Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Friday, June 26, 2015

Small part time life as a woman

Well life happens to us all........if we are lucky.
And sometimes it's not nice, like having a CT scan of one's colon, which involves days of emptying your intestines, having a gas tube stuck up your rear and being inflated from the inside while in a radioactive chamber. Still it's more interesting if you do it differently, like dressing nicely.

And it's always nice to stop on the way home for a good coffee as a treat.

I was also wearing this skirt to the CT clinic, but here is the photo of me once I arrived at the pools.

I did thank my wife for having such lovely clothes to share with me this morning and I loved how my pink bra showed through the lace.

I was in the pools for about an hour and a half, with my swim cap giving me a headache from the pressure, so had to go without the swim cap for the last 30 minutes. I also joined 6 others in the spa pool for 10 minutes, then the sauna for another 10, neither of which helped my headache.
I just wanted to strut around in my swimsuit, so I enjoyed using the communal shower next to the spa, as it's a requirement between pools and after sauna/steam room usage.
I also enjoyed the 800 meter swim with my size C cup breast forms

Please excuse the lack of make up during and after the swim, but one kind girl said I looked about 30, I think she was trying to chat me up, or felt sorry for the crazy old man - nah - she so wanted me :-)
After a hard swim, spa pool is in the background

Another relaxing coffee at the pools

Heading home

As a footnote; This "procedure" has put me back under my ideal BMI weight, and with the swimming starting to give me a more manly V shaped body, such that I can nearly see my 6 pack again (which I lost about 6 years ago). I think having my 6 pack abs back 3 times in one life time will be great so I will probably continue with a strict food intake and regular swimming now I know most people are not offended by me wearing a one piece.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Finally a couple of hours of girl time

Don't tell the wife, but I went for a swim.

But before I tell you about how water proof my foundation is, I had fun with a new Lamborghini today.
I mean, I love my Swift, with it's 1.5 ltr engine, so imagine my surprise when I'm in pole position at the motorway lights with a heavy footed Lambo driver. I knew things would go fast once the lights turned green, so I slipped the Swift into manual mode and waited.
The lights went green, and the Swift went super swiftly to red line, chopped through the gears, G-forces pushing me hard,
I really did expect to lose the little drag, so no surprises as the Lamborghini tail lights raced past me - we have a top speed limit of 100Km/h, he got there a couple of seconds faster before we both ended up behind a police car.

Always a boy at heart.

This evening, after getting changed in to girl mode, bit of shopping at the grocery store, I hit the pools, to help tone my body and increase my muscle mass, get my triangle shape back that I had a few years ago.

So this is how I looked while swimming (obviously the life guard was not a glamour photographer in her previous life)

 And this is what I thought I looked like

I will say in my defence that a) I was so happy with my look I swam and extra 250 meters
                                           b) having boobs adds a lot of drag.

But it just goes to show, with quite a bit of imagination, what a bald, middle aged man can look like (after being Photo Shopped).

After my strenuous swim, without adding any more make up, I stopped off at KFC for a small $5 meal before heading home to wife & kids to relax in front of the TV.
I hope your having a great week

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Went swimming

So I've tried to kick start my fitness swimming, although my shoulder injury from several months ago caused issues on Mondays swim, today the shoulder has performed almost to the level of before the injury.

My wife was concerned about my toes

Or rather the colour thereof

What an experience once I got through the door

Lady at the counter "Are you okay using the mens room?"
                                                    - "No, I'll use the family room thanks"
                                 "Cool otherwise I can get you a private change room if you prefer"
                                 "Would you like a cap?"
                                                   - "no I'll be swimming in male mode thanks, but I would prefer to                                                              wear a more feminine one piece swim suit".
                                  "Oh I just thought if you didn't want to totally change, the skull cap will                                           keep your hair dry"
A nice discussion about what would be okay for me including the one piece with the skirt, or put shorts over like many girls do.
How often do you get such wonderful, understanding people?

