Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Thursday, November 28, 2013

No time to be a girl

Another water pipe burst, another carpet flooded.
I'm really getting fed up of the black plastic pipes in my home, and now decided every time I open a wall or ceiling, I'm going to replace the pipes in the area.
Last few weekends have been spent removing the old carpet an prepping the den for a tri-colour concrete overlay floor. Well last Tuesday we got to re-furnish the den after 3 weeks of work.
The guys advised the layer was about 3mm thick, yet there are a few spots the size of match stick heads where the grey concrete is visible. I'm getting to like the imperfections, knowing if I had done the job, they wouldn't exist, plus I'm scared paint won't fix the spots.

Base with water barrier

Finished concrete
Another view

With the Korean home stays in the house, my dressing has been limited to just my black nightie at night and early in the morning, Gave nice neighbour a wave as she checked her mailbox yesterday morning while I was making coffee for wife and myself.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Finally a BAD experiance

Ever had one of those morning when you want to relax with a nice coffee and a new paper.
Well I had one of those planned at McDonalds, but 3 youths (16-17 year old males) thought differently, one in particular getting a bit lippy before throwing (of all things) a bank card (probably a stolen one) at me, missing but I get the point.

So I got up and had a wee chat to the young men.
1 kindly removed himself from the trouble maker, the other was keen to see what happen next.

I so wanted to play a fun game, but I knew the trouble maker would end up getting badly hurt and the police would make an issue of my little game, so I returned to my coffee and got nice praise from other patrons
The youths got bored quickly and left soon after.

Trying to relax this morning

Sunday, November 3, 2013

So lucky

OMG - I'm so lucky
Miss 15 has let me borrow her lipstick (luckily she also had my spare mascara in her bag). I would describe it as kissing hot red and had she not looked so good with it on, I would never have considered such a bold colour. I normally go with a browner red but this is a real "look at me" colour and I just love it. Nail polish also applied
Miss 14 has let me borrow her black floral crochet top, wife let me use her black dress and I've taped my chest for more shape.
So while I was keen to be more colourful today, it's black except for pouty red lips and hot finger nails.
And there was I thinking blue floral dress with pink lips - but this is way more fun.

So I've done my 7am McDonald coffee

Visited Mitre 10 hardware, discovered my cheap multi-tool blade and also the expensive blades could not handle the hardened steel nails in my carpet tacks, glad I got the cheap tool.  Sales guy couldn't help with my renovation issues so having to go to plan B or C now. Lifting up my carpet later today so we can dispose of it in next weeks inorganic collection. We hope to have the concrete floor coloured and polished before Christmas.

Visited New World for some groceries (lunch and dinner tonight for the starving teenages), had a wee chat and laugh with some staff there

Currently at a shopping mall relaxing with another coffee, watching all the pretty women walking around, I'm so jealous of their figure and looks.
Out of cash at the moment so think I'll head home after removing nail polish etc, got lots of daughters friends at home so got to be super clean when I get home.