Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, December 30, 2012

On Sanity - it's over rated

Sitting here at McDonalds, felling a bit showy, must thank my lovely wife for the loan of her skirt, the corset is mine although it leave me flat chested. 2 young women (18 ish) opposite are heavily involved with Trademe and the contents of the national news paper has a full page article about how "Hellish" it is to live on Franklin Rd in December, it's known for it's massive Christmas lights display.


As the morning progresses, I've changed to more regular street wear and bigger boobs. I'm slightly concerned my tights are see through yet I doubt that it's that important compared to the issues of living on Franklin Rd, or that my tea is having trouble brewing in the pot


Yesterday I washed most of my home and got a lovely sun tan, today I was planning to paint all the bad spots but a day of rain has settled in. McDonalds getting busy so I must move on before being recognised, but first a visit to the ladies room.

I ended you having to throw our bread out for the birds this morning due to mold starting to grow so I ended up having to get another loaf from New World supermarket for breakfast. Although the kids will be asleep for a few more hours I decided why not while I'm dressed up (no point dressing up if no one sees you).

Mitre 10 hardware store for a visit to the paint department to find out which shade of white my house has currently and it will be time for another coffee. I'm glad my top has dried out a bit, as it goes see-through in the rain, especially if one accidently stands under a section of roof where a bit of run off is ocuring

Monday, December 24, 2012

24 Dec Shopping rush

Sylvia Park starting to pack out just after 9am.
I had my morning coffee at 8am at Columbus, went red & white to show my Christmas spirit
Christmas mode

Then I was in shopping mode (actually only tasked with getting miss 15 a new skirt from Supre).
I tried on about 5 outfits, loved the long blue dress, that miss 15 calls "Old Fashioned".
The skirt I got for her / us is the same as miss 13 has and has been nicknamed "The flashing skirt" due to how close it is cut to the undie line - sorry no photos of that skirt yet.
Fab blue dress that I should have bought

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Auckland warming up to a lovely summer

Dawn started quickly with a lovely warm start to the day.
I wanted a black clothing day, as it's the only thing I have to match my 14 year old daughters skirt and also wanted to show of my black bra through a thin mesh top.
OK, I also took photos of me without the mesh top, but that's for my secret collection, and besides, my bra looks just like a bikini anyway

Such a day for me should start near a beach which I love and a double bonus when attractive young women in Lycra pants jog along the water front. While half of me would like a bum like theirs, the other half would like to enjoy such visions of lovelyness

Mission Bay area

Yesterday, I found a nice dress in the Salvation Army Op shop, and while my wife wouldn't let me try it on, she did buy it for me ($3).
During last nights dress rehearsal, she advised me to wear my little white cardie. I'm unsure what my daughters thought of it, one was to busy crying as her hair turned out to dark after we dyed it, the other was to busy straightening her hair and staring in to the mirror (mirrors tend to make me check myself out for make up errors etc, probably a girl thing).                                 
The dress is a little bit hard to squeeze into being a size 10, but after a while, I didn't want to take it off, I was so in to the girl zone and wanted everyone to see me and say hi.
While my family slept in, I needed to show off at my favorite Mcdonalds and pick up some groceries for lunch etc for the kids.                     

First coffee 8.30am at McDonalds

Groceries from New World Supermarket


I also needed to check with the hardware shop as one of my kitchen pantry door hinge has failed. After a long discussion with an assistant, I discovered there were about 8 different hinges. I also checked the bathroom area as I need to do some major works on the shower area

Don't think I'll ever want a plastic shower again

While my morning out had a purpose, I've really enjoyed taking these photos for you and I've been nicely surprised at all the lovely people I've chatted to in these couple of hours.
Auckland really is an excellent place to be in.

