Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Saturday, May 27, 2017

We all have one....

We all have one of those items of clothing in our possession that we would never be see out in.
For many visiting this site, it's probably an item of women's clothing (funny, I thought you were all cross dressers, I can't imagine why else you are here), for me it's brown corduroy trousers, patterned dinner jacket from the 70's or a dress like my auntie used to wear, maybe floral with frill V neck like the one below.

But I suppose after a nice big glass of wine at the pub, it's easy to enjoy whatever I'm wearing.
Not sure if I walked around like a slightly drunk transvestite or a lady with a bit extra wiggle in her rear end. Just joking, checked out a few shops and generally just relaxed on this beautiful sunny winters day. 

I got home just before my daughter and her boyfriend did and we were chatting on the front porch when she mentioned I was being watched - a young teen boy who probably has never seen a transgender person in real life, was walking past and staring.

Later in the week, I had to get my car to Moon's Motors, for it's 6 monthly safety check, decided to go the extra $$$ for an oil change. It's my cars second oil change in 10 years and the price was the same as if I did it myself. These guys have always looked after my 3 cars really well both in terms of quality and price, the only down side is their dark waiting room with it's 5 year old magazines.
Of course, being out it's always a good excuse for another coffee and decided a bit of lunch wouldn't hurt.

Still later in the week I woke up with the sniffles, decided a nice warm sauna and spa might help, but the only ones close are at the "public" pools 
- I know your all packing your knickers at the thought of being so "out there", well a girls got to do what she's got to do :)

I must admit, in a crowded sauna and spa pool, I did feel like the odd one
- no, not really, 
I just felt like me, and it was great,
although I wouldn't have minded feeling the woman opposite either, apologies, that should have read feeling "LIKE" the attractive woman opposite me in the tight, shiny, chest hugging one piece swimsuit. 
See - it says "feeling like" and not "like feeling" - totally different. Okay? subject closed.
Gee - you girls are so rude even thinking such thoughts.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

So happy

Okay, so I still walk the dog, it's good exercise for me anyway and an excuse to show my sporty fashion around the neighbourhood and chat to anyone on our walk.

I know this blog is meant to be about cross dressing - wow, super / kinky whatever,
but some of us cross dressers have normal lives - well nearly normal, with a bit extra.

So update on daughters car while she has been at Uni.
1) I resprayed the bonnet & boot to nearly show room condition last month.
2) removed the 6 CD radio and installed a 40w blue tooth/SD/radio system (for about $15 USD)
3) This week I've added keyless entry ($6 USD). the instructions were almost as bad as not having any, but a quick google search and I've found a wiring diagram nearly compatible with the VW - only blew up 3 car fuses in the installation, works perfectly on the 4th attempt (total time approx 7 hours).

Now the wifes car - 2007 Nissan Tiida (or Versa in some countries), we've discovered a water theme park behind the drivers seat after recent rains.

Anyway that's another project, but first it's time to relax with a good coffee and my book.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday shopping and .....

Wife carries a colourful one piece swimsuit to the counter of Farmers Department store so that no one suspects the swimsuit is for me, even thought I still have to pay for it. I tried it on at home but decided I don't like how narrow the chest section is.
It's really hard finding a pretty yet sporty one piece like Speedo at a reasonable price.

In my more manly world, I've fixed the roof on the convertible and afterwards the leaks in the neighbours car, and my mascara was fine the whole day while Chris and I worked on his car.
A note to you other girls, be careful of fast spinning wire wheels on grinding machines, they hurt quickly and for a long time. Off to rummage through the first aid kit now, hope you had a great weekend.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Getting into a routine

Life seems to be rolling into a routine
Routines are good for paying mortgage etc, but shouldn't be everything else in your life
The only oddity this week was a Saturday trip to Matakana to pick up a glass shower screen for the bath we don't yet have in the bathroom I haven't yet built. Still was a good excuse to go for a small road trip and have a lunch out with my wife.

Routines - such as walking the dog,

 Having tea and reading on the porch, that 4 good neighbours can easily see from their lounge rooms

Morning coffee at McDonalds then getting home to make breakfast in bed for my wife.
I don't often wear stockings, but the mornings are getting a bit colder now.
The down side of a lace bra - no room for breast forms so it's a 16A cup for me this morning


Funny observation, I was having special cuddles with wife after breakfast, and watching my painted fingernails on her was almost like watching another woman's hand touching her - kinda cool.

Tried to find some special pointing cement as I want to re-cap my roof, after which I will paint the roof and replace the gutters, probably a 6 month project. Didn't find any pointing cement so instead spent the afternoon cleaning up my daughters car to almost show room condition and helping wife in the garden (relocating shrubs and 2 trees).