Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wifes Birthday outing

Picked up my wife from the Manukau Medical Clinic after some routine checks, then went to the Botanic Gardens for lunch.

Wife was surprised to see me in the Medical Centre amongst the crowds, especially as I was wearing our oldest daughters white top and black mini skirt, her push up bra - OK tights and shoes were mine. She commented on how many people were watching us walking down the stairs, I told her it's because she looked fabulous.

While she admits it was a good birthday lunch, she was nervous about meeting anyone she might know, she was kind enough to take some videos of me at the gardens. I was hoping to get her on video in the same frame, but with the camera only one arm length away, I looked scary.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Went out this morning, white long sleeve top, daughters black mini skirt, black stockings and heels. We've run out of a few groceries (tea, margarine, toilet paper etc) and on the way to the shops, I stopped for a cup of tea.

While checking my makeup in the ladies mirror, I meet a beautiful young woman (I'm guessing 19) crying.
At a table, I got my tea and she a coffee (compliments of the excellent staff at McDonald's). 
Turns out she was / is on the birth control injection, but now she is pregnant and while she hadn't yet told her boyfriend, he sounded like a supportive person.
Now this beautiful young pregnant girl, could easily have this baby, go to University, get a great job, have a great life, but there is one minor setback.........

And I cried for her

She is of Indian decent.

I pray her parents are supportive, because she is a wonderful girl.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Just Chilling

Sitting here at McDonald's, in my blue dress with white flowers printed on the lower section, wishing my web cam worked. Outside it's about 9 degrees C and with this thin dress I'm glad I've got my C cup boobs to keep my chest warm.  Without a cloud in site, it will warm up to about 24C, although summer was wet, March and April have been wonderful.
OK I really wanted to wear my shinny tights to show my bum cheeks, but do you think I could find a nice sporty top?

Due to a hard drive crash on this netbook, I replaced it with one from a laptop running Vista - but it failed to boot so now this machine has UBUNTU, it's not as user friendly as Windows 7 and I miss my DOS programs, but it's free - I must check with MS as to Windows 7 replacement since I'm still using the same machine as was licensed

Ever notice how the tables are so low that a lady has trouble crossing her legs and it would be nice if the guy across from me would finish reading the newspaper and leave it behind for me to read (actually I'll be having tea at Sylvia Park soon and they always have a newspaper available).

I was listening to the radio, about when you know it's time to break up with your partner and one woman found her man dressing up and having sex with other men. My thoughts are that if your thinking of being unfaithful, maybe it's time to to leave the relationship - I'm old fashioned.

One Direction group is in the city now, my girls think it's cool that they breath the same air as them, but thankfully they haven't asked to hang out at the Langham hotel. One is lucky enough to have tickets to today's concert. I like the group and hope they get as good as the Beatles.

McDonald's now getting a bit busy, and the chap with the newspaper just left it behind, just proves that god is still listening to me, but will probably have to visit the ladies room soon after that big coffee.

I love you and remember, life can be fun if you chose it to be.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

15th April 2012

Being an early riser allows me to get around before things get to busy, I also prefer the light for my photography at sunrise. OK these days I tend to put myself in more shots than not, perhaps because I've already got excellent photos of Auckland, and really need a trip away.

Museum - where I found myself again this morning, is a typical example of a location I have lots of architectural photos, and flowers that are so numerous that I can't even begin to name from their gardens.
Same with Mission Bay, and as for Mitre 10, I needed some sealant as I spent my birthday opening up an outer wall and fixing a ruptured water pipe. I still haven't put the outer wall back together - maybe next weekend?

Whilst dressing up, might not hit the top of the sane list of hobbies, I can think of lots of worse hobbies (gambling, drinking, fishing - just joking on that last one)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Saturday 7th April

Some times life can be just a little bit less ordinary.
Maybe life was not about being just like everyone else, and if the staff at the shops didn't guess that I like playing dress up, maybe I'll just tell them I'm of to a cross dressing party.
My wife has some nice skirts and this black goes nicely with my corset.
I think the staff now know that I often wear breast forms after seeing how flat I really am.
This image is a capture from the video of me at McDonalds Botany

Beach at sunrise using a compact camera - wish I'd taken the big camera and use an off camera flash.
A pretty church I found on my outing, loved the architecture and the brilliant blue sky background, not sure why the compact got the focus wrong on this shot.
A quick change into more of wifes clothes, love the semi-see through patch coloured skirt and see through top. I was hoping to get the low sun, shining though the skirt on the next shot, but spare batteries were a bit cold and not powering up the camera
Being dressed up in these 2 outfits made me feel very elegant and special and I wanted to stay dressed up all day.

Instead I took the family (myself and 7 others) to Waiwera Hot Pools, had a fabulous day out with them - BUT...

Waiwera Hot Pools do not allow you to take food or drink inside without paying a $30 "Picnic" fee 

On a seperate issue, after years of waiting, I finally got Micro Soft Flight Simulator version 10, and even a joystick (Salvation Army shop total spend $20), so hopefully I can soon fly over your area soon (just wish I could aford to in real life).