It's so relaxing to just have a bit of girl time, a time that most guys can't understand, although at this stage I can't afford to do any more clothes shopping which I love.
Thinking about my wardrobe, I probably have more skirts and tops than any of the girls in this house

Sunday, December 9, 2012

9th Dec

What a busy week, finished re-plumbing water leaks, replacing sections of our outer wall and interior dry wall, re-built steps and today finally finished re-painting affected areas. Hopefully it will be at least another year before the next home maintenance issues.
Sunday morning, managed to get out for a couple of hours, after last weeks tornado, this weekend the weather has been fabulous. I was worried that it I stayed in the sun to long, I would have bra strap marks from a sun tan.
I started at Kmart, bought a pink lipstick, the old one melted in the car and I couldn't be bothered anymore of scraping it out. I then had a breakfast at Columbus Coffee and they were nice enough to enquire about if Josie was going to turn up for coffee.

After breakfast, I went to Mitre 10 for a clothes airier (after miss 13 sat on the old one last week). I ended up being enticed to watch a demo on a lint pickup tool for 20 minutes with a crowd of others, we ended up getting a free knife worth $5. Had I known, I wouldn't have bothered but I was hoping the free gift would be a lint tool or carpet stain remover as my dog doesn't like going to the toilet outside on rainy days, but at least everyone was polite to me.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday 2nd Dec

I would advise the Mayans to update their calender (perhaps add another 3,264 years), and the Christians that Jesus will be busy with his father for a while yet.
With that in mind, Merry Christmas to everyone on this lucky little rock, in the back end of the galaxy, in no particularly special place in the universe.

I'm currently sitting at McDonalds, dressed in my 14 year olds favorite top, wearing my tights (finally got them back off miss 14) and knee high boots. Staff of about 8 and customers about 24.

While I've had coffee, used the ladies toilet, read the paper, had some guy checking me out, no one here has been offended, and I hope that is the same for my paragraph above, because I really do wish EVERYONE a wonderful day - every day.

I tried on a few outfits last night, I wanted to go with a really colourful girlie dress but wife thought it was a bit to "girlie" for me.
Miss 14 looks great in this blue top of hers and my black tights, so I thought I would copy, but with boots. I can't remember it riding up on her, but with my largish boobs, half my abs are on display.
Loving my daughters top

I'm finding myself needing to apologise for the photo quality, to force the flash to operate, I need to block a lot of light, unfortunately blocking the lens, also affects the focus.

Wanting this gazebo
It's nearly 8am and I need some supplies from Mitre 10 to rebuild some steps, replace some outer walling and replace some drywall after 2 water leaks this week. I'm glad I stock spare plumbing parts as both leaks would have needed an urgent plumber at $500 each time. The plumbing for me only cost $24, and rebuilding the walls myself about another $70, (saved at least $1,500) - I love DIY, I also love this gazebo at Mitre 10

new step, just needs a trim

Yesterday, I had a lovely shopping spree with Miss 14. We checked out all the shops at Dress Mart in the hope of finding some nice new underwear and before long it escalated to tops and pants and a lot of disappointment so we headed in to Auckland city and had a fab few hours.
We checked out about 5 clothes shops, she tried on a few outfits at Supre and were exhausted by 1pm, so we stopped for lunch. After Burger King (aka. Hungry Jacks) we eventually stopped at Valley Girl and finally found a lovely top and shorts. Being a 1/2 price sale it only cost me $40 plus lunch. Unfortunately her boyfriend was there with us (luckily, it was still my job to advise on fashion) so I wasn't allowed to try on anything, and when we got home I had to alter her shorts a bit around her slim waist.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hellish week

At home, miss 14 thinks it's OK to leave her hair straightener on for 11 hours. I've only mentioned the hazard about 30 times and she was very upset to find the 3 pin plug missing. Would appear she thinks she has the human right to be stupid and if the house "accidentally" burned down, that's OK because it would be an "accident".

Miss 13 likes strawberries, but the bin is at least 2 rooms away, so the master bedroom carpet doubles as her bin, now the carpet has bright red pimples stained in.

Stressed to the MAX.......

