Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Perfect summer

We have an Island just 40 minutes by ferry, called Waiheke.
It's know for it's vineyards, silky sandy beaches, coffee shops and most of the inhabitants are artists, potters, sculptures, painters etc.
On a good day (actually most days), it's Paradise.
For me, it relaxing / tanning on a beach, swimming in the lovely clear water, and having a fabulous lunch

Things I wished for -
I should have had a shave this morning instead of 2 nights ago and I also wish I had bought make up and a mirror.


After swim look, the water was fantastic
Drying off, sun in my face

It's also the first time my wig has been for a swim and also first time I've accidental left it hanging in a tree when I got up from my shade and tried walking a few steps. It took longer to dry than expected even in the baking heat that left me with bikini tan lines.

At lunch, I had a lovely chat to a couple who had arrived in their own 23 ft boat. Of course wearing a wig in this heat, did not stop me from sweating profusely (still wishing I had shaved and had make up - but sometimes life just happens).
It's nice having a pretty coloured bikini under my lace top

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


8.20 pm and I after grocery shopping with wife and having dinner, I was about to relax with an adventure movie. Wife points out how she has been to work (almost as if I hadn't also been at work), and how she went shopping, and how she got dinner (we shared a pizza already cooked and still hot), and how she was looking forward to relaxing watching TV.

So 8.21 pm I decided to go to the movies to watch "How to be Single" staring Rebel Wilson.
Within 10 minutes, I had shaved, done make up, got dressed.
By 8.31 pm I walked out the door
By 8.40 I had arrived at the cinema and within a few minutes in the queue, had my ticket & ice cream.

I ended up sitting next to 3 young women (mid 20's) who were checking me out in the foyer, just wish I could have shared their wine, it smelled nice.

Apologies for photo quality, the flash couldn't reach me so I had to Photo Shop the light levels

Great chic flick movie, lots of fun and rudeness.
Feeling much happier now I've had a brief 2 hour outing

Monday, February 22, 2016

Going insane

Mental health not where it should be.

I haven't dressed in a while, as last week I was with the kids in the water.

Oldest is in and out the house often as she tidies and transports her stuff here, where she will reside until she finishes University at the end of the year.
Mum has explained may times that oldest MUST NOT KNOW about my girl side.
Next weekend I'm away with my wife and "Rachel" is not invited.

I expect to be a agro unpleasant old man very soon as I can already feel the frustration building.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Odd week

Ever had a week, that you weren't expecting
For me, it was spending a lot of time in the water with the family, and no, I was not allowed to wear my new bikini, but it was still fun teaching my kids about snorkeling - Hopefully some girl time due this week, before my oldest girl moves back in with us (she has just borrowed my favorite dress, thinking it was her mums, wish I was allowed to correct that impression).

Meanwhile my girlfriend JJ, was for her first time, giving lectures as herself, which was enormously successful and well received (I just wish I was there).

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Back at the local public pools

Woke up early, decided to go for a swim at the local pools.  I managed to do 500 meters in 15 minutes.
There were about 25 lane swimmers in my pool and the swim club with about 60 members in the adjacent pool on the other side of a glass wall.
Of course I don't swim with my wig on, it might end up wrapped around the pools pump, and that would not be a fun article in the local newspaper.

The down side of this costume is I felt quite old as my boobs made their way to my waist instead of staying in a more pert position - maybe I should stick to swimming slowly.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Today's learning

So I'm experimenting with a new camera
Wife wanted "point & shoot"
I wanted DSLR
So I got a Canon PowerShot SX60.
Great camera for both of us with wi-fi connect, extensive video modes and a 21-1300 mm zoom.

But the main learning from today's outing -
if I use the flash, the light goes straight through my foundation and highlights my blue beard.

So of the 20 plus photos, here are the very few non-scary ones that I hope I resemble in real life, taken at McDonalds Ellerslie, one of our busy 24 hour shops (but not so busy at 6am).

I did converse with one of the lady customers while in the ladies room, all was good, separate cubicles, separate wash basins but only one hand dryer that refused to work for either of us.

PS. I hope I don't look to slutty - not!

Camera operated by smiling - stop trying to look up my skirt, I'm not that type of girl.
Camera operated by phone

Decided on an early morning swim to get some exercise in, normally I would use the local pools but they don't open for another hour at weekends and the sea is currently warmer than the pools.
My shoulder is still not even 50% of it's pre injury strength and I don't know how to improve it, so it was a short swim then back home to give the wife a pleasant wake up.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Saturday 6 feb,

8.15 am, sitting at MacDonalds. I like this shop as it has benches at a good height to use my little tripod so i can show you how I'm dressed.
I really wanted to dress in my sluttiest for you, very tight, short and sheer blue dress, but my black g string would be obvious underneath so I opted for a more age appropriate look by borrowing wife's blouse and wearing a more business like skirt, pretty pink bra (yes it does make us feel better and more confident about ourselves, it's not for any mans benefit).


My legs are a bit itchy as I shaved last night down to a Brazilian, I was tempted to get waxed again but the price put me off and it's probably unwise to wax down there. I also suspect my cats have brought fleas in to my bed, which would make them more itchy.

Did I mention I have my car back this weekend as oldest daughter has gone down the line. It's like FREEDOM all over again.

By 9.30, I've visited 2 major hardware outlets (Bunnings & Mitre 10) for guttering and flashings, my feet are sore in my heels and my purse is not looking forward to the upcoming roofing purchases that need to be made.

I'm sitting at Sylvia Park, having brunch, writing this and also a letter to my dad, he lives about 22 hours drive away from his nearest relative, but for me it's a 3 hour flight over the Tasman, which I can't afford for a while yet.
While I'm here at the mall, think I'll have a browse and get a Lotto ticket, no hurry to get home as there are enough spare cars to do any transporting of the teens (when they eventually wake up).

By 10.30 the mall is starting to pack out, my feet are really sore and I've tried on 2 pretty floral outfits and a great business blouse & top that I might go back for, think Kelly McGillis in business clothing on Top Gun.