Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Got out again today

Rainy start, but I wanted to be out in my new dress ( I decided to go with my knee high boots just for a bit more attention). I think my daughter borrowed my favorite tights - grrrr.
Anyway, coffee followed by trying the 2 major hardwares for a new door handle for the shower and a shop. The staff at both Bunnings and Mega Mitre 10 were helpful but they didn't carry shower door handles. At 9am I visited Sylvia Park again. OK it's getting a bit boring there but it has a nice feel and I got Miss 9 some cool new books that were on sale (Hannah Montana and another girl story book) to encourage her reading, I also checked my Lotto ticket, I'm unsure why I bother, but there is about $25 million dollars for the winning.

With the new dress, I still felt I needed to be out more, so I visited 277 Newmarket shopping centre and had bunch in their food court around 11am and checked out their clothing shops, bit more expensive and a bit more upmarket, so it was window shopping only.

My wife requested I get some cat food and a few other supplies but I stopped at a lingerie shop, just before the supermarket, with a hiring staff sign on the window. I couldn't but help ask the shop assistant about the job, I mean I do know a bit about bras and undies and it's a job I've always dreamed of.

I'm really enjoying this being out, interacting with some great people, chatting to people

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another busy day

Got home, changed into 18 year olds singlet dress & leopard tights, made a fabulous apple crumble, and dinner for all the family (wife and 4 girls tonight).
My high heel, over knee boots had a sole failure at Sylvia Park shops at the weekend so after I finished making dinner (just before wife got home from work), I changed into my outdoor clothes, and went to the garage to fix my boots.
No sooner had I gone to the garage - Miss 18 leaves the house and shouts out that she is taking her dress & tights. I'd only had them off for 5 minutes and there gone.

That's life in my house, if your not wearing it, someone else will.

This Saturday, Miss 12 turns 13, and hopefully I'll also get a couple of hours to panel & paint 18 year olds boyfriends car after wife gave it a bit of rubbing yesterday with her car.
This plan will leave Sunday free for me to dress up and get out again in my new blue dress - let's hope.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Killer week

If anything, or everything could go wrong,  then I think it was this week.

Apart from Miss 14 doing everything wrong and getting the police involved, just as I'm 1 week away from finishing payments on an unexpected water bill which has nearly crippled me, it appears someone has also forgotten to pay the rates (twice as much as the water bill).
I don't mind a bit of debt, but I would have liked to known before spending up large on holiday, new lounge suite and new computer.
So my wife came home from work and found me and the kids making dinner while I was wearing a mini skirt & tight shoe string top - one more unexpected bill and I'd probably would have been in wig & heels

Sunday - a day of rest, morning coffee and a shopping trip to get the nearly 13 year old some clothes for her birthday. First I had to check out if any of the shops were selling size 5 vans shoes and also check if Supre had the skirt she wanted in her size - no, but I did find a lovely blue outfit for a cheaper price that I just couldn't resist buying.
I felt so good in the new outfit.
I just needed to be seen.
A visit to a crowded coffee shop and a quick visit to Office Stationary shop followed by a bit of relaxing at a library. I wanted to be out all day, but finances and domestic chores only allowed for a few hours

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

troublesome times

I'm in a mood today, sitting here at McDonalds having coffee trying to relax.
OK the skin tight shinny sleeveless top and shinny black leggings probably makes me a bit noticeable, anyways..........TEENAGERS............

Miss 14teen has a friend, whose boyfriend dumped her.
Friend decided to get revenge by breaking in to ex-boyfriends house, trash his room and steals his mums makeup. Friend decides she wants an someone dumber to share the blame with (this is where my daughter steps up to the plate).
So these 2 blonds (who I'll call Dumb & Dumber) add to their Bucket List - above visiting Roma and Paris (their long term plans) etc, their short term plan of trashing this boys bedroom etc.

Now here's the fun bit.......
Saturday, Dumb & Dumber with their Bucket List and video camera head off to the boys house for a bit of trashing. Afterwards they decide to relax in my spa while leaving their video camera near me (so I might have accidentally copied the files to my  machine).
Sunday - Dumber comes rushing up to me & mum stating the boys parents are being nasty and making faults accusations her of trashing the house.
The video is so interesting I was tempted to make them both famous

At the age of 12, she was the most beautiful, helpful angle on the planet, always very considerate, studied hard, cleaned house.....And then came 13.........Blond-ed up her hair......... tunnels in ear lobe --brains fell out hole in ear........At 14 it just gets worse every day, I wonder what's coming tomorrow.

So if your thinking Transvestites live in a different world, sorry, it's just the usual world