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What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hell weekend, ended with major PMS

So, Saturday, umm, Miss 16 school prom night.
Quick, run here buy that, then over there to buy this, race to hair stylist, race to makeup, attend pre-ball gathering, pick up at midnight, take to after prom party. So Saturday finished at about 3am Sunday.
I awaken 4 hours later, check photos of prom and found my new camera wasn't focusing and only 1 shot in 20 was acceptable, so back to the shop at 9am.
10 am dismantle new sports camera and try to located a new battery for it  - my only hours dressed pretty in pink top black bra and black sports leggings, made brunch for the late sleepers while still in girl mode.
Miss 20 is having her 21st in a few weeks, so it's back in to men's clothing, and out to buy brazier and patio heaters and check out marquees. Also completed the clothes washing for the week.

Anyway, while out doing my 3rd to last chore while wife was making a late dinner, got home to find she was out driving daughters friends home instead of making dinner for 4 hungry people. So where I was expecting a dinner when I got home, instead I got to wait. Had wife gone to do the heavy lifting chore, I would have told daughters friend to get her parents for once in the last 24 months to actually pick up their daughter, and dinner would have been on schedule.
Anyway, I took my frustrations out on my wonderful, but lazy arsed kids.

I really need some serious girl time !!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel, -- found you name on Vivienne's bluestockingblue blog and came over to take a look. I've read through your posts and enjoyed reading about your day to day activities and situations. It's nice you can share Rachel with your daughters and wife a bit. I raised 2 sons that were 18 months apart and as of today only one of them knows about my feminine side and he's never actually met her. You seem to have a great attitude in dealing with your girls. -- I'll be reading more of your thoughts as you put them in print so please know someone out in the world is thinking about you and supporting all that you are. -- I also do all the chores you mentioned and a whole lot more as I am trained in plumbing, welding, roofing, sheetrock, concrete & mortar, framing etc. and sometimes I get the chance to end my day in something pretty. Thank you for serving in the military. As a 20 yr veteran with 2 tours in Viet Nam I really do appreciate it when someone serves their chosen country.
Luvs .... Janice (California, USA)

Rachel said...

Thanks Janice
I love my country, and my neighbour Australia, my birth country England, and what America has done for our world, so for me, helping any of these countries also helps define me