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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Heated topic

Web forums - can be very interesting and yet annoying
The topic was pretty much
What is a Cross Dresser?
Many were on the technical - "anyone who dresses in the other gender clothing"

Of course my views are different.
I've seen bride grooms tied to lampposts with stocking, suspenders and lipstick on, but they were not cross dressers.
I've known of people to get sexually aroused wearing pantyhose, who are not cross dressers.
I've personally known of guys who wear skirts, because they like to, who are not cross dressers.
I've personally known of feminine gays who are OTT girlie, in dress, make up and mannerisms who were not cross dressers even though they had man parts.

So this left me feeling the technical officiardos, had the wrong definition.

So for me, and I might be standing alone here, a cross dresser is a person who has an affinity to be part of the opposite sex (eg would like to be "one of the girls") and displays this affinity with their choice of clothing.
There are optional additions, such as make up, hair, breast forms, emulating movement and or voice etc.
There are also optional locations such as at home when no one is looking (where most of us start), the occasional public outing (where I will probably remain), to the hard core 24/7 cross dresser.

Sitting here, having a rant, while wearing floral leggings and a red V-neck shoe string top and with a desperate need to have some serious girl time (after a week of home renovations).
I'm off to spa with the wife and some Irish Coffee and will hopefully have some photos for you this Sunday.


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