Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Monday, August 26, 2013

August rundown

Sunday 25th
Been itching to go out today, but the rain is a bit off putting.

Week before last I was on the Gold Coast helping my father after an eye operation and 2 days later moving house. We were joined by my sister who also came to help, although most of the time was spent at one of my dads local sports clubs where he danced away many evenings with his girl friend.

During the time there, I showed my sister photos of Rachel shopping etc and during the day helping clean house, I was often in tights (leggings) and a cotton LDB or red singlet dress that just covered my behind. I bought quite a few clothes for my daughters and a new pair of tight black pants while there.

As usual, when I visit Australia, a water pipe at home must burst and flood my sub-terrainian lounge, and this trip was no exception.
Four days later I returned home to find the pipe had been patched by a friend and the carpet still under water. So Sunday the 18th I spent the day replacing the whole section of water pipe, pumping out the lounge and ripping up the carpets to take outside to dry.
Anybody knowing New Zealand, would know that it rains daily from July 1 until mid December, in fact to such extent that a few leaves in my gutter last night brought rain in to my kitchen - again.

Anyway, in my preparation of going out this morning I, for the first time ever, managed to get fake eye lashes on properly.
With the rain and a few kids to organize, I took them off again and decided to go shopping with my wife, including buying some leaf guard for the gutter - yes it was still raining when I was on the roof fitting it, and - more importantly, my black eyeliner and mascara is still in place 12 hours after putting it on.

Monday 26
Finally made it out to see the movie "Now You See Me" which was very enjoyable. I also like the fact women my age were seated next to me. I won't mention how much I liked her dress, stockings and boots. The other wore jeans and boots and black top, I smiled politely at her in the ladies as we were washing our hands, and the 3rd all I remember is she had a skirt

My new high waisted shiny black pants, my sister thinks of them as Olivia Newton John Grease pants

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Wishing for a free ride

Probably not the best photo of me, as I'm running low on iron and vitimin B (alternatively I could blame the kids for have loud movies on at 3am). It's actually been a week of sleepy days even after a good sleep.
Anyway, I managed a few hours to escape man-land, meet up with Josie for a quick drink and a stroll around the mall when I came across Noel Leeming electrical store, who print a free photo of you posing with a trike.
Being slightly extrovert (in heels and shiny leggings), I took up the offer and here is the shops sales assistant photo.

If only I was allowed out on the freeway :)