Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Monday, January 28, 2013

Half day outing

First stop this morning was Greenlane McDonalds for coffee, it's quite a bit busier than the other two I like to visit. While there, apart from about 6 staff and 25 customers, I really felt like I needed a bigger audience

By 9am, after reading the national news paper, I used the ladies room at McDoanlds, then decided to visit the Winter Gardens at Auckland Museum. I was at first deeply concerned about the lack of people there to show off my outfit to, when 3 tour buses turned up. It felt good being around a group.
After a lot of self portrait photos, it was time to move on to see more people. I was feeling very good about my outfit, the big boobs and smooth crotch line, so I paid a visit to the Art Gallery.

OK, some art is just down right FUN, and a big thanks to the staff for taking the following photo for me. While the bare topped painting in the background was nice, I really wanted to play with the fibreglass figure in the sexy shiny leotard.

Time for a cup of tea. The hot red headed girl kept checking me out and I enjoyed checking her out

While I had fun, the heat of the day meant I needed a change of clothing, which was fortunate as some areas tightly packed were starting to go a bit numb. By now there should be more people at the Museum, so time to check it out.

NZ photo display at the Museum

Columbus Coffee for a coffee. Finding a table was difficult as a large cruise liner in port had dropped off a tour group at the Museum, many having brunch. I chatted to an attractive mum, with her 2 year old and also her mum who were locals having an early (11am) lunch

Next to Maori war canoe

Volcano simulation area

Pre European Maori food store

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Car road check, but first a coffee

The day started at it's usual early time, waking at 6.30, dressed and make up (foundation, mascara and lip stick) on by 7am. I love not worrying about eye shadow, eye liner or any thing else.
First stop, McDonalds for a coffee and news paper, a good way to pass the time until the hardware is open as I need to add extra tint to my paint.

The morning is starting to warm up, so I decided to change in to my summer whites, I hope my pants are not to see through (who am I kidding), but just in case, I'll visit another lunch bar and have a cup of tea along with a bit of people watching.

With the tint added to my paint (thank you Bunning for helping out a poor girl and doing it for free), I'm of to the service station to have my car safety check, failed on one break light (I've 5 break lights) and an extra $10 later my car passed the inspection.

Still a few hours left before my family wake up, so a photo shoot at the beach could be fun. I bought a large bottle of cold water as I can get quite thirsty and the day is getting hotter.

McDonalds, passing time for hardware to open

Getting warm, time for summer clothes

At mechanics, having car safety checks done

Beach photo shoot

Beach photo shoot

Beach photo shoot

Accidently ??? spilt my cold water bottle all over myself

Time to get changed

Glad I had extra clothes for just such an emergency

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Relaxing at home with daughter

Done my chores, dinner in the oven, dishes in the dish washer and now just chilling with Miss 15 checking out sights of Rome and Paris with Google Earth.
I've told the wife and 4 girls how much it would mean to me, if I could get the whole family to have lunch on the Med and to see Rome, Paris etc when we get in the area. I'm unsure if I'll have to sell the home or not to do the trip, but in life, experiences is far more important than "having" stuff.

Miss 15, is very good with hair, and while a lot of mine ended up in my first cup of tea, after a demo from her on clipping hair back, my second cup of tea was hairless. I might try to get her to do a nice plat or similar one day, or maybe it's just a dream. she is also very good with makeup.

While I try to keep makeup to a minimum most of the time, I decided not to wear any today as it would have reduced the time with my kids and chores.

Auto focus prefered the cushion

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Shopping day

Sitting at McDonalds, thinking of people like Lady Gaga and why shouldn't I while wearing a tight top and skirt with an under-boob corset on for emphasis and bright pink lipstick.
OK I couldn't do without my shiny tights and over the knee boots

It's 7.30am and the temperature is starting to climb towards 24 degrees C and while my corset gives my size D cups excellent breast and nipple definition, I'm overheating so it's off for the rest of my stay at McDonalds

Finished my coffee and while reading the daily  paper, looked up and saw a video of Pink singing her song "Try". She had lovely green undies and bra on and at one stage while inverted on the back of her dance partner, does the splits. Her toned muscles looking very impressive and if she ever wanted a wrestling partner I would put my name down. Girls with good muscle definition and strength really impresses me.

Times up and now I need to go to Sylvia Park to meet with Josie and do some shopping, so a quick change to a push up bra and full length summer dress. At least my undercarriage can relax a bit more now under a flowing dress, but not to much as I don't know what clothes I want to try on.

After breakfast we tried on lots of items at Supre (I still love their blue dress but at $45 it's a bit over my current limit). Josie got a lovely new skirt. A stroll down the rest of the mall had me trying on a couple of outfits at Valley girl - very sexy but not the image I want for myself and ended up with a lovely white dress from Glassons for $15 so I'm happy with my outing and shopping spree. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday morning off to hardware shop

7am and the hardware shop is not yet open for another hour, so it's off to McDonalds for a coffee and to read the paper


While I preferred the skirt on, I thought I would take some photos just for you without the skirt.
While it was fun strutting around taking photos at McDonalds, I would rather be shopping for new clothes

Finished breakfast around 8.15 and headed off to Bunning for some paint for the house

After getting changed into mans clothing, I loaded my spray gun and within a very short time had patched up the bad spots. The paint was a bit whiter than I hoped, so Sunday I hope to get a few mils of black tint to gray it down a shade before I spray the whole house.

Yesterday I took the family to Waiheke Island, talk about paradise on our back door. Great food, good wine, a bit of a swim, bit of sun burn and a whole heap of fun. Hired a people mover, visited Stony batter, wanted to put the kids on the flying fox, but it was to expensive (4 teenagers at $59 each). I had planned on hiring a 250cc motorbike and doubling the kids but an admin error prevented me having such joy