After my 500 meter swim, I got changed, asked the lady at the counter if she would take a photo of me for you, she said okay I just need a minute to work the shop.
Eventually a young couple came in and sat beside me and I asked them to take the photo for me, the young man did, I chatted a bit more with him and the girl with him before heading home.
Again - more wonderful people
Lady at the counter apologised for being busy longer than expected and "hope to see you back soon"

Basically a really nice outing, with a fitness routine as well.

I didn't bother with make up as I left the pool, so here is the first photo of me EVER, without make up and 5 o'clock stubble so apologies if I look like an old man almost trying to be a beautiful woman (who said mental issues can't be fun)

Sunday, June 7, 2015

2 hours only this weekend

Saturday, I moved about 1 & 1/2 tonnes of rubble by hand.
Putting garden rubbish in to big (1 cubic meter sack),
wood in in to the fire pile,
concrete rubble in to a separate pile.
Wrecked my gardening gloves and my nails.

Slept badly as every muscle in my body ached, spend most of the morning awake in pain.

Around 7.30 am, I gave up on trying to sleep and decided to go out, first shop for some groceries, then got petrol, and finally followed by a coffee.
I returned home at 9.30 as one of my girls wanted a 10 am pickup, plus there is still more garden work required before I put in a new concrete pad for my tool shed.


If anyone in my area has a jack hammer they can lend to a poor old girl for a weekend, I'ld be happy to buy you some beers :)

Sunday Evening.
Snuck another hour of girl time while walking the dog.
Well had Nike tights, tight white top that showed my floral (un-padded) A cup bra.
I didn't bother shaving or having make up on.
Met a few other dog walkers and chatted while passing them.
An extremely relaxing hour.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Post Einstein Web seminar

I would like to thank Auckland University for holding this Web Seminar based on Einsteins theory of relativity, which was broadcast from New York. While most of the discussion was on Black Holes, Hawkins radiation, measuring gravitational waves (yes we have several testing facilities on this planet for this), a small part touched on String theory.
My lovely wife, explained she understood about 3% and found it very interesting but would prefer a biology subject next time.
One of the problems I have with science, every answer creates 3 more questions, and creates an unscratchable itch.

One thing that doesn't create an unscratchable itch, is dressing up, even if it's just at home, or dropping off Miss 17 at her friends, going to the gas station and then picking up Miss 12 from her mum, as I did this evening.

I know it's a rough look, very little make up to hide the old man look, but it was enough to re-center and re-balance my personality issues - ie remove the fuzzy edginess of depression after a few days of very hard, manly labour around the house, which destroyed my lawn mower and my 1300W hammer drill and I won't mention how close I came to throwing the chain saw in a fit of frustration.
But the tasks were finished last night with me, a couple of beers and my wife sitting around the fire pit.

2 hours dressed, was... trying to think of a word to describe it for you.... not "heavenly"... not "grounding" while both words are good description, as is "de-stressing" and "unwinding" but all these descriptors are shallow by their comparison with how I feel now.

Monday - Queens Birthday Weekend.
Today we celebrate the Queens Birthday, okay it isn't her birthday, but she does have one, and so we celebrate it during the English summer, which in turns means a day off work.

Today the normal Monday 6 am alarm went off, as the Ipad didn't know it was a holiday, so no sleep in for me - thanks Apple.
So while the rest of the household sleeps, I've enough time to grab a coffee and read the newspaper at a coffee shop in the local shopping mall.
Again, make up is at a minimum (spent 3 minutes applying), not caring that everyone will know that I live in a male body.
What I really wanted to do, is show you my pretty blue & pink floral pants that I bought in Split, Croatia last year. I've been dying to show them to you, but this is my first public outing in them beyond my front lawn.
While they are nice and tight the way I like my pants, the front bumps would inform anyone (if the blue beard didn't) that that I am in fact a very happy cross dresser.