Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Friday, December 9, 2011

Getting hotter

Well summer is starting to kick in with 22 degrees C and cloudless days. Last Saturday I had to borrow one of my girls lightest top & wifes sheer skirt (of course I had a mini skirt on under it - I'm not that rude, and it's a bit of a young fashion at the moment). So I visited my local hardware and checked out some tiles - actually I wanted fibre glass matting, but ladies aren't normally interested in that sort of stuff.

A girls job is never finished

Early start, long day at the office, got home 11 hours later, unpacked the dish washer twice, cooked some very fancy pastry for the family dinner, loaded the dish washer, spent 30 minutes hand washing rest of dishes, completed a re-write of some appliance software that should hopefully earn a few dollars. Missus wants me to sew one of her skirts tonight.
I wouldn't mind it all if I was in girl mode, but with the kids home I'm not allowed.

Starting to get bored with this going out, taking photos for you all, blogging etc. I mean it can't be all that exciting me having coffee, me at museum, me somewhere else. Sorry I don't have photos of me swimming at the local water falls, they weren't that good, my white top went see through, hair went matty and I was 25Kg heaverier.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tea at the beach Sunday 20 Nov 2011

As an early riser, it's nice to relax in the lazy morning at the beach with a nice cup of tea, so I popped in to "Cafe Kohi" at Kohimarama, had an outside seat and enjoyed the early sun rays. The cafe is a very well supported shop with lots of well to do customers, but what I really liked, was watching lots of pretty women jogging past in their tight leggings showing of some lovely behinds.
Having dual personalities was confusing at this time, 1/2 of me wanted a bum just like theirs, the other half of me wanted to touch them all.

Me relaxing at Kohimarama Beach (the photos of me at the cafe were mostly of the sky and the top of my head as I leaned the camera against my bag on the table)

On Tuesday, I found a shop at Dress Mart, Onehunga, that sold a bra called Extreme Booster for $40. It has  lifting pads & side pads, just what a girl like me needs. I took the above dress in with me to ensure it worked on the dress (this means I don't need to use my daughters bra & a couple of small socks to get the shape). The girls at the shop were very helpful.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Saturday 12th November at Sylvia Park

Went out looking for a new white cardie to go with my long summer dress, I tried on every cardie at Sylvia park (and a fantastic dress at Supre). Eventually the one I tried on at Temp, won the day at just $12. My shoes have had so much walking I'm getting worried they won't go much futher, and it's hard finding a nice heel with my size feet.
Had a lovely weekend with my wife and daughters after I got changed. My oldest girl has a rounder bottom and I've decided it was the cause of my favorite skin jeans failing that area, still she was nice enought to let me wear her shorts.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday 26th October

A little outing, test driving my daughters evening dress at Mission Bay and Mt Wellington McDonalds where I had a lovely chat to two very pretty girls for 20 minutes. I love this dress although my breasts kept trying to move down to my waist, I hope not to many people noticed me hiking them up.
It was another lovely outing in Auckland

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Relaxing start to a fix it day

This morning started with coffee - it was an early morning start as the missus has given me an itchy rash, I knew I shouldn't have done the lovey stuff while she was itchy. Any way I borrowed a skirt of one of the daughters & the top from another (they wouldn't notice, since all their clothes are just dumped on the floor). I decided on my corset underneath although I can't put breast forms in, but still got a bit of a bump thanks to some small socks.
Skirt, corset & lace top

Then it's back home to play with the chainsaw & some tree branches, afterwards a bit of outside house painting if the weather stays good.
I've been watching the World Cup Rugby, the atmosphere here in Auckland is fabulous and the games are great (just like our beer). I'm a bit torn between supporting NZ or Australia, both good teams & both places are home to me.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A day to myself

OK, so I had my McDonald coffee at 9.30am wearing just shiny tights, singlet & cardie, and next time I'll remember to wear black undies instead of pink (the singlet was not as long as I thought).
I did put a skirt over when I went to Sylvia Park.
While walking around I found a beautiful top for $26 at Valley Girl which I just HAD to buy. Thanks to the shop girl for taking the photo, and to the others at Sylvia Park who also took photos for me.

No thanks to the girl selling face/ hand cream who mistakenly called me "Sir", then 30 minutes later told me about bags under my eyes - It was fun though.

After Sylvia Park, I checked out the Auckland Museum again, just because it's relaxing, I love the flower garden, it's extra nice right now.
There were lots of school kids visiting, as well as lots of overseas visitors checking out the museum. My feet got a bit sore from the walking so I sat and had a cup of English Breakfast Tea and watched a long que forming up for the Aqua Show, people who came out seemed happy with it.