Water leak..... Had to dismantle (break) the stairs at the rear of the house, lift the carpet, remove 3 feet of wall and replace 2 inches of pipe. I hope next weekend i can afford to rebuild everything

Mega Stressed....
Time to escape..........

First off, McDonalds for a nice coffee. It's 6 pm at Ellerslie and looks like the dinner peak has finished, probably a staff of 12 and about 40 customers. I had to visit the ladies first for a leak of my own and a make up check. Finally got my favourite tights back from Miss 14 and used only my pushup bra.

Mc Donalds, Elerslie

Relaxed now and a little hungry, I switched to bigger breasts (D cup) and visited Parnell, and after walking all the way down and back up the main drag, the restaurants were either looking boring or the good ones were fully packed out. I ended up visiting Newmarket and had a fab meal at the Turkish Cafe. While that was also packed mostly with attractive girls & ladies out for a nice Saturday evening, there was a couple of spare tables when I got there, so I was in luck.
Thanks guys, that was a great meal and so were the staff

Turkish Cafe, Newmarket
Unfortunately my finger nails (pre-glued from the $2 shop) were dropping by the minute, don't remember eating any. I'm guessing there is a trail of them up to Events Cinema where I discovered 007 was fully booked.
So I had a nice outing and decided to get back home to the family

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Doctors visits

I'm finding myself at that stage in life that regular doctors check ups are required, but I'm not scared.

I recommend everyone in this age group, to have their medical checks !

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Coffee Club brunch

Up early, 2 little sleepers in the living room as I snuck out.
Feeling a bit showy - shinny tights, shoe string top and heels, showing off my butt etc.
Think I applied to much foundation, face looks like it's had a spray tan.
Miss 14 took my favourite skirt last night, I didn't want her to as I had planned a discrete outfit with it for this morning. Unfortunately I couldn't say anything in front of her boyfriend.
So after days of planning what to wear, with THAT skirt out, I tried on plan B, C, D and ended up wearing plan E as seen below - a girl is allowed to change her mind!!!

Sitting at Mcdonalds, read the paper, taken a few photos for you...but it's still only 7am and the shop is getting busy. 2 hours time I'll be having brunch, hope I'm not under dressed.

8am and Kmart opens, shopping time
A browse through cosmetics and I find the mascara that all us girls have fallen in love with. At $30 I wonder if they can be part of a Christmas present. I know if I buy one for me, it will go missing within days.
Got to the clothing department, tried on a nice sheer black blouse, loved it, loved orange dress ($19) more...
Sorry about the focus, I think the camera focused before I stepped back out of the change cubical, hopefully you will see it soon - yes I bought it.

Anyway, back in to my earlier clothes and meet up with Josie at the Coffee Club, showed her my new dress, showed her my photos of the eclipse (copy on my photo page), chatted about home buying, clothes stores etc while we had a lovely breakfast.

On the way home, I had to stop at Repco car parts for a new rear wiper, the chap behind the counter cut it to the correct size for me to fit. The way everyone was checking me out, one would think hot women never went in there :)

I had such a lovely morning strutting around in tights, seeing Josie, etc, it was heart breaking to change back.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A week and a half is nearly to much

Family had a large gathering and BBQ last weekend, and with no movies I wanted to see, it's been a couple of weeks since I had any girl time.
Today I decided that after cooking the family dinner, to head out for a coffee - much needed as today I've been fasting and, due to one of the kids being sick, I didn't get much sleep last night.
Took out the Canon camera this morning and got some excellent photos of the (87%) solar eclipse, that really pushed my knowledge of my camera to a new level, glad I had the hand book.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Checked out K Mart found a lovely new dress (bright orange) but instead found a new black skirt for my wife. She only had 2 where as I have about 5, not include my daughters one in the photo below.
Really today's outing nearly didn't happen as I was enjoying cuddling my wife but knew she wouldn't wake for a couple of hours more, so I slapped on a little bit of foundation and lipstick and headed out.
For me to be out, using only 2 products from my supply is, while not unheard of, rare.
Bought a coffee and had just finished reading the newspaper when Josie turned up wearing a very stunning outfit that had me wishing I had something more eye catching on. I knew I should have got that bright orange dress
The news of the storm Sandy, has died down here now that we have seen the devastating pictures, and my heart goes out to those who homes and lives have been destroyed. Seeing the homes and roads etc, had the male part of me planning the rebuild and saw a task mammoth in it's undertaking, yet with the American spirit, I know it will be done.

