - "Not Again", but it was.

That bloody useless black water pipe, that was released on to our market for only 2 years before being withdrawn, was leaking again.
I managed a quick fix from my spares, but decided to remove all the black pipe from the ceiling so I needed to get to Bunnings this morning.

As my wife doesn't like Rachel around when visitors sleep over, I got up early, used Miss 18 foundation (she left it here when we took her to Otargo University a few weekends ago) which is lighter than mine and got to McDonalds for 7 am for my coffee fix and newspaper read. McDonalds Ellerslie had lots of customers when I walked in, including a roading gang of about 8, but everyone was really cool about me being there.

8 am and I figure an evening pub /party dress is not really appropriate for at the grocery shop or Bunnings, so a quick car change to get breakfast and plumbing parts.

New World buying breakfast food for visitors
At Bunnings
This is the outfit I wanted to wear for you when I was in Queenstown, but wife was happy wearing the skirt and gave me her new (charity shop find) blue skirt instead.
The nice thing about skirts like this is, assuming you don't cross dress for sexual reasons, underwear is not required, and your man parts get the correct cooling, undies being a signicant factor in male infertility.

I phoned the wife and asked if it was safe for Rachel to come home - she said yes, the others were still sleeping. Once home I was instructed to remove my make up and get changed then do the repairs to the pipes. Once done I spoke to wife about removing the last of the black water pipes so I had to revisit Bunnings
Another car change but there wasn't any make up in the car. 
Had another coffee before picking up some female pipe couplings. 
Comfortable even without make up

A big thing for cross dressers seems to be if they get addressed as Miss, Mrs or madam, it gives us a warm fuzzy (not that I really care), but I was pleasantly surprised as I only ever got addressed today in the female manner.

With this work finished, I've only another 50 meters of that horrible black pipe left, which I will deal with next time I have to de-construct the walls.

Maybe this time, when I replace the drywall ceiling, it will stay dry for many years.