Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, August 30, 2015

5 hours of girl time

Wednesday, left the city and went to the island to check on a mid level floor being installed

Love the trip, even took my bikini, but ended up spending the whole day on the build.

SUNDAY - Girl Time
Sitting at McDonalds Cafe, bad night, sore muscles from fence building kept me awake most of the morning. I decided to get up at my normal Monday-Friday work time and have a 7 am coffee. 
Wanted to be the slut, but chickened out in the car park - removed my fishnets and heels, but couldn't change the wet look skater skirt or blue lace top & pink bra.

Just before I hopped out of my car, a dad with young kids walked in, and the shop was full of attractive middle aged couples, the type who look like they have a reasonable amount of money and the type that make up my client base.

I have an hour before I can go to the pools, shop WiFi not working and the Asian chap opposite has just taken the shops both national newpapers that are free for customers to read. I've just asked him if I may read the one he isn't reading, but he is adamant he should keep them both for now.

8 am and at the pools, only 14 lengths, enough to work out the pains from heavy work, soak in the spa and nearly passing out in the sauna before resting on the side of the spa again to cool down. Lots of mums & dads turning up as kids start their swim school, a few parents just doing their own thing, only one person, a female, walked past and gave me a look of disgust, as if I'm mad - but I've never really been sane like them and never want to be.

9.30 am and a meet up with Josie for brunch and a lovely chat that is never long enough. While there I helped a bird trapped in the cafe out and chatted briefly with a mum with a sick little girl, so cute and wishing I could take her sickness away.

11 am and I'm trying to remove the broken headlight out of my wife's car, a gentleman asked if I needed help as I was having trouble under the bonnet, eventually, after a long time under there, my hair blocking my inspection, I got the faulty bulb out without breaking my nails and a replacement fitted soon after.

12 pm, got home in male mode and finished constructing the fence wife asked me to build.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

I'm starting to dislike home renovations

Saturday -
Car Warrant of fitness - failed - $200 for 2 new tyres.
Wood for fence section (4 meters, $300) - planned rough wood  - installed frame- 6 hours

Saturday evening after a shower, slipped in to skirt and top to relax,  2 hours later daughter announces her boy friend turning up so I must change back to male clothes.

Sunday -
Girl time for 2 hours, coffee first then a swim (7 am - 9 am).
Had a lovely chat with pool cashier who wanted my boobs as her's don't sit where she wants them, I was surprised when she touched me on the chest, but she was just curious to if it was my skin popping over the bra top. Think I'm going to have to wear see through tops more often if that's the reaction from pretty women.
I walked out in "Male mode" and had a chat to the staff member again who was surprised to see both sides of me

Later in the morning it was brunch with wife and 2 friends and a 1.30 pm meeting with a client, followed by putting panels on the fence & painting it.

After McDonalds coffee and read of the news paper

Wrist band for the spa / sauna entry
Forgot to set the flash on the camera

New Zealand is planning to change the national flag. Since I'm Aussie raised I know the difference between our 2 flags, but most of the world think it's the same flag.
So hopefully we can have one with a Silver Fern on it and the Southern Cross with the old english colours like :-

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Early girl time

Woke up this morning at 3:58.....4:16......4:43.......5:01 am

Because, yesterday I bought a new swim suit, and I really wanted to go to the local pools when they open at 5:30 am. My back and shoulder has recovered quite well from weekend work, and I managed 300 meters in 20 minutes, then decided to spa for 10 minutes before I had to head home and get ready for work.

My swim suit has a high cut shape and open back, so had to do an extra special shave and extra special tuck.
Some guys obviously realized I wasn't a female, gave me a smile (or silent laugh) so I smiled back.
About 15 kids turned up for swim school and as the weather warms up, I've noticed more people at the pools working out or just relaxing
It was a lovely swim and I loved showing off, hopefully same again on Saturday morning but get a whole hour or so in and back up to 1,000 meters.

If you do see me around, your more than welcome to say hi and have a chat.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Out for fun

I mixed up my 3/4 meters (1,200 Kg) of builders mix using just my spade, and laid most of my concrete pad. Drunk a few beers to help the pain subside - didn't work but got a headache as well.

8am swim, sauna & spa to work out my muscles, in my blue one piece swim suit and C cup breast forms with nipples. I do like walking in there with just a thin tight swim suit over my breasts, and a skirt (same one as in the photos below).
The lady at the counter asked if I was blonde on my last visit (I wish!) but instead of my usual straight black wig, I went with my preferred wig today. I like chatting to her, she is so okay with who I am.
Feeling much better I went to have brunch with my girl friend Josie, although putting on make up in the changing room at the pools, with their low light level, left me somewhat desiring a make up counter like at home.

Still, the company, the coffee and the cake were fantastic, something I could have enjoyed all day long.

A walk through the shopping mall soon brought us up to the mini putting course, where we decided to play a round.

I got home dressed like this (of course my car is parked outside and my neighbours get to see what I wear as I come and go from the house), and relaxed with a cup of tea for 15 minutes before wife says
"okay time to get changed and we can go and get more cement"
  - not exactly the words I wanted from her

Sunday, August 9, 2015

to much weekend work

Saturday - I'm on project number 2 & 3 (creating cement pad for shed & fixing spa pool), wife is designing project number 9 and says I should work quicker.
The pad needs 3/4 cubic meters of builders mix, had to do a bit of manual handling and while I have borrowed a trailer, she suggested I reload it fully with our compost and take it to the rubbish tip.

Sunday - One of the hardest parts about project No. 3 is lifting the spa out of it's hole in the deck single handed and moving it on to the deck to work on. Between my Jedi talents and engineering skills I managed to complete the lift in 15 minutes. Between the hourly rain, during the sunny patches, I managed to sand down the decorative wood around the spa and add new stain & oil, remove and dismantle the spa pump, cleaned away lots of calcium from inside the stator and reassemble it while adding two extra seals to prevent water getting back in to the motor.
Hopefully in another 2 weeks it will look and perform like a new spa.

So what does this have to do with cross dressing?
Absolutely nothing, and I'm really upset my whole weekend passed without even an hour of feeling pretty.

I hope your weekend was more relaxing


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Been stuck in MANLAND last few weeks

So I've missed a few long days of not dressing, except for a bra under work clothes.
Yes it has caused tension, been gritting my teeth waiting for the next opportunity to dress correctly, so hard, that my teeth ache all through the night.

This morning, finally made it back to the pools, got 18 lengths in (450 meters) after several weeks of no exercises, followed by 10 minutes in the spa and 10 in the steam room.
During my morning swim, there are only about 40 people using the pool I use, another 30 from the swimming club in the other pool.

Photos are "to the pools" swimsuit & skirt
                  "at the pools" - man in one piece, feeling very natural and pretty, sooo relaxing.
                  "on the way home" black see thru mesh top.


For those who have never cross dressed (not including girls in jeans and leather jackets), it's really hard to try and explain the freedom and how relaxing it is, and hope you get to try it one day, even if it's not your thing.