Favourite quote

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tuesday 22nd, Dinner & Movie Evening

6pm and it's dark already. One of my favorite places for dinner is The Coffee Club on Lunn Ave, Mt Wellington.

The staff were excellent and made me feel very special like I was their only customer (actually I was only one of about 20 at the time). I decided on a light dinner for $16 and a glass of wine. The dinner was big enough for 3 of me. I loved the salad, Chicken was good and the seasoning on the fries was fab. Thank you Coffee Club Mt Wellington for an excellent start to the evening (and for taking photo for me).

8.25pm and Salmon Fishing in the Yemen was showing, Bought my ticket (we have Cheap As. deals on Tuesdays) and a lovely Mocha drink for $13.

The young guy behind the coffee machine was having a lovely chat with me about other excellent movies, he was so nice and made me laugh a lot, I almost invited him on a date. He was about 20 years younger and I'm not that sort of girl.
Even the oldies (quite a few 50 & 60 year olds) I sat next to in the movies were great to be around.

The girl behind the counter took this photo for me to show you what fun can be had out and about.

I got home in time to go to bed with my lovely wife and cuddle in these cooler nights.

I should thank my daughter for the loan of her mini-skirt, I hope she doesn't mind, besides she always borrowing my tights.

Afterwards, I noticed I'm much more sociable and extroverted than my male personality (he's more technical, unemotional and dull unless there's something to build or fix)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day

OK so I know I'm not going to get breakfast in bed or any other special treatment today.
I got up early had coffee at McDonalds and went to shops for bacon & some special whole grain bread so when the girls eventually wake up, they can cook bacon, eggs & toast for mum.
I was initially wearing my electric blue dress with flowers, stockings and boots, but as everyone was in dull winter colours, I decided to throw on a black cardigan on - I hate winter colours - it's so boring.

Last Friday I was going some vacuuming and laundry while in a little mini skirt, stockings and a low cut top and also chatting to Miss 13 about something exciting at school. While mum accepts my fem. personality, as do 3 of the (4) girls, mum is still not keen for the girls to know in case they let slip and get harassed about me.

Miss 14 (the vegetarian) had this week some chicken soup, when I mentioned it will have chicken in it, she explained it was only 3% chicken fat. I admire the fact she has gone a few years of not eating meat and probably saved many chicken lives etc which was why she gave it up in the first place. Cooking meat lovers and vegetarian has been a pain in the behind, but like I said - I admire her for taking a stand.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Out to be seen

Today started with a nice coffee just after 12, lunch time at Ellerslie McDonalds

I do like my daughters mini skirt, OK the top showed of my biceps, but I wanted something tight & shiny with a deep V neckline.
I also paid another 6 months road user charges on my car, blowing any money I might have used on myself. Staff at the Post Office were friendly and chatty.
I do wish they had a bigger mirror in the ladies room as with 2 of us girls checking makeup it gets a bit friendly

Afterwards I headed South to check out the $40 wigs at Papatoetoe Plaza

I loved the dark red with light red highlights, wish I had a spare $40. I wanted to try a blond that I saw a couple of weeks ago, but it had been sold
Trip to Manukau Shopping Centre - scary, but only had a few boys comment "Sup", "Yo" etc.

And then I fell in love........With a beautiful red dress ($60) from Pagani

I'm unsure where I would wear it, but the material was absolutely fabulous and the colour and the fit, I could almost hear it begging me to buy it. I didn't.   I visited a few other women's clothing shops, but they have moved into their winter range.
I decided to re-visit the Auckland Botanic Gardens. The roses have all gone, but I figure I was an extra flower in my flowery dress. Most other people there were in winter colours but they were all friendly to me.

So I hope that gives a nice visual record, of just a normal girl having a lovely day out, and for those that may recognise me, I have 3 sub-personalities, but Rachel is the only nice one that I allow out (and she is a lesbian).