A late lunch (with a glass of wine) at the Cock and Bull, Ellerslie
Really it was sooo nice just to be out and about, confidently meeting people and enjoying life.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Saturdays brief outing

Out for coffee again, this time McD's in Queen St, I should have taken the wifes advice on stockings, but I just wanted my legs to be noticed a bit (as well as my pretty bra, via the mesh top). I should thank my daughter for the loan of her mini, but she was wearing my leggings again.

Around 9.30am I ended up needing the ladies, so I popped in to 277 Broadway, and while browsing around a nice young lass noticing how much difficulty I was having setting up the camera, offered to take a photo for me. I just love the fact there are so many caring & thoughtful people out there.

Friday, August 26, 2011


As a young person, for boobs I started out with the balloons filled with water (small for casual outing, large to get attention). One day I visited a bra shop with D size water balloons. I mentioned to the woman how I wanted cleavage and she got me in to push up bras (a size B). In those days we didn't have gel bras, but it did a lovely job. As more is always better, a sock helped give extra boost.
Over time I felt the need for bigger chest and still have a good cleavage.....

Being a FX fan, I sorted out a supplier of FX gels and rubbers (also fun people to know at Halloween time). A purchase of a clothes mannequin (female front half shell for $25) and some self drying clay ($20), I created a busty mannequin, followed by a mould (I would like to point out that my first cast mould of a lovely working girls breasts did not work out - but was still lots of fun). I would like to caution people working with molten rubbers & plastic, not to pour it on to their fingers - it hurts. Anyway soon the flesh coloured gel rubber cooled and solidified like bouncy jelly, just waiting to be shown off.
Lots of my older girlfriends were envious after feeling them.

I did at one stage buy the breast forms for women who had breast removal, but a size D in these were so wide and tall, that trying to fit 2 in one bra was nearly impossible without getting a double chin. so they went in the bin

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday morning, 14th August 2011

As my better half sleeps long after I've woken, I decided to go have my morning coffee at Mitre 10, pick up some light bulbs and check out their specials (I still fancy roofing the deck). With the winter snap that's hitting the area, the lace top and bare legs made shopping a bit chilly, both outside and also near the freezers at New World when I picked up some groceries.
Makeup for the morning was the bare minimum - foundation, mascara & lip stick. I'm getting much better with applying eyeliner but my girls always notice even if there is only one little dot left on when I get home.
13 year old got drunk this weekend (stole my beer & a friend snuck in some Vodka), the carpet is now ruined. I wanted to take them on a long march, or make loud noises & a greasy fry up. Missus persuaded me to do nothing. I'm very unhappy about doing nothing

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday 10th August

OK, between being cash shy and also not overly interested in food, I found myself unsure of what to do on a free evening out. The movies on at the flicks are not the sort of think a woman of my maturity would be interested in. I really do prefer day time outings, where I can browse the shops, go to Palmers Garden Centres etc.
Works getting slow again so I've re-reviewed what I would like to do to my house if I had a bit of money. Although it's good to visualise the finished design, at least I got home to a hot spa, hot woman & cold beer that was not just imaginary

My missus, just showed me the statistics from Cluster Maps,
So I'ld like to say high to those in London and hope you take back the city soon, I'll be upset if they take the museum, it's one of the best I've seen.
Los Angeles - man I loved that city, everybody was so friendly and full of life.
Glasglow - had the best whiskey I've... (actually I can't remember - think I drunk to much, I do remember it was a very nice dram).
Melbourne is cool, I remember good times catching snakes - we lived close to a hospital.
Closer to home - Christchurch, I used to find a high spot, looked west & dreamed of being a bushman in the Southern Alps. Whakatane - beautiful spot for a bit of fishing (I didn't have time to fish, but did eat great fish & chips at a shop on the main street),
Sorry Wisconsin and Stockholm, you are high on my list to visit next time I get up that side of the world.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Saturday 6th August

Today saw me out on the shore - Milford shopping centre where I nearly walked in to some one who works on the 3rd floor of my building. Had a coffee there, loved some of the clothes (unfortunately I still havn't won Lotto, so didn't buy any).
I decided to check out Takapuna while in the area. I asked the security guard if they had a lotto outlet in the centre ($18M up for grabs tonight - found an outlet in another shopping centre later in the afternoon). I visited Supre while in Takapuna, tried on several outfits and ended up buying a tight black top for my oldest daughter, which although was great on my boobs, was not so hot on my waist, but I still might end up borrowing from her on occassions.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday 27th July

Went out this evening, OK, so it was only to Countdown (groccery shopping) in Elerslie, followed by a relaxing coffee at the McCafe on the other side of the carpark. I decided to wear my tight black pants, boots, red singlet (shows my boobs off nicely) & black cardie. I accidently left the camera at home so no photos of this outing and at 7.30pm probably only 100 people noticed me.
On Saturday I got a Warrant of Fitness for the car, I'm unsure if I have a really good car, or my mini skirt was to short, so $30 later, the car is road legal for another 6 months. Actually it's a good car and the mini skirt was short.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

