Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Too shorter time

Been in boy mode most of the week, got quite a nice beard going.
But I had plans for the weekend, of freedom and fun
So the beard left my face friday.
Saturday - no girl mode, just working around home, going to the gym, reading a fun novel.

Took my daughter to the other side of the city for a 9 am course.
By 9.10 I had changed and I was having my first coffee at Albany shopping center.
I didn't realize at the time, but just 1 km away from the shopping center is the sports field where the All Blacks played the Springbok rugby team last night, where our boys dominated the game

I had hoped that after coffee, I could browse the shops, but apart from KMart, all the other shops were shut until 10 am and I had other things planned for the day. I did see some pretty tights/sports leggings, I would so love to look pretty at the gym. I checked out KMart stuff as well before heading back through the "City of Sails", home of the America's Cup.

It's nearly election time, but some places opened a week early for people like me who know who they are voting for, so being a loyal NZ citizen I performed my democratic duty before meeting up with my girlfriend for a catch up and beverage.
Later in the day, I was water blasting the fence in scruffy t-shirt, very short shorts and no shoes when wife announced that the daughter needed an early pick up, so jumped in the car with my wife and raced off. Half way there, a new text indicating a later pick up was required. Wife and I decided to get some groceries and I asked if she wanted me scruffy and shoeless in the shops or pretty as I still had all my girl clothes and shoes in the back seat. So there I am at a busy mall, shoeless, scruffy and covered with dirt from water blasting. Personally I would have been happy to change in to something prettier

Please remember to vote, 
this is our country and we should all have a say in how it's run.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

you know it's girl time when...

Life has been good, but I've found myself clenching my jaw, grinding my teeth
Obviously it's an early indication of stress.

Working out at the gym and seeing the women in tights helps, but what really helps is
Relaxing in girl mode, and I needed serious girl mode this morning

While I'm not a fan of stockings, my wife has asked that I grow the hair on my legs for a family reunion in Perth (8 hours flight for us) in a few weeks, so hence the stocking just for you.

BTW - I need a cheap under $100 drone, with Alt hold etc to video my trip, so if you know anyone with a spare and quick postage to New Zealand.

This morning I discovered two things
1) with g-strings, things get uncomfortable when stuff falls out
2) I should have done a double coating of Thin Lizzy concealer on my chin

While I didn't bring extra make up with me, a quick change solved the problem of the g-string


This morning I've tried on 3 pretty leggings, 3 sports tops and 2 sports bra.
As I'm saving money for the family reunion, I only purchased a sports bra, but might go back for one of the sports top that goes beautifully with the blue sport bra - can't wait to show them off at the gym.

Well I hope your having a good weekend and my thoughts go out to those who are having trouble with hurricanes.
For the rest of today my wife is going to point out to me all the plants at the garden center, tell me the Latin name and a story about each (unfortunately it's no where near a car/motorbike or tool shop).

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Life got a little bit serious

I'm not one to be serious
Why should I spend time being serious, there no fun in that type of life.

Well the pergola I removed from someones home, now has been partially used as a trellis fence and still lots of timber left over for other projects.
Daughters car wouldn't start, she's only home for 2 weeks so I gave her the battery from my old wagon, then took it down for it's 6 monthly safety check - failed on it's front wheel bearing so now it's off the road waiting for me to find $400.

While I was getting the car repair priced, I decided I needed a coffee and went to a local and busy (ish, as it was only 3.40 in the afternoon) McDonalds. The staff member who served me was very interesting (dark eyeliner and orange eye shadow and lips) and I liked her, complimented me on my top.


Other news.
Wife wants me to have hairy legs for a family reunion. Apparently in South Africa, shaved legs implies an athlete or gay and she reckons I can't cut it as an athlete. So while I have a skirt on today, I decided on a longish skirt as I'm not in to pantyhose/stockings.

