Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Saturday, July 25, 2015

You might think it's girlish

You might think it's girlish, to put on girls clothes, make up, wig etc, then have a wonderful lunch with an attractive and very intelligent girlfriend - Josie.
Yes it was, and I loved it so much, I totally forgot to take a photo of us eating our delicious lunch for you.
Between you and I (our little secret), I hope to challenge Josie to a little round of golf, and I'll definitely take the camera if we go, so I can share it with you.

The rest of my day was in contrast with our relaxing lunch
Finally, with the aid of my old electric saw, planer, belt sander, random orbital sander and my trusty builders hammer, I completed the bench seat around the deck. Wife was so impressed with my manly skill and detail, and now wants extra carpentry done around the outdoor living area.
I had just enough spare time to walk the dog, mow the lawn after weeks of rainy neglect, cook dinner and after sundown, diagnose & repair a circuit board for a custom built machine, followed by an outdoor fire with roasted marshmallows with the kids and a soak in the spa with my wife.

It's nearly bed time now, so after my last coffee and finishing my chat to you, I will use Dettol and bandage up my hands where I had to dig out all my splinters and the few extra cuts I acquired.

I hope you are also having a great weekend


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Out of control

Out of control is how I feel with this Transgender stuff, or Gender Fluid, or on our government papers Gender Diverse or what ever you want to call it.

So I've been swimming in girl mode
Left the pools in girl mode


Been going to work - under dressed (pretty floral bra under my work shirt).
It feels like every moment I'm thinking in girl mode, wanting to be a girl.

To keep me semi-grounded in man-land, the wind caused some fence damage and I have to complete a fill and place a cement pad for my shed. I'm also building some deck furniture, so with all these projects I will need a bigger shed to hold all my power tools.

I'm a bit upset about NZ car Warrant Of Fitness rules, apparently even a minor defect such as 1 tail light faulty (I have 4, which is 2 more than most car), that means my car is "unsafe" and "likely to cause an accident" (even with 3 tail lights still working). If the driver behind can't see 3 tail lights, I doubt they will see the fourth light, but my car must be taken off the road until it gets a new bulb. Sure the rules say it can be driven home safely, or to a light bulb shop safely, but anywhere else (work, mates house, shops etc) is "dangerous" and thus illegal.
Unsafe my arse, car WOF testers aren't even mechanics, let alone engineers
I'm unsure if my visit to the movies to see "Terminator" really helped man me up, although I'm a big fan of Arnie, especially as him and all the other tough guys have aged in to excellent actors.
Unfortunately the 30+ women having wine sitting next to me before the movie, all went in to see Magic Mike, and I was the only female(?) watching Terminator.

All the ladies gone to the chic flick, except me
Photo for you, from the ladies room, better lighting

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I'm a regular at the pools now, 3 times this week

So I walk through the door at my local pools at 5.30 am
Get a lovely greeting and passed an arm band that allows me to also use the spa and sauna.
Morning are time limited due to work, but I did 500 meters (20 lengths), spa and steam, before returning home to cuddle my still sleeping wife.
Her wake up time is 6.45 am, wish I could sleep in that late.
Wife's old Speedo swimsuit is very good quality but sits high on my hips and puts pressure inside my legs. I'm sure this slows the blood to my legs, making swimming more work.
My one piece sits as high as normal men's Speedo pants is so much more comfortable, makes doing lengths easy, but I do have to wear a bra.
Looking at the one piece swimsuits at the pool shop, the lady asks if I would like to try some on, there is a pretty floral backless in my colour that I REALLY NEED, but the $70 price tag scares me off. She is a chatty woman and I'm enjoying the banter.

Wanted to dress pretty and go to the Cheap Tuesday movies to see "Terminator"
Wife & daughter wanted to join me BUT.... watch "Man Up"
So I maned-up, and saw "Man Up" with them
I got so emotional over it, anyone might think I was a girl.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Worried - think I'm turning in to a woman

Life is perfect, beautiful wife, beautiful children, fun job, it's just what I've always dreamed of.

This morning however, while at the public pools, in my wife's tight one piece swimsuit, the twins held in their cave and no chance of anything un-tucking, the internal bust support holding my forms in place, well kind-of anyway, when they weren't trying to float away. 
I found myself in a space of total harmony.

I was just swimming to relax and while I only had 30 minutes available, 
I found I was at incredible peace with myself as a woman. 
Even in the private change room, without wig or make up, while in my swimsuit, 
I just saw a smiling woman in the mirror.

Worried now.
I prefer to be a crazy "man in a dress", or a cross dresser, or a transvestite.
I don't want my life to change any further.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Bugger - should have been a girls day out

Wife's car failed it's safety check, left hand rear wheel bearing noisy (ya so, not like it can't do another 50,000km before it reaches critical failure). But no, not a warning to repair, as in New Zealand, it is illegal to have on the road except when driving to the mechanics to repair (my car had 1 of 5 tail lights faulty, the fact I have three more than everyone else doesn't count).
Anyway the new wheel bearing took 2 weeks to arrive in the country (yes we got a fine for using a car with a noisy wheel bearing in that time). Yesterday, following advise from supplier bought a 32mm socket, but found it to big.

Saturday - coffee then shopping for a 29mm socket

Nope, they don't make a 29mm so 30mm it is.

On the way home, with one piece swimmers, past by the pool and got cold feet when I saw all the wee kiddies heading in for their 8.30 am swim, plus I wanted wife's car fixed.

Got changed in to rough clothes, wheel off, bearing partially removed but outer casing does not want to leave the hub, and I don't have anything to machine it out. 3 hours of beating, drilling, grinding and I didn't even scratch the outer casing

Luckily "Pick a Part" has the same car being wrecked, so went there, removed the wheel hub & bearing, got home, slipped it on the car, raced down to the vehicle inspectors and got it certified (total time 1 hour 15 minutes)

Hands are cracked & full of grease, jaws sore from grinding teeth in frustration,
I really need some girl time!