Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Ugh - One of those weekends

I tend to wake up about 3 or 4 hours before wife does at the weekend and today was no exception.
Thursday while browsing an Op Shop I found a couple of skirts ($3USD each), one being what seems to be a compulsive requirement for crossdressers - leopard print.
Okay so it's my first leopard print, and I've been crossdressing since the age of 4. I blame the leopard print skirt, squarely at the feet of Joanna Lumley and her TV series Absolutely Fabulous.
So my day started early, with coffee and a trip to the beach since it's looking like the perfect early summer day, patted a few dogs walking their humans, but left the beach before 8.30.

So wife did advise me as Saturday was scheduled as a working bee day, that if I woke her with coffee at 8.30, it would also be a good time for special cuddles. I so got her coffee, got ready for special cuddles but didn't realize that she had been reading up last night about the University riots in South Africa. It was not a subject that promoted bedroom intimacy, and after 45 minutes I decided to start the working bee by hiring a trailer while wearing a pretty bra and tight white top but otherwise still looking like my driver licence photo that the attendant had to check. Hours later the years of rubbish from renovations were at the rubbish tip.

For Halloween, I decided that the character Gru from Despicable Me 2, would be great, as in when he played a fairy at his daughters party.
Just need a bald cap, but wife doesn't want me using her dress :(

SUNDAY morning - just a bit of grocery shopping and a coffee to start what is an otherwise busy day painting the fence.

Auckland city is have some major changes, which is good since we have high levels of cruise liners visiting, but parts of downtown look like a demolition site, which it is.

No that's not a ghost of a cruise liner tourist haunting the old Downtown shopping complex on the bottom left, it's my smart phone doing a HDR photo.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Long weekend with a difference

Friday -  midnight, dropped 3 of my girls off in the city to go clubbing. I remember the days when I used to dance all night with lots of hot girls. Now my girls are the hot girls and I'm to old to get past the bouncers.

Saturday - 4 am and 5 drunk and danced out kids crash at my house, sounds like they had a blast.
                  5 am and wife's facebook app starts kicking off as relatives from the other side of the
                            world start posting
                  6 am and it's fun bedroom time :)
                  7 am and we need milk for our morning coffee, but I wasn't in the mood for full
                            dress up, so I didn't do makeup or a wig, and instead went to the
                            supermarket exactly like this scary outfit.

Semi-transparent "bright orange" top (don't know why the camera sees it as the colour it does), shiny black pants, jandals and painted toe nails.

At first I was scared to get out the car, thinking "what the hell am I doing". But once I was in the shop I realized how FREE I really was. I was at peace with myself and feeling very confident with just being me.
So with that revelation, I realized the wig and makeup isn't to make me a girl - it's there so as not to scare you  :)

Saturday 11 am - Just a though that I should share - reports from the kids clubbing is that the straight clubs they visited are boring and full of guys with bad attitudes whereas they reckon gay club really rocked, go figure.

Monday morning outing.
Amazing dawn with the sky glowing pink, I had hoped to photograph it for you from the Auckland Museum but got there to late, so went to Greenland McDonalds for a coffee and to read the newspaper (ie. passing the time waiting for shops to open)

Finished that to early, so visited Sylvia Park where I needed to eventually buy stuff for Miss 18 studies, so decided to have breakfast, read some software code (I haven't done C++ for about 12 years). On the way home I stopped at my local supermarket, I think they are getting used to "the crazy old (wo) man"

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Woke up feeling naughty

Wishing you were here.
I'm getting tech savvy with my first post from my phone, it's great having such a versatile device.
Anyway I digress, 7 am and due to a late night my wife will sleep another few hours.
Being in a naughty mode, means ultra short skirt, bright red lipstick, big boobs etc. My first choice shiny top was to figure hugging around my shoulders. Glad I don't have a shiny maids outfit as it's probably not appropriate for the coffee shop even if it matched my mood.

After a breakfast coffee I found myself drawn to KMart for a t-shirt I liked while there last night with my girls. While I could have tried on the t-shirt then, I really wanted to see how it hung with boobs on. I liked it this morning so much I got one orange and one blue for what will hopefully be a warm summer.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Holidays finished, back to normal routine

Great day for an outing but first...
While on holiday, wife's car dies while she is heading for work. Friday, the day I return wife is driving my car, and the suspension starts making a unusual noise.
Saturday - wife's 2004 Mazda is dead beyond my abilities and even the ECU isn't reporting whats wrong so it's off to the shop for new ECU, new air sensor, new fuel pump and fuel sensor. My 1996 Toyota has a broken shock which my local shop has spares so fixed in 30 minutes.
I also had to fix the clothes washer and dish washer on my return.
Normally the plumbing fails when I'm away, so I showed the girls how to fix that and where my spares are kept just in case the house floods AGAIN.

Anyway, the weather today was like being in Paradise, summer is heading this way so it's enough of an excuse to get out the house for an hour after work, even if it is just for a scone and coffee at Howick Village Cafe - yes I told them that since they are so nice to me, asking why I hadn't visited in the last few weeks etc etc, that I would recommend them in my blog. So if your ever cross dressing (or not) in East Auckland, they do great food and coffee, discrete parking if needed and it's only a few steps away to the cinema next door.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Last full day in Melbourne

Since arriving, the area has had storms, floods and very cold winds. Somewhere between sun set and sun rise, the storms stopped and today is cloudless and stinking hot.
Today at a Op shop I found a cute gothic dress with no size label but it looks about right. Tried it on, slipped snuggly over my arms but my belly was a size to big. The snug fit on my arms meant it wouldn't come off easily. I tried for about 10 minutes struggling with the dress, turning red with the effort, just as I was about to call for help, my damaged shoulder made a loud click and it rotated to a funny angle and I escaped the imprisoning dress.
I can't wait to be home again with wife and kids and can dress how I want.
In the meantime I'm watching RuPauls drag racing on t.v. until my sister gets home wishing I had brought a book on this trip.