Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Monday, September 28, 2015

Temporary cure

Yes, I've found a temporary cure to cross dressing, it's called....

and that is where I've been all week, in camo (no, not cami underwear), camo as in bush camouflage, playing high in the trees, pools of mud or just hiking for 8 hours and sleeping rough.
It was such fun, I never wanted it to end, and after 3 days back home, I'm only just starting to think about wearing pretty blue sports tights after seeing a young mum in a pair that hugged her amazing behind so beautifully I just wanted what she had.

Don't worry, think I may be back at the pools in girl mode in my one piece soon (after I lose the beard) and I have an exciting day planned for next weekend.

Monday, September 21, 2015

1/2 day in girl mode (Monday)

Started by taking my youngest to the school bus stop while wearing skinny black jeans and light blue tee shirt before returning home for a shave, quick change in to my swimming gear and getting to the pools by 8 am. After a few lengths, sauna with about 12 Asians & 1 New Zealander, spa was the same with the exception a Fiji Indian joining for a relaxing soak.
9 am the lanes were swapped out for aqua aerobics, I left just after as I wanted to get on with another outing
Lots of girls doing aerobics, would love to join them

Left the pools and after a quick change at home, went out again with the excuse to one of my girls of looking for a new dog harness. So I did a basic search of my local shopping center and wasn't overly surprised not to find the harness I wanted so had a coffee and cake instead.

I did return to walk the dog along the beach and chatted to a few other dog walkers.
Middle daughter then organised a 1 pm nail appointment so I had to change back to man mode for that. I even managed to buy her lunch as I don't get out often enough with my girls as a one on one so I take any chance I get before they leave the nest.

We got home at 2.30, and while I told the family I was having a full out girls day, I've now decided to get my work rags on and do more renovating on an 80 year old French door we bought on Saturday

Sunday, September 13, 2015

A great start to the day

Finally got some decent girl time.
It started at 7.30 am, with me having a coffee and reading the newspaper at a local McDonalds

Admittedly the coffee wasn't as creamy as my usual McDonalds, but the staff were still really cool and very nice.
Apart from the clothes & wig, I had like 3 dabs of foundation hiding my stubble, and lipstick.

I worked pretty hard Saturday bringing in half a cubic meter of sand, leveling it and lifting the spa pool in to its new location, so that fairly well justifies a 500 meter swim at the local pools to stretch out my back. Hence the reason for very limited make up. I do love swimming in my one piece and was tempted to not even have breast forms as the material feels so nice on my skin.

All last week I've been seeing the new summer fashion in the shops and was keen to try some on. So I got to Sylvia Park just after 9 am, The next hour I visited quite a few ladies clothes shops (Tempt, Valley Girl and a few others) and tried on about 8 different outfits.
I'm currently loving white tops that show a bit of bra (shear or knitted).

This top was loosely woven, and at closer range shows whats underneath

Just after 10 am, I meet up with Josie for an hour and we had a lovely Turkish Brunch

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sauna but not swimming

Over the last week my arms have been tingly, not quite pins & needles, pretty much 24 hours a day.
Hoping it's a temporary injury and nothing worse.
I've given up swimming for now, but today that didn't stop me from enjoying the public spa pool, and laying down relaxing in the sauna, all sweaty in my tight one piece swim suit, breasts heaving to the sky with every breath and the material taut all the way to where it passes between my legs.
I've never felt so sexy in my life before (nor so close to passing out from heat exhaustion).
It's just one of those things I've wanted to do since I was a young girl, but never had the courage
I doubt anyone was offended as they all still did their time in the sauna, however I still prefer the spa pool as the sauna is to hot, and from the spa I can watch the gym people running on the treadmills or the other swimmers in the lap pool.

I really wish you could join me in the spa and sauna, and you'd be amazed at how nice and soft your skin feels afterwards. We could even get a coffee & cake afterwards at their cafe.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Why must I dress

As you know, wife had me do a bit of work around the house lately.
Saturday included doing a new dig to reposition the spa pool.
Sunday was Fathers Day here, which mean lots of driving and paying out $200 for a family meal, it was nice though.

The point being, without sufficient girl time, I lost my balance and it has been my grumpiest weekend that I've ever known. Unfortunately my wife was the focus of my irritability the whole weekend. 
Late last night I had about 45 minutes girl time, at the shops, tried on 3 bikinis (think I have to stick with one piece swimsuits) and have regained some of my lost calmness.  
So now looking back at the weekend, I can see what a pain in the arse I must have been.