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It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Monday, January 28, 2013

Half day outing

First stop this morning was Greenlane McDonalds for coffee, it's quite a bit busier than the other two I like to visit. While there, apart from about 6 staff and 25 customers, I really felt like I needed a bigger audience

By 9am, after reading the national news paper, I used the ladies room at McDoanlds, then decided to visit the Winter Gardens at Auckland Museum. I was at first deeply concerned about the lack of people there to show off my outfit to, when 3 tour buses turned up. It felt good being around a group.
After a lot of self portrait photos, it was time to move on to see more people. I was feeling very good about my outfit, the big boobs and smooth crotch line, so I paid a visit to the Art Gallery.

OK, some art is just down right FUN, and a big thanks to the staff for taking the following photo for me. While the bare topped painting in the background was nice, I really wanted to play with the fibreglass figure in the sexy shiny leotard.

Time for a cup of tea. The hot red headed girl kept checking me out and I enjoyed checking her out

While I had fun, the heat of the day meant I needed a change of clothing, which was fortunate as some areas tightly packed were starting to go a bit numb. By now there should be more people at the Museum, so time to check it out.

NZ photo display at the Museum

Columbus Coffee for a coffee. Finding a table was difficult as a large cruise liner in port had dropped off a tour group at the Museum, many having brunch. I chatted to an attractive mum, with her 2 year old and also her mum who were locals having an early (11am) lunch

Next to Maori war canoe

Volcano simulation area

Pre European Maori food store

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