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What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, August 30, 2015

5 hours of girl time

Wednesday, left the city and went to the island to check on a mid level floor being installed

Love the trip, even took my bikini, but ended up spending the whole day on the build.

SUNDAY - Girl Time
Sitting at McDonalds Cafe, bad night, sore muscles from fence building kept me awake most of the morning. I decided to get up at my normal Monday-Friday work time and have a 7 am coffee. 
Wanted to be the slut, but chickened out in the car park - removed my fishnets and heels, but couldn't change the wet look skater skirt or blue lace top & pink bra.

Just before I hopped out of my car, a dad with young kids walked in, and the shop was full of attractive middle aged couples, the type who look like they have a reasonable amount of money and the type that make up my client base.

I have an hour before I can go to the pools, shop WiFi not working and the Asian chap opposite has just taken the shops both national newpapers that are free for customers to read. I've just asked him if I may read the one he isn't reading, but he is adamant he should keep them both for now.

8 am and at the pools, only 14 lengths, enough to work out the pains from heavy work, soak in the spa and nearly passing out in the sauna before resting on the side of the spa again to cool down. Lots of mums & dads turning up as kids start their swim school, a few parents just doing their own thing, only one person, a female, walked past and gave me a look of disgust, as if I'm mad - but I've never really been sane like them and never want to be.

9.30 am and a meet up with Josie for brunch and a lovely chat that is never long enough. While there I helped a bird trapped in the cafe out and chatted briefly with a mum with a sick little girl, so cute and wishing I could take her sickness away.

11 am and I'm trying to remove the broken headlight out of my wife's car, a gentleman asked if I needed help as I was having trouble under the bonnet, eventually, after a long time under there, my hair blocking my inspection, I got the faulty bulb out without breaking my nails and a replacement fitted soon after.

12 pm, got home in male mode and finished constructing the fence wife asked me to build.

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