17-7-11, once again at McCafe for a coffee

This morning was meant to be just a dress up, but I felt extra cofident and wanted to show off
I really love this black combination, once again the see thru mesh top, but this time with a body suit underneath. The girls working this shop were once again very nice. After my coffee & a read of the news paper, it was time to find a more crowded area. Unfortunatly at 8am on a Sunday, all others stops were very lightly populated. At least one of the woman offered for me to co-use the mirror in the ladies toilet while I checked my make up.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday 14th

Holiday for me myself & I. First stop at the pet shop for fish tank filter, then McDonalds for coffee, checked out a lighting shop, walk around Manurewa Botanical gardens (that's a hike in my new high heel boots) and a half hour visit to the library. It was nice to see lots of college kids using the library, it indicates to me they can read a proper language that's not written in TXT.

It was a really nice outing lasting 5 hours with politeness from everyone.
I did a few photos from the Botanical gardens but didn't like them on the big screen, the ones at the library were not to bad

Wednesday - Botany Shopping Complex for movie (Super 8, more suitable for kids than a mature woman) and coffee. I did a bit of shopping before going to Dennys for a late lunch. Luckily a nice patron of Dennys was on hand and volunteered to take the photo for me as the one I took had to much window glare.

I do love these tight pants (so do one of my daughters, so I have to hide them)
McDonalds Manukau, OK so the date on the camera is a bit out, but still a nice coffee & muffin. I also checked out the hardware shops hoping to find a new shower door handle, looks like I'll have to glue the old handle back together.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

In the last month

I bought a really nice pair of skin tight pants and now I have to ask my oldest girl if I can wear my own pants. I don't really mind but some days it's been a bit of a fight, as to my stockings, they just seem to disappear. I must admit the girls do look lovely in my clothes and I do love shopping with them, but now I seething with jealousy (it's Ball season, lots of ball dresses, make overs, beautiful hair dos, and nothing for me)

Last few weeks I've been dinning in the Lunn Ave, Mt Wellington shops (Nandos, Coffee Club, McD). I did get the "Thank you Sir" once, I'm unsure whether that was because I was very minimalist with my makeup or whether the staff was a bit confused (OK I know I'm confused, but I was wearing a business skirt, stockings, heels and blouse, surely that's an indication? - next time I'll go in with D cup falsies instead of my regular C cups)

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Finally escaped man-land

April 30th, after being couped up with relatives for 3 weeks, I finally had some time to be myself (and also to move some boundaries)

I went to a wedding recently & fell in love with how pretty the bride looked, I wish I could be a bride for a while so decided to practice posing at One Tree Hill. Although the wind is very cool, I loved how the gown flowed. The spectators were very polite, with a couple being quite funny - in a nice way.
Although my wife volunteered to take the photos, it was a little early in the day for her to be up and about.
While at One Tree Hill, I decided to do 4 or 5 clothes changes & lots of photos and I loved my new pretty bra ( push up bra size 12B ) which was a big change from my usual large and heavy 14D false breasts.

While photography was on my mind, I visited the Auckland museum gardens.
While there some man of a mature age was hanging around showing great interest in my movements, strangely enough, I thought it was weird.
While I like women to show interest and don't mind kids (some ask me if I'm a man or woman), I've even had a bus load of tourists showing interest and smiling, but a single old man is just plain creepy.

With freshly waxed legs, I thought it was time to show them off at a Royal Oak Shopping Centre in my favorite tight mini skirt (I really enjoy being a girl, it feels so natural).
Ok I forgot my tight black mesh top was a bit see through showing off the pattern on my pretty bra, LOL.

My boots and shoes are now properly worn out, and I'm having trouble finding size 11nz or 13US replacements ( I mean nice looking, not just any ugly shoe). I'll try to see the shoe man this week to get new soles on my heels, the boots are ready for the trash

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dinner (for 1)

Yesterday at 7.30pm I went out for dinner at the Cock & Bull Ellerslie. Monday nights is very quite for them with only about 30 patrons. The staff treated me very well although I forgot to ask them to take a photo of me with my BLT. I then had to do some shopping at Countdown Greenlane and decided to have a McDonald coffee around 9.30 while I was in the area. I felt a bit sorry for the girl serving me there, she did the "Sir" thing and later the "madam" - mind you, I'm often confussed myself, with 1/2 wanting to do body building and the other 1/2 wanting breasts & but. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Car Crash

12 months ago, while my partner was driving out of a jammed up T junction to turn right, she stoped 1/2 way & checked for oncomming traffic. There was no oncomming traffic, as she moved forward a foot or 2, her car impacted on some crazy woman driving down the wrong side of the road. The wisdom of the courts (after a 12 month wait as the crazy woman had trouble getting her story straight) found the crazy woman on the wrong side of the road, should pay for her repairs, and that my partner should have been expecting the crazy woman racing down the wrong side of the road and that we had to pay for the repairs to our car.

