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- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Botanic Gardens outing with Josie

7.30am sitting at McDonalds with a coffee.
Thanks to a back injury, which has reduced my sleeping time by half due to the pain, loving wife has gifted me her support garment which supports my back nicely and gives an amazing "tuck" and lifts my bum. The also make me walk funny, lifting each bum cheek as I stroll.
So sitting here at McDonalds in tight shiny sports leggings and a tight top leaving my bum and front on display along with any other figure flaws.

I've also noted, that automotive paint thinners destroy nail polish, I suppose I should have replaced the nail polish after spray painting a couple of panels on my car.
I'm waiting for K Mart to open just the other side of the car park, so I can buy some sports shoes for under $20.
Actually it's quite nice relaxing here, feeling like I could be "Sporty Spice" for those that know a little about 80's British music

Okay, I really want some nice sports shoes for walking around the gardens with Josie, it's not a trek that has any real fun content when wearing heels. I do have flats if I can't find any nice colored shoes - ideally black with pink stripping would be way cool.

No sports shoes today, so it's of to Botanic Gardens with Josie and I'll just have to keep wearing my flats. Had a nice coffee & cake there, followed by a 2 km walk around the gardens.

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