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It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.
- Nelson Mandela

Sunday, December 20, 2015

2 weeks of Hell, but finally a chance to relax

Since my last story of driving my daughters car up the length of New Zealand (okay a bit of exaggeration, 1,000 kms and 1,800 kms are not the same), I've been hit by the Christmas rush both at work and at home. I scored some decking timber from the neighbour and finally finished & stained the deck, I still owe him a few beers for that.
The weekend before I was doing touch up re-spraying of daughters new car, it looks like it's fresh from the factory now.
Work has been not only double booking me, but also pushing a lot of overtime and "special" jobs my way.

Sunday (today) has been a partial relax, starting with a bush escape with my youngest girl to do some archery - I would show you my double bulls eye, but she kept putting her face in to the photo to claim it as hers.

I finally managed to get out with my girlfriend Josie, who also has massive work commitments, so I tried to sweeten her outing with an impromptu picnic at the beach (my wife always tells me to NOT do impromptu stuff - she is very wise and one day I may be wise enough to listen to her).
Anyway we both enjoyed the chocolate brownies and chatted for a far to shorter time, watched the funniest launch of a refurb'd 7.6 mtr Pelican boat, a few families having a swim, and relaxed for a bit before the manly commitments of the real world were apon us.

Yesterday I bought these tights from Cotton On Body for $34. They are extremely comfortable, figure hugging (okay I was thinking of trying to impress Josie when I bought them) and they hide legs that haven't been waxed for a couple of weeks. They will be my automatic "go to" pants if I'm not in a skirt or dress and I would recommend them to anyone.
The top is actually green mesh to show my hot pink bra - I mean why have a hot pink bra if your not allowed to show it off.
If you think my hair is crazy, my wife helped me with a pony tail, which I loved playing with and wrapping around me on this windy day.

As I got home I heard miss 18 shout "mum will kill you if she saw you come in like that", which was funny as all my wife said when I left was "check the neighbours aren't looking"

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