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Friday, May 23, 2014

Happy with new Hot Pink Bra

Just browsing the bra and undie shop when I noticed a 2 for 1 deal on push up bras.
While I have size 14 bras in black, white and beige, I don't have any hot pink.
The shop didn't have any size 14, and when I mentioned it was for me, the girl suggested I try on a 12 (I was in work shirt, cargo pants and steel toe capped boots). Okay, so a 12 left me with bra bumps where I didn't want bumps. I got home later and asked Miss 16 what size she was and which colour she prefers so she could get the 2nd bra.
I found another  outlet which had size 14, so I grabbed the hot pink for me and a hot pink for Miss 16. I also got inserts while there.
Getting home, I gave Miss 16 her bra and tried on mine with various tops, only to realize the inserts kept moving all over every time I moved my arms.
Miss 15 was feeling left out on my purchases, so I gave the inserts to her and she glowed at the thought of having bigger breasts.

While chatting to the girls, I learned the fashion with tights (leggings for you US girls) here currently is to have either a long top (never skirts) or alternatively show of your "vage". Shame really I like my micro mini skirts.

My outing for Thursday night to a restaurant and grocery shop on the way home, included me doing a super-tuck in the smallest, tightest girls undies I own so I can show off my "vage".
After dressing and a 15 minute makeup (my longest to date), I checked with wife and girls, the girls suggested darkening my eyebrows with eye shadow, not pencil, which I thought gave me a mono-brow (you decide). A big thank you to Miss 16, it's her top I'm wearing. I'm also wearing Avon makeup purchased from her, however probably for the last time as it leaves me looking "grey". Maybe they have a browner foundation & powder.
I took wifes car, had dinner, got some groceries, then while fully dressed and my clip on ear rings hurting, sat and watch "Inception" with wife and daughters.

All in all a good night.

Now some photos just for you
And hopefully next time I'll have a lace top to really show off :)

Coffee Club restaurant

New World supermarket

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