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What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Auckland warming up to a lovely summer

Dawn started quickly with a lovely warm start to the day.
I wanted a black clothing day, as it's the only thing I have to match my 14 year old daughters skirt and also wanted to show of my black bra through a thin mesh top.
OK, I also took photos of me without the mesh top, but that's for my secret collection, and besides, my bra looks just like a bikini anyway

Such a day for me should start near a beach which I love and a double bonus when attractive young women in Lycra pants jog along the water front. While half of me would like a bum like theirs, the other half would like to enjoy such visions of lovelyness

Mission Bay area

Yesterday, I found a nice dress in the Salvation Army Op shop, and while my wife wouldn't let me try it on, she did buy it for me ($3).
During last nights dress rehearsal, she advised me to wear my little white cardie. I'm unsure what my daughters thought of it, one was to busy crying as her hair turned out to dark after we dyed it, the other was to busy straightening her hair and staring in to the mirror (mirrors tend to make me check myself out for make up errors etc, probably a girl thing).                                 
The dress is a little bit hard to squeeze into being a size 10, but after a while, I didn't want to take it off, I was so in to the girl zone and wanted everyone to see me and say hi.
While my family slept in, I needed to show off at my favorite Mcdonalds and pick up some groceries for lunch etc for the kids.                     

First coffee 8.30am at McDonalds

Groceries from New World Supermarket


I also needed to check with the hardware shop as one of my kitchen pantry door hinge has failed. After a long discussion with an assistant, I discovered there were about 8 different hinges. I also checked the bathroom area as I need to do some major works on the shower area

Don't think I'll ever want a plastic shower again

While my morning out had a purpose, I've really enjoyed taking these photos for you and I've been nicely surprised at all the lovely people I've chatted to in these couple of hours.
Auckland really is an excellent place to be in.

It's so relaxing to just have a bit of girl time, a time that most guys can't understand, although at this stage I can't afford to do any more clothes shopping which I love.
Thinking about my wardrobe, I probably have more skirts and tops than any of the girls in this house

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