Another relaxing morning

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Breakfast and Shopping


Last weeks BBQ purchase - now cleaned, stained, varnished, re-built some of the metal work and it works like new.
Demolished part of the kitchen, rebuilt & stopped 2 walls - now ready for wife to choose new paint colour.
Cooked a BBQ dinner
Washed the western walls of the house
Had a few drinks


Woke up with a bad headache
Found empty wine bottle
Can remember Vodka & Rum
Think I might have had wife on
kitchen counter, lounge suite & bed
Can't remember drinking wine
Maybe it was the teenagers who drank it

To late to cancel 9am breakfast, so went to McDonalds (in black lace top) at 7.00 to have a cup of tea to sober up.
Got to Sylvia Park (red & white top) at 8.30 to have another cup of tea and read the paper.
9am starting to feel like a lady again which is just as well as Josie arrived.
I never really thought of cream cheese, Avo, tomato and toasted bagel as a food source, but it was really nice.
After breakfast I had to pay for my car licence, checked my Lotto ticket, then we checked out the girls clothing shops. I'm glad we didn't find anything worth buying, my Visa card has reached it's max.

Thanks Josie for a nice relaxing morning, it really helps me unwind after a stressful week.

Sylvia Park shopping                   McDonalds for a cup of tea

Monday, October 22, 2012

Picked up BBQ this morning

Summer will be here soon. I purchased a BBQ from Trademe and had to pick up before 10 am in Hillsborough and since I'm an early riser I thought it would be nice to have coffee at McDonalds Royal Oak and read the new paper.
Not sure why, but there were quite a few chaps staring at my legs.

Royal Oak McDonalds

And have a little play in the park at One Tree Hill for 30 minutes or so.

Sometimes I need a little push

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Hi girls.
Finally blogging while out, wishing I knew how to use the PC camera. Sitting at Columbus Coffee at Sylvia Park, and every time someone activates the malls entrance a cold blast of air passes the thin layer of my tights, summer top and lace bra . It's nipple hardening cold, the coffee (large) was smaller than expected but had a nice flavour. The weather has crapped out for our 3 day weekend otherwise I'd be tramping in the Coromandel with the family.
My chore today is to buy some slip dresses from Supre.
Of the 3 the girls and I own, my size 12 (about 8 in the US I think) has been stretched to a size16 and the other 2 are "missing in action".
It's 9am, coffee is gone, shops are open and I need to get away from the malls door, plus I want to try on more clothes


Home now, so added a couple of photos.
I tried on the PVC dress again, but it's to high at the neck, rest looked good. I ended up just buying miss 13 a black top from Supre.
I liked a few items at Valley Girl but apart from myself but I couldn't visualise any of the other girls wearing the items so decided to save the money.
I did end up standing in a que of about 25 people, to get my youngest daughters name on a Coke tin. I was hoping to get all 4 girls names on tins, but it was one per customer and they may have recognised me if I went around a few times (knew I should have different colour wigs :-)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Friday 12th Oct

Now we have daylight savings, we have an extra hour of daylight after work to get out and enjoy. Forecasters predicted stormy windy weather, but at 6pm this afternoon, we still had beautiful a blue sky. This picture was taken at Saint Helliers Bay. I eventually made it to McDonalds for a cheese burger,chips and a coffee around 6.45pm (photo below)

Later at night, I had to take miss 14 (nearly 15) to her boy friends house, she looked so nice in my black tights that I decided to wear mine wet look tights, with the pinkish top I bought and wore to Columbus Coffee last month. She said it looked nice, and although I'm competitive, I think she would have won the looks competition - mind you, I didn't have makeup or wig on.

