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It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Monday, December 7, 2015

One Girls Road Trip

Background - 16 year old daughter wants to buy a car and asks for my help. 
She likes "labels" like Nike, Top Shop so naturally she looks to buy VW or similar. 
Me, knowing her style showed her some convertibles on our auction site, and 1 was very cheap in Christchurch (1,001 Km's away by road it turns out). 

She flies me down there, I'm in guy mode with the addition of a under wire bra that does not set off the airport scanners, with a carry on bag full of girls clothes at 6 am Saturday morning. 
The car is in excellent nic for a 1998 VW and 1/2 price on anything similar in Auckland. So I give the owner a couple of grand in cash, do the legals, and commence my 4 hour drive up to the ferry at Picton (top of the South Island).

Half way there I find an empty lookout point that looks over Kaikura (a whale watchers heaven). I swap in to my blue skirt and a lovely string top. Daughters texting me for photos of her car with the roof down, so I do just before a couple arrive at the lookout. Unfortunately I didn't want to do make up while being stared at, so I continued my journey north.

I arrived at Picton at 5 pm, as the 6.45 ferry to Wellington was cancelled, my wife booked me on to the 10.45 am Sunday ferry. While I was hoping for a night in Wellington, to slip on my mini skirt and party, instead I booked the night in Picton. I stayed at a fantastic, modern yet not expensive hotel called "Picton Beachcomber Hotel". Carol the owner was a lovely host, so if you want to stay in one of the worlds prettiest towns, I recommend Picton Beachcomber Hotel. I won't show you the picture of me in the pool (I was fine but the lighting was bad), but once I got in, I heard a chap on the balcony above advise his wife how he was about to go for a swim. I didn't want to be joined by a male, so I went back to my unit where the wine I bought during my walk around the town, was waiting for me.
And if you have a 24 hr old blue beard - this is how bad you will look.

Woke early, hacked my chin stubble off, got dressed and to the ferry terminal

Had a good early lunch of egg bacon & beans

Went outside to look at the magnificent scenery of the sounds, and as everyone else outside found out "to freeze our arses off"

I decided to snooze and conserve myself for the long drive ahead, so headed to the lounge suits in the family area. When I woke, I found and attractive German and an attractive Austrian girl sitting next to me, had a lovely chat, but they had their own car to return to Auckland with (so much for picking up attractive hitch hikers - in my dreams and in my past only now). Also chatted to a few others, including a nice Canadian, not that I've ever meet any other kind of Canadian, nope, only nice ones.

Snooze time, curled on the couch

Made it to Auckland very late Sunday, hopefully only 1 speeding ticket, but this is how I was dressed all day and for all of my coffee  and dinner rest stops at cafes up the country.

One girl about 8 years old on the ferry asked her mum "is that a boy or a girl?", I turn to the girl and said "I have a boys body, but a girls brain" 
- I really wish it was that easy, but I suppose it's a little bit towards the truth. It doesn't really matter, I like what I have and wouldn't want to change a thing.

I've really enjoyed this trip, had zero negativity from anyone, maybe raised awareness in others and it was just a fun, crazy way to spend the weekend. 
Okay, need more sleep now, hope you are planning a fun adventure soon


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