The courts attitude to the expression of "let cost lay where they fall" is a very easy option.

Many years ago, a driver waiting to turn right to pick up his daughter, decided to cross my path of travel when I was about 4 seconds away from him. My options were either to travel in to oncomming traffic (never a good idea unless you can see there is no traffic), or clobber his rear end. Althought he cut me off and I had no option but to crash, the court decided to "let cost lay where they fall".

So if you get cut off by a crazy CD and crash, you will understand she just cutting you off before you do it to her!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

What the heck

As you know, I love tight shinny clothes but never ever wear them together as it just becomes to much. Unfortunately this morning, after not being out for a while (and after HE and the family had checked out the beautiful clothes in Newmarket yesterday) I decided to be a alot crazy for a couple of hours. I did however revert back to my normal politely dressed self when I visited the shopping centres.
I feel the need to get out more as at this stage, I'm lucky if I get to spend 4 hours a week as myself and I'm getting bored with traveling out to East Auckland, maybe next Saturday I'll head north for a change.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ha Ha staying away didn't work out so well

OK - lets face it, a girls got to shop, got to be out & about & got to be seen, we will not be locked away.
God bless mini skirts & small tops on these hot evenings
Had a snack & coffee at Mission Bay followed by the movie UNKNOWN.

Sunday 27th had me out in my tight shiny top, tights, skirt and thigh boots for a morning breakfast & trip to New World for grocceries. I'm not keen on the slutty look, however I did enjoy feeling "extra Girly" as people checked out my breasts. I was hoping to give you a photo but the camera batteries wouldn't let me.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not allowed out for a while

It's to hot & humid to be out & about now, so much to my displeasure - my maleself is doing some maintenance on our body (he wants his abs back & guns running). Real bummer, like I don't get a say in these things (OK - I know it's his body and he does look good, but whatever happened to sharing?).
I'm going to disappear for a while until the weather changes, so my love to you all.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

True Grit

At last, I managed to get out on Sunday. I started out with a Mc Coffee (7-8am) & read the paper, visited 277 Broadway & had a cup of tea at the food court (9.30-10am). I got to the Rialto Newmarket in time for the 10:20 True Grit movie (I prefered John Wayne, but that girl was brilliant). After the movie at 12:30 I had a coffee at the coffee shop in the centre. On the way home I stopped to see if I could buy a new pair of shoes but nothing nice in size 11 still.
I'm tending to go off my shiny tights (in the photo) & prefer stockings - It was such a hot day my make up nearly melted off.
Seceret note : I had dressed in tight shiny lycra top, tights, skirt & thigh boots to have Mc Coffee but changed my mind at the last minute as it was more a kinky party outfit.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I love Steaks

Friday 28 Jan - Cows broke the fence AGAIN, pooed all over where the vegetable patch was yesterday.
Sunday 30th - I (he) took the family to see HMNZS Wellington & Auckland street festival

Monday 31st, With my new hair, tight blue top & mini skirt, I tried to have coffee at the AK Museum but they didn't open until 9:30 so I had McCafe coffee at Ellerslie then did some urgent grocceries at Countdown Ellerslie.
It is amazing how relaxed being dressed up make me feel, it just totally blows away all stress

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Hair

Friday 7th Jan, I got a new wig ($40 from Papatoetoe Plaza, shop next to Kmart).
Saturday morning, went out for coffee & for a new WOF for the car. Felt like magic with the new hair.
Down side - went to toilet & woman in next cubical obviously had tummy troubles, put me off my breakfast.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas holidays 2010

This whole break & I've not been out (had visitors).
Legs looking like a forest, chin like a hedgehog, eyebrows not much better. My girls tried waxing my chest (after they decided it was to painfull to do their legs), we all ended up in wax goo.
It's getting to hot during the day to go out (note to self - do not leave lip stick in hot car) and can't really excuse myself from the family yet in the evening.

3rd Jan,
After a morning outing trying on tops & dresses (loved a black & white top from TEMT for only $26 - think I'll re-check my wardrobe & see if I can add it to my collection), anyway my family thought I looked a bit hairy, with electric trimmers they  hacked down the forest on my legs, back, underarm & stomach - feeling much better now.
Next time I go out, I'll not be to offensive in a mini skirt.