Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Saturday, April 30, 2016

One of those days

Woke at 4.30 am
Wondering where is a nice place to wear a wedding dress and how do I look good when I'm in a wedding dress fighting with a tripod to take photos for you
By 5 am I still had no solution so same problem but with me wearing tights that look and feel like latex rubber and a sexy top
5.30 am and again no solution so I spent the next hour & 15 wondering what else I can do since sleep is not an option.
6.45 - casual dress and out for early coffee by 7.10.

Okay - this coffee shop has a large grocery shop attached so a few groceries to last until Monday (3 main meals, lunches etc for the 5 of us). In theory, Monday will be our big fortnightly shopping day, I might wear a proper dress for that, I wonder if my girlfriend Josie does shopping on Mondays.

It's a bit chilly now and I'm actually wearing stocking/pantyhose to keep my legs warm. Unlike many cross dressers, I'm not a big fan of such clothing, I prefer my legs to be bare or in tights.

9 am, back home, wife still in South Africa (we facebook and Skype often) and with her not here, boredom has set in so I'm either going to re-wash the clean dishes AGAIN or do something that will probably get me in to trouble, like wake up the teens before 11 am and invite them out for a walk.

Monday, April 25, 2016

On Oldest Daughter

I was at the age of 11, contemplating my life's future, when the answer of 4 daughters was given to me ( I might not believe in god, but I'm not deaf ).

Without realizing it, in my 40's I left my first wife, to whom I had a daughter.
Months later I meet a wonderful woman, who had by chance 3 slightly older daughters.
We fell in love and having 4 daughters just felt right for me, and these last 10 years have been amazing.
When my wife left her then husband, her oldest decided to support her father and as such still has a relationship with him. He has not made an effort to see his other 2 children, and when I see him (12 years after the separation), he is still filled with hate and talks about this and that to "get back at her"

I have raised all 4 girls as one unit, often and at great expense to combine them in to a functioning unit and it's working out really well. My youngest is 13 and oldest is 23.

Now here lies the problem.
If oldest daughter still see her birth father once every month and it slips out about my dressing, he will inform his mother (the woman who has filled him with a lot of this hate) and she will spend lots of her time, energy and even money to let my wife's family know she left him - for a  weirdo.

This grandmother of my kids, has already spent lots of time and money with private detectives and lawyers to find a reason to punish my wife in a court of law and since those have failed has started other nasty rumours.

My wife has mentioned she doesn't want her brothers to know, as she will feel somehow a lesser person.
On the other side of the coin, her brothers know what sort of man/husband/father I already am.


A day for us to remember our war dead as well as those who have served and are currently serving our country. It's also about remembering our brothers from Australia and England who also lost their lives in combat.

After the dawn services, my local coffee shops were overflowing and without a spare table, so I headed further away to my not so local, but regular coffee shop, which has WiFi.

I needed the WiFi, as my darling wife is currently in South Africa on holiday and it's our Skype time (her 10 pm is my 8 am).

Of course she reminded me that as soon as I get home, to properly wash of the make up, remove my nail polish and trim my long nails. I bet in the next Skype in 12 hours she will check my nails - so I best be a good boy and do as I'm told.

So my 23 year old daughter who doesn't "know" about my CDing, has now seen me in floral tights, my new red almost rubbery tights, black tights, about 4 different girly tops and yesterday asked if I was  going to do a Caitlyn Jenner. We had a nice chat about my clothing habits.

With my wife away, I've had easy conversations with my girls, fun cooking sessions, fun clothes shopping, managed to finish the painting of the refurbished room, mow the lawn, manually wash all the dishes (my F&P dishwasher hasn't been used since wife left). Done all the laundry, watched a few movies and read half a book - even though wife has only been gone 4 full days. I've got so much spare time, I could probably also build a boat before she gets home in 2 weeks.
All this while mostly in women's clothes, sometimes I think being a house wife is easy and to much fun, think I'll vacuum the house once the kids are awake.

Thursday, April 21, 2016


School holidays for 2 weeks means I have the kids at home.
Significant events for the week just past
1) 5th year wedding anniversary - Tuesday
2) Wife has just flown out to South Africa, she is 4 hours in to a 23 hour flight and my heart feels every mile

So I have a few days off and while I was planning Wednesday & Thursday, Miss 18 brought home a vomit bug from daycare such that Monday night & my 5th anniversary finds me with my head down the toilet for what seems like hours. I suppose that's what you get when one of your kids works at a daycare / kindergarden.

