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What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday 2nd Dec

I would advise the Mayans to update their calender (perhaps add another 3,264 years), and the Christians that Jesus will be busy with his father for a while yet.
With that in mind, Merry Christmas to everyone on this lucky little rock, in the back end of the galaxy, in no particularly special place in the universe.

I'm currently sitting at McDonalds, dressed in my 14 year olds favorite top, wearing my tights (finally got them back off miss 14) and knee high boots. Staff of about 8 and customers about 24.

While I've had coffee, used the ladies toilet, read the paper, had some guy checking me out, no one here has been offended, and I hope that is the same for my paragraph above, because I really do wish EVERYONE a wonderful day - every day.

I tried on a few outfits last night, I wanted to go with a really colourful girlie dress but wife thought it was a bit to "girlie" for me.
Miss 14 looks great in this blue top of hers and my black tights, so I thought I would copy, but with boots. I can't remember it riding up on her, but with my largish boobs, half my abs are on display.
Loving my daughters top

I'm finding myself needing to apologise for the photo quality, to force the flash to operate, I need to block a lot of light, unfortunately blocking the lens, also affects the focus.

Wanting this gazebo
It's nearly 8am and I need some supplies from Mitre 10 to rebuild some steps, replace some outer walling and replace some drywall after 2 water leaks this week. I'm glad I stock spare plumbing parts as both leaks would have needed an urgent plumber at $500 each time. The plumbing for me only cost $24, and rebuilding the walls myself about another $70, (saved at least $1,500) - I love DIY, I also love this gazebo at Mitre 10

new step, just needs a trim

Yesterday, I had a lovely shopping spree with Miss 14. We checked out all the shops at Dress Mart in the hope of finding some nice new underwear and before long it escalated to tops and pants and a lot of disappointment so we headed in to Auckland city and had a fab few hours.
We checked out about 5 clothes shops, she tried on a few outfits at Supre and were exhausted by 1pm, so we stopped for lunch. After Burger King (aka. Hungry Jacks) we eventually stopped at Valley Girl and finally found a lovely top and shorts. Being a 1/2 price sale it only cost me $40 plus lunch. Unfortunately her boyfriend was there with us (luckily, it was still my job to advise on fashion) so I wasn't allowed to try on anything, and when we got home I had to alter her shorts a bit around her slim waist.


Tia C.D. said...

what a great looking outfit... and sounds like a busy weekend.
Just wondering, your camera should have a flash mode control on it, this should allow you to force the flash on without having to hold your hand over the front to reduce the available light.

Rachel said...

My handbag is only big enough for a pocket camera, which doesn't do forced flash (off, redeye & Auto only).
Now my Canon 18-55mm lens is not auto focusing, I don't think it likes being treated as a combat zone camera, big lens still OK