After dropping her off, I cried. My lovely young daughter looked so grown up and happy as she was holding her boy friend (I'm becoming obsolete in her life except as a taxi driver). I'm really proud of all my girls

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Quick Coffee at Manukau

Sorry about the photo quality, I think my $100 camera doesn't like low light levels, also I didn't have time to do much in the makeup department.
Found myself in Manukau to pick up a lamp shade purchased from Trademe and figured a quick cup of coffee before heading home. Pants and top belong to miss 14, about time I raided her wardrobe after all her raids on mine. Of all the trousers I've worn over my life time, these girls ones are the most comfortable I've ever warn, we should make them trendy for both sexes and all age groups

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sick day off

I know what you're thinking... How on earth can such a good looking girl be sick? and whats she doing with a bar behind her?    
OK, so Saturday morning starts with a sore throat, by the afternoon I'm into full blown runny nose syndrome, Sunday was much the same but around 1.30am Monday morning it switches to a bad cough and hot flushes (think I've got Man-Flu, are we even allowed to get that?)... hence the cookies and cream ice cream to smooth the throat while at the Lido Cinema to watch
"My Sisters Sister"             
What an absolute brilliant chick flick, I cried.
I also coughed, wish I had more ice cream   
Photo taken by cool cinema staff 
Photo Opportunity on One Tree Hill lookout,
 had hair trouble in the wind, nice woman assisted photo shoot but I haven't use her shots, not sure if she was trying to get the whole tall obelisk, or just look up my skirt



Sunday, September 23, 2012

To Brunch

Looked like a nice day, perfect to show my new top off. Being Auckland, it also meant a good time to suddenly get cold and start to rain. Being slightly crazy, I had a lovely bacon and banana on pancake brunch. Josie joined me at Columbus Coffee. The girl working there has great legs and even though we both had black stockings and little black skirts, I don't think I can really compete Grrr.. so jealous.                                                         So it was only a couple of hours outing, then spent the rest of the day at One Tree Hill with the family, where it was beautiful and sunny, with string quartet and some kids entertainments. Hope to get those photos up soon on my photo page

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sorry girls, no adventures this weekend

Spent the weekend rebuilding my car engine and he (Thomas the Toyota) purred like a tiger, after many years of living with a bad cough. I love my car.
Also painted the fence with the new HVLP spray gun, took about 90 minutes to do about 70 meters of fence.
Between being covered in oil and brown fence paint, I was not feeling very lady like this weekend.

Managed to take wife and kids to Subway for lunch, the kids are at the age where they prefer to out with mates, so it was a very nice outing. Miss 14 and I spent an hour looking at bras and miss 13 found some lovely high heel shoes, yet somehow I got out with my wallet intact.

The down side is I'm getting grumpy for not getting out enough, especially in my new top.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sundays Outing

Writing this is entry is very difficult for me...
Olie, my cat is sitting on my shoulders, I must get him de-clawed one day.
Actually yesterday would have been a good day to do it, but I've been saying that for years now.
The purring in my ear is not helping either, nor the whiskers going up my nose.
Anyway my day started out with a 6.30 wake up, with the sun already up in the East (just as well it was in the East, but it also means more people ready to start their day).
By 7.15am I was dressed and ordering my coffee and newspaper at McDonalds. Shiny black tights and a black top that didn't cover my behind or frontage, Olie please stop patting my head - I'm sure the cats gay and not quite up to speed mentally.
8am and Kmart is open for business, I saw a nice top while shopping with my wife yesterday an wanted to try it on. Since I'm in girl mode, now's the time.

