Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Botanic Gardens outing with Josie

7.30am sitting at McDonalds with a coffee.
Thanks to a back injury, which has reduced my sleeping time by half due to the pain, loving wife has gifted me her support garment which supports my back nicely and gives an amazing "tuck" and lifts my bum. The also make me walk funny, lifting each bum cheek as I stroll.
So sitting here at McDonalds in tight shiny sports leggings and a tight top leaving my bum and front on display along with any other figure flaws.

I've also noted, that automotive paint thinners destroy nail polish, I suppose I should have replaced the nail polish after spray painting a couple of panels on my car.
I'm waiting for K Mart to open just the other side of the car park, so I can buy some sports shoes for under $20.
Actually it's quite nice relaxing here, feeling like I could be "Sporty Spice" for those that know a little about 80's British music

Okay, I really want some nice sports shoes for walking around the gardens with Josie, it's not a trek that has any real fun content when wearing heels. I do have flats if I can't find any nice colored shoes - ideally black with pink stripping would be way cool.

No sports shoes today, so it's of to Botanic Gardens with Josie and I'll just have to keep wearing my flats. Had a nice coffee & cake there, followed by a 2 km walk around the gardens.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Daughter and I shopping day

Off work today, with a sore right hand rib area little sleep last night, tomorrow being a pressure day, thought it best to rest and recoup some sleep while I could.
Miss 16 was also off, okay - she actually has a medical certificate so no surprises there.

Around 11.30am I woke and after getting changed in to something pretty (corset doing an amazing job of supporting my sore ribs), putting on makeup etc, it was 12.30.

I decided since Miss 16 also needed food, to invite her out to lunch (thinking lunch & a glass of wine). After a quick consultation with her, I changed to a more conservative style - being lacy blue top, mini skirt over black tights, flats, over coat, after which she kindly added her scarf to add colour and keep me warm.

First stop is for her favourite food - curry veg pie, and a tin of V, at Hollywood bakery, Manukau.

While there, showing her my rings, she decided she would like to see some from the same shop I bought mine, so off to Hunters Corner shopping centre. A nice chap complimented me on my looks - daughter though him sweet and we made small talk while in the shop looking at rings.

Miss 16 found a Unicorn Onesies she would like, with cute horn & tail, but otherwise nothing really for either of us. We did see some wigs, and she advised how much lighter my hair could go, and how much it couldn't, unless I wanted to go crazy.

We eventually ended up back at Manukau Shops looking at all the clothes, she tried on a few things as did I.

We came home with a lovely low cut dress for her, designed to wear braless as the cut was to navel, but she had me stitch it up to just above her bra line once we got home. She looked stunning braless and says if she was in New York, it wouldn't be an issue, but here, well.... we are more conservative with fashion styles.

As for me, I just had a lovely girls outing with my daughter.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday morning casual coffee

Woke early, stayed in bed on this wet morning as long as possible, but couldn't sleep. Eventually at 7.30 I got up, dressed and put on foundation, mascara, lipstick and daring the neighbours, strolled out to my car. At 8.30am, and needing the ladies room, I visited a shopping mall and the cleaner advised me to be careful as she had just wet mopped the floor in the ladies. Afterwards I visited Mitre 10 for an early coffee and check out their flooring products (I have to tile the kitchen floor and need a few resins first). Visited ladies room again to check my lipstick etc, again running in to another cleaner while there -I'm sure she has seen ladies fixing their makeup before.
9.30 and now time to meet with Josie for our semi-regular chat, not a brunch today as we are both to busy, but it's good to relax and catch up with events in her life.