Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, September 23, 2012

To Brunch

Looked like a nice day, perfect to show my new top off. Being Auckland, it also meant a good time to suddenly get cold and start to rain. Being slightly crazy, I had a lovely bacon and banana on pancake brunch. Josie joined me at Columbus Coffee. The girl working there has great legs and even though we both had black stockings and little black skirts, I don't think I can really compete Grrr.. so jealous.                                                         So it was only a couple of hours outing, then spent the rest of the day at One Tree Hill with the family, where it was beautiful and sunny, with string quartet and some kids entertainments. Hope to get those photos up soon on my photo page

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sorry girls, no adventures this weekend

Spent the weekend rebuilding my car engine and he (Thomas the Toyota) purred like a tiger, after many years of living with a bad cough. I love my car.
Also painted the fence with the new HVLP spray gun, took about 90 minutes to do about 70 meters of fence.
Between being covered in oil and brown fence paint, I was not feeling very lady like this weekend.

Managed to take wife and kids to Subway for lunch, the kids are at the age where they prefer to out with mates, so it was a very nice outing. Miss 14 and I spent an hour looking at bras and miss 13 found some lovely high heel shoes, yet somehow I got out with my wallet intact.

The down side is I'm getting grumpy for not getting out enough, especially in my new top.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sundays Outing

Writing this is entry is very difficult for me...
Olie, my cat is sitting on my shoulders, I must get him de-clawed one day.
Actually yesterday would have been a good day to do it, but I've been saying that for years now.
The purring in my ear is not helping either, nor the whiskers going up my nose.
Anyway my day started out with a 6.30 wake up, with the sun already up in the East (just as well it was in the East, but it also means more people ready to start their day).
By 7.15am I was dressed and ordering my coffee and newspaper at McDonalds. Shiny black tights and a black top that didn't cover my behind or frontage, Olie please stop patting my head - I'm sure the cats gay and not quite up to speed mentally.
8am and Kmart is open for business, I saw a nice top while shopping with my wife yesterday an wanted to try it on. Since I'm in girl mode, now's the time.

Sorry about the photo quality and yes, being a typical girl I had to own it (and another fab top that I'll show you later) although I suspect both will be found dumped on miss 14 year olds bedroom floor within the week.
Anyway after purchasing the tops, I went to the hardware shop (same tights, but tight white singlet top) and purchased a HVLP spray paint system after wife told me not to waste time painting our fence with a brush.
While checking out the bathroom area a nice chap called Ken was chatting to me and accidental called me sir, he was very apologetic and I spent 5 minutes re-assuring him it was OK and how I'm often confused as well.

Today was Josie's birthday (she's like a prettier and smarter younger sister), yesterday I spent ages shaving my legs so I could wear a black mini to the birthday lunch with her friend. While I found the food less than it should have been, the 3 of us girls had a lovely chat followed by a stroll around the Botanic gardens.
I'm unsure if my hair will ever recover from such a windy outing and while my heels were OK, I wish I knew where my walking boots were - still it was a pleasant walk and the rain held off.
Josie, I hope you had a good birthday.

Miss 14 wanted to invite herself along except her boyfriend wanted to see her today - that probably won't change for the next 6 months.

I found out my family had a lovely breakfast together at home and were happy to know I was out with friends.

Hope your days are as much fun
Rachel xxx

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Planned outing postponed

While planning an movie outing this evening, my BFF was passing through Auckland on her way to the USA.
As Captain Spock said - in the most excellent (recent) Star Trek movie, "I feel emotionally compromised", so I went home with tears in my eyes.
Missing you already......... And don't forget to post photos!