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It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hellish week

At home, miss 14 thinks it's OK to leave her hair straightener on for 11 hours. I've only mentioned the hazard about 30 times and she was very upset to find the 3 pin plug missing. Would appear she thinks she has the human right to be stupid and if the house "accidentally" burned down, that's OK because it would be an "accident".

Miss 13 likes strawberries, but the bin is at least 2 rooms away, so the master bedroom carpet doubles as her bin, now the carpet has bright red pimples stained in.

Stressed to the MAX.......

Water leak..... Had to dismantle (break) the stairs at the rear of the house, lift the carpet, remove 3 feet of wall and replace 2 inches of pipe. I hope next weekend i can afford to rebuild everything

Mega Stressed....
Time to escape..........

First off, McDonalds for a nice coffee. It's 6 pm at Ellerslie and looks like the dinner peak has finished, probably a staff of 12 and about 40 customers. I had to visit the ladies first for a leak of my own and a make up check. Finally got my favourite tights back from Miss 14 and used only my pushup bra.

Mc Donalds, Elerslie

Relaxed now and a little hungry, I switched to bigger breasts (D cup) and visited Parnell, and after walking all the way down and back up the main drag, the restaurants were either looking boring or the good ones were fully packed out. I ended up visiting Newmarket and had a fab meal at the Turkish Cafe. While that was also packed mostly with attractive girls & ladies out for a nice Saturday evening, there was a couple of spare tables when I got there, so I was in luck.
Thanks guys, that was a great meal and so were the staff

Turkish Cafe, Newmarket
Unfortunately my finger nails (pre-glued from the $2 shop) were dropping by the minute, don't remember eating any. I'm guessing there is a trail of them up to Events Cinema where I discovered 007 was fully booked.
So I had a nice outing and decided to get back home to the family

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