The gym workouts are enlarging my shoulders, arms, legs and chest.
Wife says I'm OCD and would probably only work one muscle,
I told her "if that was the case, I would join a brothel, not a gym".
Gym instructor and wife noticed I still had make up on.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Weekend without outing

So my wife bought a nice trellis for $2
My job was to dismantle and bring it home
The front trellis was 5 meters and the rear trellis 7 meters
Sunk into clay with what appeared after 4 hours of digging, to be an unlimited amount of concrete.
Hour 5 I got permission to just cut it down below ground level.
Burned out my chainsaw blade but by the end of the day (7 hours work) I only had 2 posts left.
Sunday it took 3 hours to cut down the last 2 posts carry 450 Kg off timber 40 meters down steps, off the property, on to the trailer, back home and another 10 meters to a storage area on my property.

Sunday night my body was fair aching so ..........
Monday morning (today) I hit the pools to swim out my sore muscles.
Since you have seen me often enough in the pools, I only took pictures in the changing room and I no longer swim with breast forms on as they are just too big for swimming with.


Monday, August 14, 2017

Little outing

Okay, you have all seen my 3 different one piece swim suits so I won't bother you with another photo from the last week.

The weekend just gone, I went out for a morning coffee

While there a nice woman by the name of Jo started chatting to me. We had such a nice chat about family, relationships, etc that I barely made it to the gym in time to do the 8 am fitness session.

I did make it to the session in my Lycra 3/4 pants with floral trim (at the back), plain black top, fingernail polish and make up as per my morning coffee, but I know the workout is to hot for a wig.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Coffee before Gym

First, my morning coffee

Followed by a hard session at the gym (between the gym and helping wife plant lots of plants yesterday, I've found back muscles I didn't even knew I had).

Wife's new garden that we created (her design after watching lots of gardening programs, my muscle)

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

And in the News.......

1) Many trans gendered military were upset about Donald's tweet. I'm surprised at the number of us in the armed forces serving and protecting our countries - I suppose the armed forces are a natural way of denying/hiding our inner feelings and as such would be a natural place for us to gravitate.

2) and more importantly for me - my gym instructor has not only seen me in girl mode at the shops, had her son asking her about my sexuality, but is trying to encourage me to wear pretty female work out clothes. Really sore now after doing "her" program, need steroids badly to increase my muscle recovery, but stuck with "deep heat", so I'm now sore and stinky.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Girl / Boy week

This week:-
I went to a hair dresser wearing pants, semi see through top, pretty bra, NO make up, No wig.
He gave me a cute feminine hair cut & style, and only charged me for a mans cut - so going back there next time

I also joined the gym. 
I wore black tights and pretty pink work out top.
During the signing up, the staff asked what I would like to accomplish, I said either a hot feminine body or failing that, one like Dwanye Johnsone - (either way I wouldn't mind). Between you and me, I just want my abs back and be able to walk a few mountains.
After signing up and seeing all the "lads" working out, I decided to dress like the lads. It felt really good working out and after 14 years of running slower than my youngest daughter, I discovered I can still run at a reasonable mans pace.
Wife doesn't want me going there in girl mode due to the number of the kids friends who work out there, fair enough, yet she doesn't mind me swimming there in a one piece (gym overlooks the pools).
Finished my first work out, and I felt like a tough new man and really wanted to quickly find a taekwondo class to refresh those skills. 💪

Still swimming, I enjoy it and it's good for working out any back problems I'm having (slipped disks, pulled muscles etc). I think the shoulder I injured 18 months ago putting dry wall on the ceiling and falling of a ladder, is now back at full strength.
Same pool, I'm up to 1,000 meters each day - after a week, I'm starting to see my abs again.

I would like to add, all this exercise is reducing my desire to dress.
But that would be a lie 😊

I had 1 hour to cook dinner for wife and daughter, so I quickly got dressed, went out for a coffee, got petrol for the car, got home and used the microwave to cut the cooking time down to 20 minutes.

Funny thing during my coffee, a mum and children were intently watching me.
In the process of watching me, one of the girls knocked over her frozen drink and was saddened by her loss. As I left, I offered some spare coins to the mum to buy another drink for the girl.
While it cost me $1, I hope my kindness influences them

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Going mad

Okay, so I haven't been able to get out for a while and it's driving me mad.
Actually yesterday, I found out I'm the only male I know who is still sane - all the others are on "Meds" for depression.
So I'm sane - but a smidgen mad.
Previous post showed the hail and it's been raining ever since, add that to the fact I had a bad cold (man flue), then last weekend every time I opened an App, the hard drive would spin up and after 50 minutes I still wasn't getting the full front page. Time for a computer rebuild and I have only just got all my Apps back and running.
Did you know when you move emails to folders, they drop off the server - me bad, so many emails & contacts lost.