Sorry about the photo quality and yes, being a typical girl I had to own it (and another fab top that I'll show you later) although I suspect both will be found dumped on miss 14 year olds bedroom floor within the week.
Anyway after purchasing the tops, I went to the hardware shop (same tights, but tight white singlet top) and purchased a HVLP spray paint system after wife told me not to waste time painting our fence with a brush.
While checking out the bathroom area a nice chap called Ken was chatting to me and accidental called me sir, he was very apologetic and I spent 5 minutes re-assuring him it was OK and how I'm often confused as well.

Today was Josie's birthday (she's like a prettier and smarter younger sister), yesterday I spent ages shaving my legs so I could wear a black mini to the birthday lunch with her friend. While I found the food less than it should have been, the 3 of us girls had a lovely chat followed by a stroll around the Botanic gardens.
I'm unsure if my hair will ever recover from such a windy outing and while my heels were OK, I wish I knew where my walking boots were - still it was a pleasant walk and the rain held off.
Josie, I hope you had a good birthday.

Miss 14 wanted to invite herself along except her boyfriend wanted to see her today - that probably won't change for the next 6 months.

I found out my family had a lovely breakfast together at home and were happy to know I was out with friends.

Hope your days are as much fun
Rachel xxx

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Planned outing postponed

While planning an movie outing this evening, my BFF was passing through Auckland on her way to the USA.
As Captain Spock said - in the most excellent (recent) Star Trek movie, "I feel emotionally compromised", so I went home with tears in my eyes.
Missing you already......... And don't forget to post photos!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Rough night, waking up ever hour, probably the excitement of having what turned in to a 5 hour outing. First on my list was fuel for the car followed by a coffee for me

I also read the paper while at McDonalds, but it wasn't very interesting. After a while I decided to look at photo opportunities, something artful perhaps?

Eventually made it to the Auckland Art Gallery, the new building is fab with lots of interesting displays. I sat overlooking the road from their coffee shop, for $4.50 I would have preferred a better coffee but the ambience's was nice and they had a lot of pretty staff.

Lovely relaxing fun, but sometimes more is better....

So 30 minutes in Supre Queen St to try on a hot PVC dress, looked really nice, molded to my breasts, but it was a bit to hot and I need to get changed back to my clothes to cool down.

Theres always one thing I've wanted to do, girl style......
Sky Tower is a restaurant and it also has 2 observation decks with fabulous views (especially when I'm there). Today was Sky City birthday so they had cheap $15 admission. I must have demonstrated to over 20 kids and a stack of teens that it was OK to jump on the glass floors 220 meters above the ground. I had so much fun with everyone, kids were great, the face painters were very well skilled, adults were great fun - a real blast for me.
Sorry about the photo quality, daughters 3.2M pink camera fits nicely into my handbag

Monday, August 13, 2012

New page added

I've decided to try out a new page of Photos to show more of Auckland, not sure where it will lead.
I'm planning a trip to the Auckland Art Gallery next Sunday, tried on 6 different outfits before deciding what to wear. So hopefully I'll have some photos of me there posted next week assuming wife doesn't change my plans for me. She took me to see Magic Mike at the movies, I wasn't keen on the swearing, rest of the movie was OK.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tool shop visit

During the fence re-build, I broke the drove belt on my planer, serves me right for using the wrong tool, so this morning was a trip out to find a replacement belt. After asking several blokes, no belts were stocked by the large hardware stores. I also check for fence paint while I was there - maybe next weekends job. I also discovered a few extra holes on my hands and fingers so I won't be practicing guitar for a short while

I also needed coffee badly due to a party last night and a hang over, my legs hurt from yesterdays workout on the fence and the high heels didn't help, so my mood was kind of  "who gives a dam".

Due to people liking my black and girls complimenting my lace top, I decided to wear both to McDonalds, Bunnings, Mitre 10, and the grocery shop but feeling under dressed and not very convincingly womanly.
Was getting upset as people were not really focusing on my face, like hello.. I'm up here!    
Still - not like the Olympic rowers last night with their parts obscured by a thin piece of Lycra
The down side of my favorite tights is my bum is to small (not many girls complain about that I bet).