By Wednesday and feeling somewhat better and 2.5 kg's lighter, and no need for visits to the toilet, I manage to get out to see if my stomach can handle a coffee. It uspset me for a few hours, but eventually settled.

Best not tell my 23 year old I've borrowed her dress, since she doesn't know about this side of my life yet. Next time I want to wear it I will probably have to ask her

And ofcourse the courier arrived at my house, so now they have also seen me fully dressed and I had to give out my male name. I could have pretended I wasn't home, but then we would have to drive out to the depot. Miss 17 will be happy as it's her clothing from some online store, she is such a fashion deva.

So Wednesday, while taking it easy, at home with wife and 3 kids, I only took the dress off to go pick up bread & milk from the shops.

Thursday (aka today) seen wife off at the airport then went back to the office for 4 hours, now at home cooking dinner for my 23 year old (who doesn't know officially), 18 year old and myself in floral pants and a lose black mesh top

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Conversation with wife and daughter yesterday, after conversation about a CD we saw earlier at the mall
Daughter "Rachel likes dressing in tight shiny clothes and fishnets like a whore, so I want her to be a pretty whore"

Today I'm trying to live up to that, spent a whole 10 minutes on makeup, including brushing on my foundation - Bugger - Just realized I forgot mascara as wife has borrowed it and didn't return it.
Anyway, I figured I would go out to be a conversation piece. It's 7 am at the busiest McDonalds in Auckland, my corset is shiny as is my skirt and I used baby oil on my legs before the fishnets went on to get some shine on my legs.

Getting the photo for you was difficult, inconsiderate people kept trying to hog the counter, but finally had a 10 second people free opportunity.

So now everyone sees a "pretty whore" (I hope) working on her laptop, whereas all the other people are wearing Autumn clothes - tights and cardigans so I reckon it will be to cold soon to wear so little.

Yesterday also, friends came over and their Miss 17 asks "have you had your eyebrows done?" I said excitedly, "Yes - finally some one has noticed after 3 days of nobody noticing" and we had a lovely discussion about eyebrows while wife was going on in her standard damage control mode about my dislike for hair. These same friends have previously commented on my "lovely nails" so I guess if they can add up, they probably have me marked as a cross dresser.

After a quick outfit change in the car and a delay before the museum opens, I had another coffee in town, finished reading my book and even fitted in a walk around the Auckland Winter Gardens


10 am and the museum opens, time to check out the Air New Zealand 75th anniversary exhibition. I really enjoyed the 3D visual show they put on, but the headset/goggles was a concern, I thought my wig would come off with them.
On another note, I knew missing out on mascara was an issue - I got "Sir'd" 3 times at the museum - maybe if I had kept the skirt, it might have been more of a clue.

Thank you Mr flight attendant for operating the camera, at last a decent photo

I was chatting to a couple with West Coast USA accents while waiting to get on the flight deck, lovely couple and I was answering all his questions on the aircraft controls once he was inside, as the exhibition attendant had never flown a 4 engine aircraft and didn't know what bits do what. 
I hope I made their NZ experience just a bit more interesting and fun. 
Sign me up for International Relations when the job come up :)

Sunday, April 3, 2016

When I started this blog, I didn't really want you to know much about me, in case you lived next door, or you were my boss or my work mate at the next desk. But over the years, as society changes, as I'm not fighting my way up the corporate ladder, as I don't really care about my gender reputation, I've tended to open up a bit more.

So today, officially it's my birthday, I say officially because I was born in a different time zone at the end of their day, so probably still 36 hours away. But who cares really, it's just another day.
I've spent yesterday continuing the house renovations - trip to the refuse collection centre to get rid of the building material scattered around the house as my renovations get close to ending and wife wants the place looking nice for friends to visit and eat my birthday cake.
We also went birthday shopping, wife got me some mascara, not sure what else I want, but a nail gun is still on my hit list as I'm over using a hammer all the time - yes I was trained and apprenticed with a hammer - still not as much fun as a power tool.

But lets start the day in girl mode - yep, McDonalds for a coffee, read the newspaper, wearing a white top with see through strips and black leather look skater skirt.

As daylight savings started this morning, I'm an hour early for shopping, decided to go back to K-mart for a new top and it's nice to read that summer (and my short skirts) will still be in style for a few more weeks even if it does get dark by 6 pm.

I changed to pants for K-mart, though it might be more age appropriate - as if I cared :)