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What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Little after 7am

and I've finished my McCafe coffee, reading the new paper online, special interest America developing  an Iron Man suit composed of liquid armour, modernized exoskeleton and a few other additions. Still seams like a drone would do, but a human brain is probably better and much faster.

So now summer is around the corner, I'm down to my velvet dress, stockings and over the knee boots. Not having worn the boots for a while meant I had to re-learn how to walk as I waddled in to McDonalds.
"If a man waddles in the forest in high heel boots, does he make any sound?"
Feeling good though as my daughters have left their makeup out for me this morning, first time ever I've successfully applied eyeliner and I love the party shades of eye shadow.

Trying hard to dress like a late 40 year old, found a light green blouse at an old folks home where they place old stuff for others to take (hope it's not from deceased). It's a shocking pale green, but yet with the right skirt, it seams to work, wife and daughter agreed once I had it on, but feels like I'm off to an job interview.

This last few weeks, Miss 14 did a cat walk modeling course, I had to watch 11-18 year olds strut the cat walk, nearly fell asleep.
Wife and I drove up to Puhoi and had the most mind blowing ice cream from a cheese factory.
Insurance is looking at replacing my carpet after the water leak (the assessor loved my plumbing workmanship).
Had a little car trouble, but a minor tweak fixed it.
Re-surfaced my patio table and oiled the wood, looks like new, it was a $15 second hand filleting bench.

8.15am and changed to shiny black pants, boots and tight black top for a 9am brunch with Josie, but before then, a quick visit to Mitre 10 to find the resin that gives wooden furniture a glass like finish, glad the staff lady knew exactly what I was looking for - thinking of using some on my kitchen benches etc.

9am had brunch with Josie followed by a walk around the shops which was quite busy by 10am. We were not inspired to try anything on during this visit and by 10.30 we were walked out and ready for another coffee.

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