Finally some girl time. I was going to go out this morning, but wife had me making some planet boxes for her. She did allow me out around 3 pm, so I got dressed pretty and she made the son-in-law bugger off so I could leave the house without him seeing me.
I headed straight to the Auckland museum to check out the 2016 wildlife photographers expo.
The place was packed (probably only dry venue when it's raining), especially in the photo expo area.
The photos were so great, I'm keen again to get my DSLR back out to play with.




The place was so busy, that when I went to the coffee shop, the staff advised me their was a 25 minute wait for coffee.

So I decided to go to McDonalds for coffee. it was their 5 pm peak period, with nearly every table occupied, but it still only took them 3 minutes to make my coffee.

Now for those that know me, as usual when wearing lose skirts or dresses, I don't wear underpants/undies/nickers, and the 3 hours out today was no exception. It's so great to walk around feeling free.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

The weather is great

So far today we have had about 5 lots of 10 minutes of sunshine, 5 lots of 10 minutes of torrential rain and the rest of the morning has been cold and drizzly.
This was a couple of days ago, I haven't seen hail in Auckland for about 15 years - until 3 days ago, the area also had 405 lightening strikes, including one that hit my youngest daughters school and scared all the kids.

All my kids are home now as it's the weekend after term break up and the weekend before University starts. ie it's a crowded house, just the way I like it, 4 daughters and all their friends.
Most cross dresses prefer an empty house so they can dress up, but as it's a part time obsession for me, I like a busy & fun home. The latest thing is what to put in front of the bathroom door so the person in the shower either trips or is otherwise stuck when they try to leave - wife wouldn't let me move the sofa this morning.

A girl still needs her morning coffee, read the newspaper and relax for 30 minutes or so, regardless how busy the house is.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Mini break

After working hard on a massive design, finally closed the job and decided to de-stressssss
- by dressing

1) Large coffee and muffin
2) unwind in the library
3) picking up milk on the way home and having a fun chat with pretty lady who kept on checking me out at the cashiers.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Finally got pretty bathers

From my previous post, you'd know I only have blue one piece swim suits.
For me this was getting a bit 'boyish" and I've been looking for a reasonable priced pretty one piece.

So I was having a swim at Papakura in my normal blue one piece on Friday and had mentioned how I can't find a pretty swim suit at a reasonable price to the staff on the way in.
They said they would have a look through their stock and see what they had for when I got out.
I tried on a couple they had put on the counter for me, and decided to buy the one in the photo.

Monday morning and I finally get to give my purchase a 500 meter swim test at the pools.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Chatted to the neighbour while...

Decided on some girl time this morning and took my car for a run to Sylvia Park shopping center.
Had a coffee and it reminded me why I prefer McDonald's barista coffee, so this mornings coffee left me feeling like I hadn't actually had a drink. I did get to read their newspaper and a write up about how the NZ boat is faster than the Americans (America's Cup races tend to capture the public's attention, especially when we are winning)
I also checked out a few clothes shops, but found myself being distracted by my projects at home.

So at home, I'm still removing rusty gutters and fitting plastic gutters.
So I'm up my ladder removing old rusty brackets in a long t-shirt and black cotton tights when my neighbour visited and asked for help with cutting down one of his trees. We chatted for a bit then I told him I would just get changed before I popped over to help him.
Between his tree and my gutters, I think I've managed to strain every part of my body and also put my back out - but what a productive day - Can't wait until Monday when I get to sit in a nice office chair and just relax with just a PC and a phone.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

everyday occurance

It seems every day I've been in girl mode.
Depending on Auckland traffic, wife can be up to two hours later at getting home.

Some afternoons it's walk the dog, get back make dinner and then change in to boy mode.
Other days, pick up bread, milk etc, make dinner then change in to boy mode.

This weekend was only Saturday morning only outing - coffee and groceries.

This morning I wanted the short skater skirt, but later in the morning - 
a quick car change in to something more respectable to shop in.